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I ball till I fall
I stunt till I drop
I'm off the showroom floor
not the used car lot.
You buy the bottle,
I buy the bar,
I make every other week
feel like Mardi Gras.

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User Blog

Do the Colts have a good roster when you don't factor in the QB?

Anyone following Josh or any of the C.A. writers on twitter has probably already heard some discussion on a recent Rotoworld article by Evan Silva, which ranks the (projected) 2014 NFL rosters. You...


"The Colts have a better rushing attack than Seattle." - Math.

Note: Maybe you don't put any stock in advanced statistics. I don't blame you, but I still find them interesting. So keep an open mind and try not to take this too seriously. The football nerds of...


The roster depth test (is clearly unfair and biased against the Colts)

Having exhausted every article on Colts Authority, I turned to a more mainstream site, CBSsports, to entertain myself during the doldrums of the offseason. I found this. It's a thirteen question...


Does size matter in receivers and corners?

I'm tired of talking about free agency. There's been much ado, considerable babble, and more than enough blather on this website about the relevance of height in wide receivers and cornerbacks. O...


"The Stanford Connection" or "PowerO: Origins"

Most of you probably didn't know this, but Coby Fleener was actually Luck's classmate at Stanford. Whalen too! And Delano Howell! And Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin (I have to show you this play)...


Colts Plan, God Laughs

I've heard a lot of people complain that there is too much optimism on this blog. "Where's the honest criticism?" cry the commenters, "Where's the "glass half empty" mentality?" Well, have no...


Davis staying? And is Toler the most pivotal man in FA?

You know, if I could somehow look into the future and be assured that Toler would play a full season next year, I'd be fine with keeping him. He's not the best corner in the game and he get's...


Quick question on inside linebackers.

Hey guys, I'm going through linebacker prospects in the upcoming draft, and I just want to make sure I know what traits I should be looking for. The Colts obviously run a 3-4, with two inside...


Nickname Brainstorming: This is what it's come to...

Good lord above, do I hate the offseason. As if spending time with my friends and family wasn't bad enough, I can't even sneak away and browse the sports media outlets because there's nothing going...


Defenses and Game Managers Win Championships.

How many times in the last twenty-four hours have you head the old cliche, "defenses win championships?" It probably got annoying, but it's hard to argue with after what we saw tonight. Russell...


Johnny Football: International Manziel of Mystery

^See what I did there? Anyways, I'm writing this as a follow up to my last post about how the rest of the AFC South will fare in 2014. In that post, I mentioned that I think Johnny Manziel being...


A few thoughts on how the rest of the AFC South will fare in 2014.

The AFC South probably won't be quite as easy to win next year. Oh don't get me wrong, I still see us taking the division crown, but the times they are a'changing in the good old AFC South. Exactly...


Is Wide Receiver really a priority in this draft?

I've been looking at mock drafts from multiple media sources, and even a few from guys on this site, and nearly everybody seems to think that should be looking to draft a wide receiver. I don't...


If Luck doesn't get some help next year, current bad habits could become a long term problem.

Out of the four interceptions Luck threw against the Pats, two weren't really his fault, one was sort of his fault, and one was totally his fault. That last one is the one that show's Luck's...


We can't get to the superbowl with a secondary this injured.

They didn't play particularly well today, but I think a big part of that was because we have several guys recovering from quad and groin injuries. And now Landry might be banged up as well. I don't...

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