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Professor of Colts History at Horseshoe U.

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User Blog

The Pressure is On, Ulrich John!

A Letter, from Professor Blue of the Stampede Blue community, to the Esteemed and Honorable representative from Georgia State, Mr. Ulrich John: Dear Mr. Ulrich John, The following letter is...


Feed Moncrief and the Value of a College Fan Base's Opinion

In the interest of full disclosure, I am NOT from the state of Mississippi. I did, however, marry a Mississippi girl, and Mississippi girls are worth the move. I have lived here for 10 years now,...


The Grigson Code: Deciphering What the GM Wants to do in the 2014 Draft

Thesis: Instead of looking at mock drafts, we should be looking at the behavior of Grigson’s coaches and scouts to decipher what he WANTS to do in the 2014 draft. Mock drafters are strange...


Grigson did not sound committed to Satele

Grigson was asked point blank about Samson Satele at his Combine presser. I think the question was posed by Phil B. Wilson of the Indy Star, but the audio was not great, so I cannot say for sure. I...

MLS says no to Kroenke


MLS has a Los Angeles team for sell, but they will not sell it to Silent Stan for his rumored "LA Gunners." Thus, he has 60 acres in Inglewood, and only one team who is even a candidate to move to that land. I hate it for St.L fans, but it looks like he has his sights set on L.A.


Colts Interview Four OLBs at the Senior Bowl

Colts Interview Four OLBs at the Senior Bowl Four. That is the total number of outside linebackers the Colts have interviewed at the Senior Bowl. Now, I would not consider this that big of a...


Changing the Name, Logo, Mascot (for real)

By now, you are all aware that the D.C. City Council may make a push for the team name to be changed to Redtails. If this is true, it falls in line with so many other teams (particularly college...


Jersey Numbers and the Depth Chart, part 2

Note: If you have not read the original "Jersey Numbers and the Depth Chart," dated April 28, you may wish to do so before reading this post. The Empire Strikes Back would be somewhat confusing if...


The Three Worst Starters

I can hardly believe I am saying this one year after pronouncing another year of gloom and doom, but the Indianapolis Colts are a very, very good football team. There is a quarterback on his way to...


Jersey Numbers and the Depth Chart

My father and I have always been obsessed with Colts jersey numbers. When I was a kid, my dad taught me to memorize important numbers like my phone number using Colts jersey numbers (Bubba...


Trading Back with the Eagles

If Geno Smith falls out of the Top 10, he could still be falling at Pick 24 (see Aaron Rodgers). In that situation, many teams with high second round picks might consider the #24 spot a valuable...


Handicapping the 24th Pick

It's Friday, you have a job, and you've got STUFF to do.... but you don't really want to do that stuff. Who can blame you? Instead, how about a little handicapping game. I am not a betting man...


Grigson and Pagano: No New WRs in 2013?

I posted this in the comments, but I really think it is important to understand that the do NOT consider wide receiver a priority in 2013. The fans might, but the Colts do not. At least, that is...

Lucas Oil Stadium on Google Maps


For obsessive geek fans such as myself, this kind of stuff is way beyond awesome. I love the fact that this stadium continues to get attention, win awards, and generally be considered incredible in every possible way.


Robert Mathis for 2013 Outside Rush Linebacker

According to the article, Dwight Freeney wants to retire in Colts blue. I appreciate that. I love him for it. h...


Pick One Player at Pick 24

This is a strange draft year in terms of scouts agreeing on prospects. I have seen players like Xavier Rhodes and Barrett Jones mocked to the Colts, but I have also seen them as high as 14 and...

RGIII's Knee


According to Polian, Irsay's biggest concern about Griffin was the potential of long-term injury. Our owner may be crazy, but the dude keeps making great football decisions.


The 10 players drafted after Jerry Hughes

We keep talking about Jerry Hughes being a bust because he was a first round pick. If you look at the 10 picks after Hughes, however, you see a list of decent but not outstanding players....


Professor Grades the College Kids...Vol. 1

Like many of you, I constantly seek ways to improve the Colts roster. From time to time this season, I will evaluate the talent eligible for the 2013 Draft. I live in SEC country, where much of the...

Collie's Helmet


This is a great article about Indy car legend Bill Simpson and the helmet Collie wore last year. Does anybody know why Collie switched away from it for this preseason? He had multiple concussions in 2010 in the old helmet. He wore Simpson's helmet in 2011...no concussions. Then he switches back to the old helmet and has a concussion. Has anybody heard why he switched back?

Seahawks release veteran O-linemen


Hey, if Justice and McGlynn can start for this team, these guys can surely make the team. They are former high picks. Thoughts? Any better ideas?

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