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Been a Dallas Cowboys fan ever since I can remember. Not a Dallas or Texas native, nor have I ever lived anywhere near Dallas. Nevertheless, I am one of the most passionate fans about the Cowboys that you will find. I am a fan only of the Dallas Cowboys, however there are other teams I have some respect for (but that can change from season to season easily). I don't know as much about them as other might, as I've only been around since the mid 80s.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Miami Heat
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Golf Tiger Woods
  • Boxing Roy Jones, Jr.
  • Soccer F.C. Barcelona
User Blog

Record Broken - 57 Underclassmen Declare for draft

The old record of 56 underclassmen declaring for the NFL draft has been broken this year with 57 underclassmen declaring for the NFL draft. This group also includes 3 sophomores, which is...


Watch and Learn - How to Improve the Defense

Welcome fellow BTB members. Here I am going to make an attempt to compare our shortcomings on defense with the shortcomings and improvements that other teams have made in the league. This...

NFP Grades Alabama CB D'Andre Kirkpatrick... as a SS...


Wes Bunting has given his review for D'Andre (Dre) Kirkpatrick of Alabama. He normally doesn't do this until an underclassman has declared though. I haven't found anything stating that but he may have a good source. We may find out after tonight's BCS Championship match. Anyway, he gives Dre an 8.0, joining 6 other players (Luck, Claiborne [whom I also can't find an article saying he has declared yet...], Richardson, Decastro, Konz and Kalil) with an 8.0 rating or higher. What I found interesting is that he is listed as a SS on the board, but no mention is made of the position transition in the article, although he does make a case that he is at his best in zone coverage.


Say Sparano comes back to Big D, which free agents come along for the ride?

QB - Chad Henne RB - Steve Slaton FB - Deon Anderson FB - Lousaka Polite OT - Allen Babre OC - Joe Berger DL - Lionel Dotson DL - Paul Solai DL - Kendal Langford DL - Phillip Merling LB - Channing...


Blueprint 2012: The Gift and The Curse

I'm back!!!! After some road tripping through California for new years and some time away from posting I am back and ready to get the off-season talk started. The Playoffs still have yet to...

DraftCountdown.com latest Mock Draft


They have us taking OLB Melvin Ingram @ #17 overall. That means we aren't in the playoffs but not a bad selection I think, and OG David DeCastro is still available and selected right after our pick. Personally I say trade up using a 1st and a 2nd to go get Morris Claiborne. There is no one I can really see at this moment that I think is essential to grab in the second round at really any position so trading up to get Morris Claiborne makes sense to me if he falls far enough.


Had enough?

Can we cease the Schadenfreude now? I am a cowboys fan and about as die hard as they come as many of you out there may know, but all of this wallowing in the failure of the Eagles and Redskins and...

Child Eagles Fan: I Hate Tom Brady (Video)


A child Eagles fan is very distraught by the ability of Tom Brady. As a parent, why would you tape this and share it with the world. Interesting that a child would get THIS WORKED UP over a football game.

Vikings Release McNabb


McNabb to Dallas? I do not want this but we did put in a claim for Kyle Orton who is a much worse QB I feel than McNabb is. There was talk strictly from that the Dallas is a possible destination for Donovan McNabb. As much as I might be against this, it might be good if he was a back-up QB and I would speculate that Kitna is going to retire after this year so having another Veteran QB back-up come right in and take his place might be a good thing. He is 35 years old, so he fits the bill for that Veteran back-up QB.


Dan Bailey's Secret

An extra Helmet was found in Dan Bailey's Locker!!!! This explains everything. See my new profile icon to see it on Bailey. Also, I think it is about time to start playing the Darth Vader theme...

Choice Used Then Cut


The Redskins just cut Tashard Choice. Right after the game against us he gets cut no more than two days later. Any way you slice this, it appears the 'Skins just used him to try and get some of our plays and strategy to beat us. You almost have to feel bad for someone being used like that. Makes you wonder if the Giants will try to pick him up now, although it didn't QUITE work out for Washington...

Felix Jones Returning Kicks in Practice


Felix Jones rotating kickoff returns during practice Thursday with 'Tree and The Ansah (AOA).

Buehler's Day Off...


Buehler? ...Buehler? ...Buehler? Ok, that's enough Buehler jokes, but David Buehler has now been placed on IR after re-aggravating the groin injury that kept him out all this time. So at least for this season we will no longer have to worry about keeping to PKs on the roster. Now if we can just get the punter situation handled... Buehler, in four games, has 9 touchbacks. Meanwhile, Dan Bailey, with the "weaker leg", has 6 touch backs in the four other games. The question I have is who cares about touchbacks? What is the average starting field position? Because if Dan Bailey has a starting field position average inside the 20, then hey, its good enough for me.

Rob Ryan Field Goal Attempt


Its the Cowboys Update, but at the end they slide in some humor with Rob Ryan kicking a field goal at practice. Just kind of funny to see.

Draft Countdown Mock Draft


Scott Wright's DraftCountdown.com has finally updated their mock draft yesterday (Oct. 25). I know it is worthless right now because there are too many things that can change between now and the end of the season such as our draft position AND how prospects play. However, he now has Dallas selecting Mark Barron, SS Alabama @ 21 overall. I personally would like to see Morris Claiborne or Dre Kirkpatrick here before we start going safety but those guys are off the board in the top 10. Like I said though, worthless right now but it is good to see just the board to see who the top 32 prospects are right now, not who is being selected by what team.


Player Profile - Who is DeMarco Murray?

  After the Game on Sunday, someone stated that it would be cool to go back to draft day and find some video and other things on DeMarco Murray and see what people were saying about him.  Well, no...


27 to 13 and 21 to 10

After the Rams game, I think this team was put more into perspective and where it probably should stand as far as teams stats and ranking. We went from the 27th best rushing team in the league to...



A shout out to Lumpy. Welcome back! Now if we can just get that kind of performance and production from you every week we'll be awesome.

1st overall pick might not be able to land Andrew Luck


Think all your team has to do is finish 1-15 to get Andrew Luck? It might not be that easy. The presence of Luck's father, Oliver, is something league executives will be watching closely as we get closer to April. This well could be Eli Manning in 2004, or John Elway in 1983, if the Luck camp doesn't like the situation the highest picking team presents. "Absolutely. I've heard that for the last two years," said one college scout, who's on the road and paid to ferret this stuff out. "There's no question that it could be a Manning thing all over again."


Feeling Nostalgic Are We?

I have decided against doing the shame report for this week, as I have not been able (after much thinking) to find actual shameful behavior in our game against the Patriots this week.  In most...

Still believe Romo doesn't have 1st round value?


I AM NOT saying we trade him. I merely stated a couple weeks ago the value of the players on our roster. It seemed hotly contested that I valued Romo with a 1st and 3rd. Well, he's better than Carson Palmer, who was just dealt for a 1st and a 2nd (conditional 1st based on performance). So I say to any of you haters undervaluing Romo, stop hatin'! He's still one of the best in the league.

Choice on Trading Block


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told NFL Network's Alex Flanagan on NBC that he has fielded phone calls on Tashard Choice and will consider dealing the running back back before Tuesday's trade deadline. I have been saying this and predicted that they would try to trade one of the backs before the deadline. looks like Phillip Tanner might get to see some action on offense after all...


Keeping Up with the Collegiates: Mid-Season Edition

Ok, after much time and evaluation, it is time for an update.  I think we have seen enough of the season play out for our friends in the collegiate ranks to be able to evaluate where they currently...


Trade Deadline Approaching

Time for the mayhem to commence.  This time of the season always gets interesting because we start seeing some movement, sometimes big moves, but mostly just smaller time players.  Always an...


BTB Shame Report: Week 4

And now, it is time for the shame report for this week.  Now, this probably won't live up to the week 3 shame report, just for the sheer fact of bulletin board material that was there.  Also, quite...


BTB Shame Report: Week 3

Yes I know, not a unique name and a rip-off of the NFL.com series that is aired every single week highlighting the most shameful behavior from around the league.  If you have not seen The Shame...

Footrace: Warren Sapp VS. Sir Charles


Warren Sapp has the plane ticket ready for Charles Barkley to settle this footrace once and for all. "Gome git sum Fat Boy"

you think a 5-yard out is gonna win you a game. This ain't John Shoop running this offense. Sexy...


you think a 5-yard out is gonna win you a game. This ain't John Shoop running this offense. Sexy Rexy's got the arm.


In Romo's Shoes: An inside view on rib injuries

When I heard that Romo had cracked ribs, I started thinking back to my days playing football.  Mostly I thought back to when I was living in Orlando, FL going to college there and just getting...

Darelle Revis gets posterized by Bryant. You don't see this too often but it just goes to show...


Darelle Revis gets posterized by Bryant. You don't see this too often but it just goes to show that Revis is not invincible. Even Ogletree made him look silly when Dez went out for a couple plays.

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