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I love my wife and two children. I never thought having a family could be so gratifying. My joy is at home. The next closest thing is football. Specifically the Saints and LSU Tigers, in that order. After that, I love to read (fiction and theology), I love country music, and I love movies. When it comes to those 3, I gravitate towards what I can relate to. If I can emphathize and feel it, I deem it as good. I like something that makes me think.

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  • MLB Houston Astros
  • NBA New Orleans Pelicans
  • NFL New Orleans Saints
  • NCAAF LSU Tigers
  • NCAAB LSU Tigers
  • NHL Dallas Stars
User Blog

Psychological Warfare

The Saints defense is on pace the become the worst defense in NFL history only one season removed from having the best offense in NFL history. One would argue that the defense actually improved in...

Saints vs. Packers: Preston's Preview


Rodgers or Roger, it doesn't make much difference. The Saints will exact their revenge on Sunday.

Preston's NFL Week 4 Pick 'Em


Week 4 games feature nine divisional contests. Find out how who to pick.

Saints vs. Chiefs Preview: Balance and Checks


Balance and Checks. The Saints miss Sean Payton, so they installed mirrors throughout the facility so that everyone can be held accountable. Look for them to be more balanced and keep the Chiefs in check on their way to win number one in 2012.

Preston's NFL Week 3 Pick 'Em


A look at every NFL game this week and a breakdown of which team will most likely win.

Saints vs. Panthers: CAMlateral Damage


What do the Saints need to do today in order to avoid an 0-2 start?

Preston's NFL Week 2 Pick 'Em


A look at every NFL game this week and a breakdown of which team will most likely win.

Saints vs. Redskins


To Mr. Griffin III: Hey Rook, welcome to the NFL. I'm sure you've already been warned. What hasn't hit you yet is the very unique situation you'll be stepping into on Sunday.

Preston's NFL Pick 'Em: Week 1


Who will win every game of the NFL's opening weekend? Preston knows all.

The Saints are Coming


Attention talking heads filled with moral outrage over Bountygate. Attention Roger Goodell. This one's for you. The Saints are coming.

Preston's Saints @ 49ers Divisional Playoff Preview: Complementary Balance


I believe the Saints will win and win big. Read to find out why.

Preston's Lions @ Saints Wild Card Preview & Playoff Pick 'Em: Don't Suh Drew


Preston's Lions @ Saints Wild Card Preview: Don't Suh Drew

NFL Playoff Scheduling: Why it Needs to Change


The NFL should add a few rules to make post-season scheduling more fair.

Preston's Pick 'Em - Week 17: Pride and Prejudice


Who is playing for pride and who has already quit? In the last week of Pick 'Em competitions, you need to choose wisely, and this is the right place for advice.

Preston's Week 17 Preview - Saints vs. Panthers: CAMtankerous Camelot


Preston's Preview: CAMtankerous Camelot. Read here to find out what each team needs to do for a win and what records and streaks are at stake in the Saints-Panthers game.

Preston's Falcons @ Saints Preview: Day After Christmas Sale


Watch Drew Brees show why he's the MVP and watch Matt Ryan show why he's the master of the checkdown.

Preston's Week 16 NFL Pick 'Em: Divisions Divided


In a week featuring 10 divisional games with teams playing each other for the second time this season, it's not always wise to believe the re-match will follow the same script.

Preston's Week 15 NFL Pick 'Em: Storylines Galore!


What compels you to choose one team over another? Which stories will die, and which will grow?

Preston's Saints @ Vikings Preview: Ponder Dat, Drew


Find out why this Sunday's Saints vs. Vikings game will resemble the Saints vs. Colts contest.

Preston's Lions @ Saints Preview: Damaged Pride


Find out why I think the Saints matchup against the Lions is eerily similar to the Giants game they just played.

Preston's NFL Week 13 Pick 'Em Preview: Risk vs. Reward


Are we playing musical chairs at quarterback or is it just Week 13 in the NFL? Who should you pick to win this week? Read more to find out.

Preston's Giants @ Saints Preview: Trench Warfare


Do you remember the 2009 contest featuring a hot Giants team against a Saints team coming off the bye? This one will stick to the same script.

Preston's NFL Week 12 Pick 'Em Preview: Down the Stretch They Come


With bye weeks out of the way, which NFL teams are looking to position themselves for the post season?

Bye-Bye to the Bye Week Blues


A discussion on the practice of self-scouting and statistical rankings for Saints fans missing their Sunday fix.

Preston's NFL Week 11 Pick 'Em Preview: Who Do You Believe?


It's that time of the week in the NFL where we put our faith in one team or another. What do you believe?

From Gary Gibbs to Gregg Williams: Two Extremes, Too Extreme


Is Gregg Williams the polar opposite of Gary Gibbs, and does Sean Payton need to reel him in and control his chaos?

Preston's NFL Week 10 Pick 'Em: Separation Sunday


Do you play in a pick'em league, or do you like picking the winners in a straight-up bet with your co-workers? For a short synapse of every game, check it out here.

Preston's Saints @ Falcons Preview: Sloppy Seconds


Preston's Week 10: Saints @ Falcons. From in-game strategy to matchup analysis to statistical comparison, here's everything you need to know about the Saints vs the Falcons.

Preston's Buccaneers @ Saints Preview: Running To Redemption


Matchup Analysis and Statistical Comparison -- It's all here. Find out what the Saints need to do to come out victorious on Sunday.

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