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I've been a Boise State fan since I moved to Boise in 1996. In 2003, I left Idaho for a job and you know that old saying, "You don't know what you have until it's gone," well it kicked in and I...


Martin Hit At or Before The LoS

I went back and watched the condensed version of the game again on Game Rewind. Of Doug Martin's 28 touches, the Jets defense first made contact with him BEFORE the line of scrimmage 13 times, AT...

Vote for Doug Martin to be Madden NFL Cover Athlete!


Follow this link to vote for Doug Martin to be the next Madden NFL cover athlete.

Billy Winn Fumble Recovery and Run!


Billy Winn making some headlines for the Browns! The best thing about it, in my opinion, is that the Browns had him in the game at a critical moment, and not just playing mop up. Way to go!

Pre-Draft Scouting Tidbits on Montana and Brady


There are a ton of comparisons of Moore to Brees. I think they've been lacking the full scope of comparisons. The 6.5 rating for Montana was for arm strength, and that was the highest rating he achieved in that category.

Remember the Name


Got bored and found this video and started reliving some old memories. The video quality is bad but it didn't really matter to me.

Big 12 to 16 Teams?


Eventually. Maybe. Most Likely.


TV Markets Introspective

According to The Boise tv market is ranked 112. Here are a few other markets: 114-Lansing, MI (Michigan State) 119-Eugene, OR (Oregon) 125-Bakersfield, CA (Cal) 143-Lubbock, TX...

Best Big 12 Proposal Yet


Attention Dan Beebe. This is your Guardian Angel. College football is in danger. Your conference is in danger. Heck your job is in danger. Act now. Save CFB! Save the Big XI!. Save yourself! Here is the plan. Don't wait another minute.

So, I wrote an email to tthe author of the blog that was referenced in Links and Things regarding...


So, I wrote an email to tthe author of the blog that was referenced in Links and Things regarding Miami fans wanting the death penalty for Boise State. I only read the first two paragraphs of the blog then raged and retorted with an email. He responded. I read the rest. I responded with an apology and further explained my point. To that he had this to reply: No reason to apologize. I am glad you e-mailed me. Some people get upset when people criticize them, I enjoy it. Because 1 of 2 things usually happens: 1) I was wrong, in which case I want to be corrected. 2) There is a misunderstanding (as in this case), and it gets cleared up, which is to the benefit of everyone. Also, I completely understand you having a complex about this stuff. You guys have upset "traditional" college football (we did that in the 80s, then became an accepted part of it), and there are those that will look to bring you down. I think the entire BCS system is absolute joke, and I don't honestly know how you guys deal with constantly going undefeated and not getting to play for the championship. We have these debates on our fan sites about playoffs, and I always argue for a 16-team playoff cause I think it is ridiculous to have a system where every team can't win the championship, so you need automatic qualification for every conference. No one agrees with But, even if you disagree with that specific point, your school has obviously proven themselves on the field. It's actually hilarious the lengths people will go to try and denigrate your program. For years they say stuff like, "sure, they could get up for 1 game against a BCS team in that bowl game that is more important for Boise, but they could never handle playing in the SEC." Then, you go play what is essentially a road game at Georgia, win quite easily, and now all of a sudden everyone says, "Georgia is a bad SEC team, who cares?" What? You were just saying that BSU couldn't play with those types of teams. Do you think that other SEC teams are playing Alabama 12 times a year? It's all just an effort to constantly move the goalposts farther and farther so that your team never gets to play for the title. And God forbid you ever make it and don't happen to win. They will never let you in again and use that as proof that you don't belong, even though Oklahoma can lose the championship game 3 times and still be preseason#1. This is beyond a double standard. In fact, maybe I will write a blog post on this, although it doesn't have to do with our Honestly, there is nothing more your program can and has to prove. Keep going undefeated, beating teams like Oregon, VT and UGA in the regular season, then winning BCS bowl games. How many times do you have prove yourselves? It's just a joke at this point. As for Miami, we are probably going to deservedly get some penalties that are pretty harsh. The whole point of my article was not that we are innocent, but that the media took a wait-and-see approach, looked at the findings, then formed an opinion in your case, but in our case they immediately called for the death penalty and some people refuse to back down even after the findings that the NCAA did find SO FAR are not consistent with Yahoo!'s accusations. It looks like we might have had some coaches mixed up in this, and that is where the real bad penalties will come. We have to see what the NCAA finds. I actually just re-read my first few paragraphs, and I can completely see why you assumed that I was going down the path of "Evil Boise State", since you have a justified chip on your shoulder. I actually hope one day your program gets it shot in the title game (it should have already), and you blow someone out (unless you are playing, so that people will look back and say, "how many times did we put 1-loss teams in front of this program and why?" Good luck on the season, hopefully this is the year. Thanks, Vishnu Parasuraman Really glad I got to have the conversation I did with him and it's nice to hear a person residing on the "dark side" say these things. So if you were like me, and raged, you should take the above in to consideration :)

Georgia Already Practicing in Georgia Dome


The article is mainly about Crowell and Murray helping him out in the first few games (ie assignments et al), but at the end it mentions that the Bulldogs have gotten a practice in at the Dome, complete with their new Pro Combat uniforms and everything. Can we now officially drop the "neutral site" description?

BYU, America's Next Underdog?


If there is anything I've learned by being this geographically close to them, it's that the Utah and BYU fans are some of the most delusional fans in the country. Seriously, have you ever read some of the stuff they post over there? Especially Utah after we beat them in Vegas last year. But BYU I'm sure takes the cake. They live in their own little world, and to them, regardless of actual on field results, they are the best football program in the universe.

Jim Rome's Take


Don't know how to find the video of it, but this is what he said on Jim Rome is Burning today.

Georgia DC Updates on D


Some updates on eligibility of some linebackers, Georgia's defense prepping for Boise State and so forth. In the comments one reader thinks that neither our offensive or defensive lines will be able to handle Georgia's physically.

Boise State Chick-Fil-A Pt 2?


1. The announcement Thursday that Alabama and Virginia Tech will reconvene in the Georgia Dome for the 2013 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game is another example of the primacy of the Southeastern Conference. Eight games have been played or scheduled in the Georgia Dome through 2014, and all eight include an SEC team. Six games will feature an ACC opponent, but they are no more than the anchors that Boise State is as the opponent in the remaining two games. Does Ivan know something we don't. Maybe I'm just reading it wrong. "Boise State is as the opponent in the remaining two games."

Boise State Defense 2010-2011


I didn't make this. Just found it on youtube. Enjoy.

Blue Turf Brigade


Wrriten by Ralph "The Reverend" Mancini, Executive Editor and college talent analyst for He breaks down both Boise State and Utah...and he really "breaks down" Utah wide receiver Devonte Christopher. Check it out!

Nation's #1 Punter...


Scroll down to see who leades the nation in punting average....LOL



If Boise State goes undefeated and does not end up in the NC game we need to organize a boycott.  No TV's tuned to that channel, no radios, no web addresses.  No other team in the country is asked...


What Happened to Neutrality?

Yeah I'm not awesome with these posts.  Just read below!~!!

Colledge Helping Potter


Colledge Helping Potter

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