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Been a Dallas Cowboys fan ever since I can remember. Not a Dallas or Texas native, nor have I ever lived anywhere near Dallas. Nevertheless, I am one of the most passionate fans about the Cowboys that you will find. I am a fan only of the Dallas Cowboys, however there are other teams I have some respect for (but that can change from season to season easily). I don't know as much about them as other might, as I've only been around since the mid 80s.

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  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Miami Heat
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Golf Tiger Woods
  • Boxing Roy Jones, Jr.
  • Soccer F.C. Barcelona
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Feeling Optimistic: Defensive Scheme Change Meets Favorable Schedule

Just sitting around today just thinking about something that has been on my mind lately, amongst other things.  One thing that I will just touch on briefly is when will the Cowboys get to start the...


Cowboy's @ Jets: Game Review

Man, what a game.  I spent all Sunday watching or paying attention to any game that I could and this was BY FAR the most exciting game this weekend.  Only the Packers and Saints game comes anywhere...


*UPDATE* The Star Ceremony: Welcome to the Cowboys Rook!!

Dallas Cowboys Kickoff Luncheon 2011 Intro (via RedProductionsTV) Do I even need to make an explanation of what this is about?  We all know about Jason Garrett...

We Ready - Dallas Cowboy Kickoff 2011 Season Preview


If this doesn't pump you up for some Dallas Cowboys football I don't know what will. This is the video shown at the end of the kickoff luncheon that you can see on dallascowboys.com. However, they never de-interlace the video and it turns out very choppy there and not in HD either. Watch it here.


Keeping up with the Collegiates: The Other Guys

  A couple weeks ago I made a post highlighting the collegiate players that we, as cowboy fans, should keep an eye on as they are positions of need.  This post will focus more on the "other guys",...

"Rob Ryan ripped into the cornerbacks, and just launched a profanity laced tirade. To which point...


"Rob Ryan ripped into the cornerbacks, and just launched a profanity laced tirade. To which point the offense turned over from their meeting, to where J was talking to them, in just a nice gentle voice, and turned around and just could not believe. I mean he was bringing some paint off the wall with some of the words that he was saying, and he was particularly upset with some of the corners and their breakdowns in coverage. He let them know, and he used every word in the book to let them know, and everybody on the team took note of it." -Matt Mosley (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ6mmSbBWEc)


Felix the (light footed) Cat

Is anyone else out there noticing that Felix Jones seems to be picking his feet up a little bit in traffic? He's not high stepping, but it seems that he is keeping his feet high until he gets to...

Three Pick Vick


Only preseason, but wow, how do you throw three interceptions. I think those Eagles need to do their homework because if they come into a game like that against a Ryan defense (which they will face 3 times this year) they are in for some trouble. Dream team just had a nightmare...


Keeping Up with the Collegiates

Now, I have to state that I am not a huge fan of College football.  I pretty much only watch pro football for the simple reason that I don't like to watch the common 45 - 3 blowout that happens...


What is the status on Kai Forbath?

Does anyone know the status on the injury to Kai Forbath and when he is supposed to be back? All I have heard is that he has a quad injury. Doesn't say anything about day to day, or in definite...

Jericho Cotchery Cut by Jets


Jericho Cotchery was cut earlier today by the New York Jets. He would have been the #3 in their system but would have been paid too much for that spot ($4 MIL). Maybe this is a guy we can give a look at on a 1-year deal at a veteran minimum maybe to give us some insurance and be a reliable #3.


Taylor Mays for Special Teams anyone?

Adam Schefter just tweeted that the 49ers have sent out a mass email to many teams across the league shopping a trade for S Taylor Mays.  I wansn't necessarily high on this guy as a safety, however...


Any Word on what safety may be targeted?

Obviously Abe Elam is the hot topic right now, but I am wondering why it is that the Cowboys have not signed him or brought him in yet.  Are they just trying to negotiate some kind of contract and...


Is today the day Cowboys jump on the Free Agency Bandwagon?

Something occured to me before but I never made much of a connection between the dates.  Jason Garrett says he wants the "Right Kind of Guys" (RKG).  The thought is that you cannot find the RKG on...


What happened to Deunta Williams?

I have been asking this question ever since the draft ended.  I have seen many lists of the top UDFAs once the league is able to sign them and his name is never mentioned.  I have even just seen...


Tommy Grady - The Next Kurt Warner?

First of all I am not comparing him to Kurt Warner.  Just proposing that he might be the next player to successfully make the jump from Arena Football to the NFL, just like Warner did, who is...


Defenseless Receivers - Part II: The "Seat Belt Fines"

In a continuation to my last post, I came up with an outrageous idea as I was driving the other day and saw a billboard talking about the fine if you are caught without your seat belt.  Being the...


Defenseless Receivers?

I just read an article on NFL.com that talked about the spring meetings for the owners, in spite of this lockout.  One of the things that is supposed to be discussed is the expanded definition/rule...


Still out there

I just had to make a post including four guys that I know are still out there and officially are now UDFAs.  We can't sign anyone as a UDFA until the labor issues are sorted out or the lockout is...


Trade Scenarios: Pouncey sees a Cowboy in the Mirror

To start off, just a quick opinion about trading picks during the draft.  I don't believe that a team will trade up unless they feel they are getting a game changer.  If he isn't going to be a game...


The advantages of acquiring Patrick Peterson

We are in the NFC east which is a fairly pass heavy division in a now seemingly "Pass-First" league.  Our Cowboys ranked 6th in the league in Passing offense with the Redskins, Eagles and Giants...


Factory Draft Board - Top 10

I have just been seeing a lot of the mock drafts and things now but we really don't know who will be available when we select at number nine, nor who will be available for a consideration for a...


Trade Bait - Value of some of the roster players

Alright, its time to get younger.  Any team can use more picks to try to bolster some depth on their team or plug some holes.  Time to examine the value of some of the players on the team and we...


Top 10 Mock Draft and Intriguing prospects

I see all of these mocks about who the Cowboys will pick when they are on the board, but really, how do you know that person will even still be on the board.  There 31 other teams in the NFL and 8...


Thinking Outside The (Draft) Box

First off, unless it is a quarterback that you are selecting, it is highly likely that he will turn out somewhere close at least to what the analysts say that he will be.  There aren't as many...


Trade up in First Round? I sense we just might do so

From what I know we own the following picks in this draft (7 Total) - #9, #40, #73, #103, #140, #171, #210 The following are the requirements needed to trade up through the 7th Pick according to...

OJ Atogwe Released


The Rams have released safety OJ Atogwe


Who would you like to see as the first opponent for the Cowboys?

Just out of curiousity, I wanted to see which team you would like to see the Cowboys square off against first this next season.  I think the NFL wants to try to start and end the season with...


Rob Ryan is on board, who's next?

So Rob Ryan is now on board as our Defensive Coordinator.  Who are going to be the defensive assistants?  Do the Cowboys keep Brett Maxie, Dave Campo, Reggie Herring and the bunch?  Or do they go...

Former Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is the new Cowboys defensive coordinator


Former Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is the new Cowboys defensive coordinator

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