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ALL Browns QBs and RBs vs. Tebow


2013 Browns: 4 QBs and 9 RBs had a total of 985 touches and accounted for 30 TDs and 20 INTs. 3.0 TD% Tebow in Den: 580 total touches 32 TDs and 9 INTs. 5.5 TD% We can't use Tebow?


Hey Lombardi! Let me get this straight.

"Not the vision of where we're headed." That's what you said about Tebow. Well, I guess Weeden throwing multiple INTs and losing is the vision you had for the Browns. Weeden 2012 Regular Season ...

Proof Sanchez will never beat the Pats again


A man that is willing to wear the "headband" around beautiful women will never be able to make the correct decisions needed to lead a football team to success. Yes, Brady had the Uggs, but they seem even more manly than the "headband". I wont comment on the goings on in the video. I think it speaks for itself.


"We get to fight the next round"

Do I like John Fox? Yes. But at some point he needs to understand that sometimes the time to fight is NOW. When asked why he didn't let Peyton go for it with 31 seconds left, he said he wanted...

That didn't take long.


"On the day the Denver Broncos celebrated the arrival of Peyton Manning, all the action photos of Tim Tebow that once graced the hallways at the team facility were gone."


Sad Day.

He never had a chance. As a rookie he played extremely well without his head coach and without reps. As a soph QB without training camp and without reps he took our team to the playoffs. He was...


Tebow needs a new QB coach

Let me start by saying that I had a fantastic time watching the Broncos last year. It was exciting, it was frustrating, but all in all it was awesome. I expect more of the same this coming season...


Where are the Rodgers doubters?

If not for a phantom hit to the helmet penalty, A Rodgers' stats from the GB game would have been much worse and dare I say Tebow-esque. A non call (on the 3rd and 10 incompletion) would have...


Tebow is the "Top QB" when camp starts. Big Deal!

That's not a very big endorsement. Oh Gosh, thanks Mr. Elway. If he had said "Tebow will be starting for the Broncos next season", that would have meant something. What a tool. I'm tired of...


Ed Werder trying to stir it up in Denver

Just watch the evil 4 letter and Ed told the morning crew that Tebow says he's disappointed in the coaching staff for not calling shorter pass plays earlier and more often. Ed claims Tebow also...


I'm With Tim.

When I was a kid, you'd find me running routes for my older brother who was the "all time QB" of our neighborhood. As I took a pitch or ran out for a pass, in my mind, I was Sammy Winder. My...

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