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PotM's Offseason Wishlist

There are essentially three stages to any offseason: 1) Re-signing current players 2) Signing Free Agents 3) Drafting and Re-signing Rookies.


Miami Drafting Order

The purpose of the first part of this post is simple, to find the possible draft standings of the Miami Dolphins at the end of the Season.There are a few teams between of us and the #1 overall...

Jeff Ireland: The Kicker


"At Baylor, Ireland was known for making difficult kicks but missing the easy ones. Against Rice University in 1991, for example, he made a 58-yard field goal, then missed field goals of 43, 45, and 27 yards. Baylor, a 20.5 point favorite, lost the game by three points. Baylor was ranked 8th in the Associated Press poll at that time, and has never been ranked that high since.[1]" - His wiki page

If Henne


comes back next season, this song will be dedicated to him on Octane.


Ask The Phinsider

I know this is late, but I am busy during the week and am quite surprised there isn't a post like this on The Phinsider. Thus I have a question or two or five:   1) How was the reaction to PP not...


Dolphins Mock Draft

As we all know, this coaching staff is on their way out after being 1-7 halfway through the season. I believe we will end this season with a few more wins and land a top 10 draft pick. This will...

2012 Draft: RT Prospects


Murtha looked like he might be our answer at RT, but he will be coming off an injury and might not come back to form. As we saw against the Texans, the RT position is too valuable to leave up to chance (and the third most valuable on the OL after LT and C). Matt Reynolds, Andrew Dakto, Bobby Massie, and Ricky Wagner look like great prospects in the second.

2012 Draft: RG Prospects


Jaymes Brooks, Braden Hansen and Brandon Washington look like great value in the mid rounds.

Michael Vick Controversy?


Interesting to say the least


PotM's keys to the game.

The keys to this game are not so much how to win as general things this FO needs to get done. Key 1: Have our starters not play so sloppy, this was a problem against ATL and last year. We need to...


A move in FA to be made?

We have a few depth problems that this FO would like to address with the $4 millionish cap space we have left. Remember, we have to use at least 3 million of that to reach the 99% cap floor.


Meet our UDFA class

First up, the best prospect we have picked up, Pat Devlin. Devlin has amazing accuracy and good enough arm strength.   Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware Height: 6-3. Weight: 225. Projected 40 Time: 4.84. C...

Owners exposed?


Could this be why the players aren't taking the deal right now? Or is it that they are waiting for the players to read it?


Off-season moves, positional battles and projected depth chart (updated w/ new cap)

This is a post about how I would like to see happen in FA up till Pre-Season or the start of the regular season. I will also cover a projected depth chart and key positional battles for starting...

Bill Belichick and Jason Taylor Last Offseason


Apparently JT hates the Jets less than the Pats.

YPA over passing rating?


A somewhat interesting article in the lockout doldrums.

Dolphins say they'll be ready


Hopefully they are, otherwise; WTF have you guys been doing during the lockout?


An interesting look at Daniel Thomas.

In this post, I will be taking JC Joyner's idea of comparing Mark Ingram to a mystery HB and applying it to our very own Daniel Thomas. Please, read the article afterwards if you don't want to ruin...


UDFA HB Edition

With all the hype around FA HBs like Reggie Bush, Darren Sproles, Micheal Bush, and DeAngelo Williams; I though it would be a good Idea to introduce the available UDFA HBs that are out there. I...

NFL owners have upper hand.


Nice overview of both sides' strategies.

The other side of the debate.


I have seen a lot of fanshots that support, but none really defending litigation.

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