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I kill with kindness.

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Why Chapman cannot start...

So, ambitious columnists spring up all the time and most are on the intrawebs and can be dismissed as the asshats that they are. But here is a fun occasion. A major media outlet (Scripps) has...

Adrien Broner ready to take title in front of home fans.


A really good (yet, admittedly puff) piece on Adrien Broner in the Cincinnati Enquirer.


Off Topic: Help Support Another Great Cause

Well, some of you know me and some of you only know the persona here. For those in the latter category, please suspend disbelief for just a moment and consider the following.  I've recently become...


P-Doc Hearts Slyde for Validating His Condescension

Paul Daugherty is yet again firing shots across the bow of any and all who have a problem with the way Dusty Baker manages. He begins with his usual "You're stupid for thinking I'm stupid" bit, but...

I wonder what a total dumbassed prick thinks?


We'll, you guessed it. It's Leatherpants holding an online roundtable discussion about GMing.


Reds sign Miguel Cairo to Minor League Deal.

Via the Fay   Damnit, the idea is to take the wheel out of Dusty's hands. Let's hope this is a Jacque Jones-esque signing.   To fill in space, here's a classy poem: There once was a man from...


McGwire admits to juice.

Coming as a surprise to absolutely no one, Mark McGwire admitted Monday that he used steriods during his career. I suppose it's a preemptive move now so that when he begins to act as hitting...

Byrnes, D-Backs close to split


An eyewitness caught a glimpse of Pops Daniels reading this article this morning and the witness stated that Pops was "intensely concerned and unabashedly pessimistic that the Reds would make a trade for this player." When asked directly for his thoughts on the matter Daniels replied, "I fucking know they'll do it. Arizona will eat some money and the Reds will give up a prospect or 2 for that piece of shit." Time will tell if this ticking time bomb is correct. "Fuckers," he concluded.


The Annual Daniels Riverfest Extravaganza

       Hello, fellow nerds. My name is Pops and I drink recreationally. Which brings me to the point of this here Fanpost: you are all cordially invited to attend our annual Labor Day Riverfest...


Points of optimism, with pessimistic undertones

Ok, so the general consensus is that the Reds will be below .500 for the upcoming season and we'll have to really gird up our loins to fein surprise at the poor showing in the standings. My...


Reds Sign Rhodes?

According to Ken Rosenthal, the deal is close to being done.   "12:01 p.m. — Reds close to signing Rhodes The Reds have reached a preliminary agreement with free-agent left-hander Arthur Rhodes...


Fireworks Party at Stately Daniels Manor in Newport

      So here's the thing my Reds internet nerd compatriots, the WEBN fireworks on the river hold us hostage every year and there's nothing left to do buy embrace it and throw a big...


Pops Is A Pops Again....

Pictures are here. We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams. Gus Wylie Daniels was born on the 18th and weighed in at 8lbs. 7oz. and 22 in. long. Mrs. Pops was f'ing nails and Gus came out...


Pregnancy Prediction Pool

    As you might surmise from the alliterative title, Mrs. Pops and I are expecting child number two around mid-May.     Now, I do not often post anything of value hereabouts and am usually only...

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