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Leafs fan living large in the Pitt and pretending like the drought is over.

I love hockey, life, Canada, and good humour. Possibly in that order.

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So I took a little road trip ...

As you may have heard, I took a little road trip between Christmas and New Year's this year -- for no good reason besides awesome. The plan was simple: five cities in five days to watch ten teams...


Visiting Raleigh -- Advice?

Aloha, Canes fans. I'm taking a Super-Fun-Hockey-Road-Trip over the holidays, with a stop in the Raleigh area. I plan to attend the Canes-Leafs game on December 29th, and since you guys and gals ...


Visiting Columbus -- Advice?

Aloha, Blue Jackets fans. I'm taking a Super-Fun-Hockey-Road-Trip over the holidays, with a stop in the Columbus area. I plan to attend the Columbus-Calgary game on December 27th, and since you...


Now and Then: Is this year worse than last year?

So it's that time of year again, when it seems like one more player is lost to injury during every game. We experienced it last year when the Pens did that whole "hey, our coach should totally win...

Great PPP FanPost


This is not a Pens post, and it's only partially related to hockey. But it's a must read.

Pit Tampa is amazing to me Without Crosby Pit just keeps going. Pit top 4 D can match up with...


Pit Tampa is amazing to me Without Crosby Pit just keeps going. Pit top 4 D can match up with anyones and do some idiots still question MAF?

Ryan Whitney tweeting his thoughts on the playoffs.

History Will Be Made, James Neal style.


History Will Be Made, James Neal style.

History of NHL Rule Changes


Stumbled across this while looking for something else. It's the interwebs, so it could be a lot of made up stuff, but shutup it's interesting anyway! My favourite has to be the 1917-18 change where they started letting goalies fall to the ice to make saves. Can you imagine what goaltending would look like these days without that? My second favourite is the 1950-51 change which seems to imply that a backup goalie could play for the opposing team. Won't you join me in picturing Brent Johnson playing (abismally) in the Islanders' net just after knocking DiPietro's smile off his face. Okay, that doesn't quite make sense, so instead let's picture Marc-Andre Fleury doing jumping jacks in the Islanders' net just after Brent Johnson knocked DiPietro to the ground.

Who votes for which NHL Award?


Lots of people are asking who votes for which NHL Award. Here's the answer (via Pierre LeBrun): * Hart -- Professional Hockey Writers' Association * Jack Adams -- NHL Broadcasters' Association * Vezina -- 30 NHL GMs * Norris -- PHWA * Calder -- PHWA * Selke -- PHWA * Lady Byng -- PHWA * Calder -- PHWA * GM of The Year -- Panel of 30 GMs plus media Edit: A few more, courtesy of wikipedia, and due to the badgering of PensAreYourDaddy ... * Masterton -- PHWA * Ted Lindsay -- NHLPA * Clancy -- PHWA & Broadcasters * NHL Foundation -- NHL Execs * Mark Messier Leadership -- Messier * Conn Smythe -- PHWA And then, of course, there are the stats-based awards: * Art Ross (most points) * Jennings (fewest goals against) * Plus/Minus (highest plus/minus) * Rocket Richard (most goals) * Crozier (highest save percentage)

Talbot's New Website


Talbot unveiled this the other day on Twitter. Early reports indicate that It's pretty great.

February 11, 2003: The Day Kovalev Was Traded


After reading Hooks' wonderful piece about Kovalev and the Penguins, I decided to investigate the interwebs for news from around the time Kovalev was first traded away from the Pens. This Post-Gazette article gives a good sense of what it was like, those many (8) years ago. "Naturally, it's no fun when you have to let somebody like Alexei go," Patrick said. "He's meant an awful lot to us, and not only on the ice. He's forever giving to the community and just a great human. He's an individual we don't like to see go, but the fact of the matter is we couldn't have kept him beyond this year, so ... we had to make the move."


Waiving Goodbye: Who gets the boot?

  As we all know, 2011 has brought with it a spate of injuries to the forwards of the Pittsburgh Penguins. As a result, we have had the chance to see how guys who would otherwise have been...

Down Goes Brown vs. Mario Lemieux


"Despite all of his frequent and passionate requests, it turns out that if you actually sneak up behind Mike Lange after a goal and scratch his back with a hacksaw he'll scream like a child and call the police."


STOP WITH THE SHENANIGANS: Pens Injuries and Expected Returns (NEW POLL)

Another Pensburgher posted a list of our injured players in a fanpost, and I decided that I wanted more information: like what's wrong with them, and when we might start seeing them come back to...


Gender Neutral (Poll)

Recent events have inspired me to investigate just what the gender breakdown is on this site. We seem to have more women involved than one might expect on a sports blog, but perceptions are...


Thoughts on the Demolition of Detroit

As we all know, the Pens played their first pre-season game of the year last night. And they beat Chris Osgood often enough to make him look ... well ... like Chris Osgood. To be fair, we should...


Consol Yourself: The New Arena Rocks!

This weekend I officially joined the ever-growing list of hockey fans who have toured -- and subsequently been impressed by -- the new arena in Pittsburgh. Before I went I was, quite frankly,...

Laraque the Politician


This is just plain weird.

NHL Team Name Origins


This link was posted over at PensionPlanPuppets (SBN Leafs blog), and I thought it was interesting enough to post over here. My favourite has to be the origins of the Flyers' name because it purportedly means nothing at all. I am pleased to have yet another reason to mock Philadelphia!

Zigomanis is a Leaf!


Odds are he'll spend a fair bit of time in the minors, but it's nice to see him getting a chance to play in the NHL again.



Don't ask me how I found this, but you totally only have one day left!! HURRY!!!!

Madden Interviews Orpik


Check out the podcast from Wednesday (May 19). Say what you will about Madden, but this is a great interview. Brooks stays classy and doesn't name names in a blame game (except when he makes fun of Kris Letang), but he gives some great perspective on everything from Round 2, to leaving Mellon, to how they rebuild for next year. I recommend it as 15 minutes of your time well spent!


Strategery: Bylsma vs. Martin

One of the things that has most intrigued me about the 2010 Pens-Habs series is the coaching match-up. Both Dan Bylsma and Jacques Martin are very good at their jobs, and both understand the...


An Ode to Versus

Playoff hockey is a rite of Spring. And in Canada, complaining about the officiating in said hockey playoffs is as much a rite of Spring as playoff hockey itself. What I've learned since moving to...

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