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Wasn't Alive to see our Championship, wasn't alive to see the 90-91 Finals, I would like to still be Alive when the Blazers win their next championship.

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  • MLB Seattle Mariners
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New Orleans Pelicans Continue Interesting Mascot Choices " All Ball Blog with Lang Whitaker |

Can we all agree that this is a horrible idea? I mean really? The old pelican was bad enough, but this is just too much.

TRAIL BLAZERS 109 – SPURS 100: DON’T RUN DRY | Portland Roundball Society

Another great read by Joe Swide over at Portland Roundball Society. I'm not sure where he comes up with this stuff, but it's amazing... Almost as amazing as Wes Mathiews's pectoral eagle.

Dr. J on the ’77 finals against the Blazers

Julius "Dr. J" Erving B.S. Report Full Podcast (via Grantland)


Winning: And The Superstitions That Go With It

I was watching TV recently when one of those new Budweiser NFL commercials came on. The one where the guy goes down to his basement to get more beer and every time he comes back up his...


Terry Stotts Needs to Think Long Term, and Play the Bench

It seems silly to be talking about long term thinking in the midst of a 11 game winning streak. The Blazers are on fire right now, playing unselfish, inspired basketball. However while this...

Blazers - Finding a Way Part 1 : The Streak

Blazers - Finding a Way Part 1 : The Streak (via pinwheelempire)

The Coach Who Exploded -

There is some good stuff about Mike Rice Sr. in here as well.

Lookout Landed - Lookout Landing

SBN is losing a great writer. While i'm more of a casual Mariners fan, I have always enjoyed reading Jeff's work. If not for Lookout Landing I'm not sure I would still be following the team. Its easy to forget the sacrifices that Bloggers make to write for us fans. So next time you read one of Dave's previews, or Ben's media reports, remember we are lucky to have these guys. Nothing lasts forever and one day that will be us, but for now I just want to say thanks to Jeff over at LL and thanks to everyone here at Blazer's Edge for all the work you do to make BE a special place.

Air Check: Showing Their Colors " | Hang Time Blog

Mike and Mike make a top 5 of bad local broadcast calls, according to John Schuhmann

Beat the Heat II - Blazers vs Heat - YouTube

Another amazing video by our friend Brandon Mitchell from Pinwheel Empire. His skills have really improved and the views on some of his videos are ridiculously low. Lets support a great member of our blazer community and get some views up on these excellent videos. -- PortlandPhil

Blazers shootaround: Defending LeBron James |

The final quote from Mathiews speaks volumes about what kind of a player and person he is.

NBA TV: Vote for Blazers/Knicks Tuesday!

Fan Night Vote! Lets rally the troops and get the blazers on national TV. LA, Hickson and Lillard need some exposure this year. I can't think of a better way then beating the knicks.


Pick and Roll Defense

I won't pretend to be a basketball coach. I won't pretend to have played basketball at any competitive level. However that said I like to think that I have a decent grasp of defense and offense in...


Fantasy Basketball and the Blazers

Well as I'm sure many of you know fantasy basketball season is now upon us again and this year we have some interesting choices when it comes to picking blazers. While it is obvious that LA is...

Kim Hughes keeps it real about the development of Meyers Leonard

Chris Haynes with some real journalism over at CSNNW. I haven't seen any links to his articles so I thought he deserved a little BE love.


Don't Blame the Player, Blame the Game

The NBA has recently announced that they are going to implement a system where they retroactively impose fines on players they determine to have "flopped" durring a game. While I will be the first...

Its amazing how highlight videos can make any team look like world-beaters. Despite the obvious...

Its amazing how highlight videos can make any team look like world-beaters. Despite the obvious highlight bias in this video it does show a team that has the tools with Batum, LA, Mathiews, Hickson and now Leonard and Lillard to get out on the break and finish. Weather that will happen is still to be seen, but it isn't personel holding back the offensive tempo now.


The saddest Thing Of All

To me the saddest part of this, SBN United situation, is that we have now spent the last few days talking about how bad this new website is and not talking about the real reason we come to...

Anthony Davis going to London

My question is what has he done to deserve to be on the olympic team. I know he had a great college season, but there are other deserving nba players who have proven themselves who should go before a totally unproven rookie.

Rookie fan chat

This is a nice in depth talk with our new rookies. I don't know why, but to see the video you have to close the first video box.


How about Melo?

At the start of this season it was a sure thing that melo would be in new york for the rest of his career, but after dropping the last 5 games and his return coinciding with the end of linsanity I...

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