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Shanahan Rules No Suspension Or Fine Regarding Kronwall Hit | Yardbarker.com


Well there it is, this is honestly getting a little ridiculous. It seriously seems like he is showing either some bias, or some horrible judgment. No fine, no nothing, wow.


My 10 Surprises so far this year

So this article is less (if any) Avalanche related and more hockey related. These are in no particular order, because ordering them would make this even hard.


My observations at a Monsters Game

While ya'll were watching the Avs play, I was at the Bears and Monsters game, where I was hoping to watch Stefan Elliott (heh) but here is what I noticed.  More after the jump...

Monsters' stats


The two things that really pop out to me are 1. we have trouble on wing, VDG is playing well (5 g 10 a in 12 games), why not give him a chance? ( know the roster size may not allow for it, but why not see if we can move someone around (cough hunwick) to give VDG another chance with the big club? I liked him when he played up (2 years ago?) and then got hurt. 2. Cedrick, albeit a small sample size, is 3-2-1 with a 1.65 GAA, .946 save % and 1 shut out, not too shabby.

Oh hey Cameron Awesome...


Oh hey Cameron Awesome...


Brandon Yip

So the estimated return for Yip was late October/early November.  Anyone hear anything new about his condition?  Dater said he is skating, but that is about it.  Anyone think of giving him another...

Ryan O'Reilly's latest puck drill with Avalanche | All Things Avalanche — Colorado Avalanche news — The Denver Post


Interesting to note, Gali is gonna be on the top line with Stastny and Hejduk, any thoughts? I personally like it better than Kobasew.

As training camp opens, Lake Erie Monsters eager to address 'unfinished business' from last spring | cleveland.com


It seems some of our career AHLers have motivation and Quinn thinks that Cedrick is an NHL goalie. Also included is an injury update for Cedrick that says he should be back in late October...

Back of Jimmy Howard’s mask to honor fallen Lokomotiv friends - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports


Lord Howard making it slightly hard to despise him by having a tribute to McCrimmon, Salei and Liv on the back of his mask...

CHL Preseason


Pickard once again, got no help from Seattle, stopping 41 of 42 shots only to lose 1-0 and Siemens is named captain of the Blades and ends with 1 goal and a +1. Good signs, although a super small sample size. I was one who thought that maybe Siemens production was partially due to the fact that he was paired with Stefan. This year is his year to stand out individually, if he does, then we got a real gem at number 11.


If Doughty is Available, should we try and get him?

So as we all know, Drew Doughty is still holding out, he didn't have the best year last year, but was still solid, especially for a 21 year old defenseman.  If the Kings can't come to an agreement...

Gabriel Landeskog assumes top role in Colorado's fall Top-20 - Hockey's Future


Is it me, or do we have a fairly deep and decently developed prospect pool?

Colorado Avalanche: Why They Can Make the Playoffs in 2011-2012 | Bleacher Report


Short and sweet, but more people are warming up to the Avs, a couple nice comments as well, even though it personally hurts me that a Pens fan's second fav team is the Avs, ahahaha.


Hockey Movie Help

This has been something that has been driving me crazy for months, if not years.  I remember probably 10ish years or go, give or take, there was a hockey movie that I loved.  In this movie, there...

Return of RDO camp allows League to experiment - 2011 NHL Research, Development and Orientation Camp


Speak of the Devil, also, there is another article about curved glass replacing the stanchions, which seems like a pretty good idea.


NHL Rule Changes

I remember before last season, reading an article on NHL.com about testing certain rule changes in some type of camp.  Has anyone heard about their research/results this year?

Weaker Western Conference Teams Have Also Improved This Offseason | 6 Reasons the Columbus Blue Jackets Could Miss the Playoffs Once Again | Bleacher Report


Wait, someone thinks the acquisitions were good? Am I dreaming? (slide seven) "The Avalanche answered their offseason goaltending questions with their acquisitions of both Semyon Varlamov and Jean-Sebastien Giguere. Colorado could very likely have one of the best goaltending tandems in the league in the upcoming season."


Completely Unrelated to Hockey... Game System debate

So in one of the previous Daily Cupcakes threads, I noticed that many of us at MHH are gamers (whether it be computer or system) and this makes me curious.  Since there isn't much more to do other...

Hoping we see more of this next year, it's good to see some passion from Stastny. Although...


Hoping we see more of this next year, it's good to see some passion from Stastny. Although hopefully the score next time would be 5-2 or something not along the lines of 7-5 (granted a win is a win but yea...)

Cullen: Tracking the NHL hits leaders


OB makes the top 25 for defensemen, and Hejduk, well, he is Hejduk... I'm also not a fan of comparing these types of judgement call stats to players on other teams, because the statisticians for some teams may be more liberal and hand out hits than others, I have noticed this with NYI players. Nonetheless, still an interesting article.

Landeskog Numbers


Not sure if this was announced on MHH yet, but capgeek has Lando's contract at $3.575 mill per year.

The case against Chris Osgood’s Hall of Fame candidacy - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports


What's this, Ryan Lambert actually making sense? AND mentions Jibblescribbits!

Winnipeg Jets Logo


to be revealed in less than a half hour or so at winnipegjets.com Update: and they are up, I like em, unfortunately they use the same color scheme as the blue jackets.

NHL Power Rankings: Best Team Goaltending Now That the Dust Has Settled | Bleacher Report


We could have Ryan Miller with Rask as a backup and we'd still probably be ranked just as low because we are the Avalanche. I like that everyone loves to say we are horrible, because when we start winning, it will be oh so sweet. A toast if I may: Here's to being underdogs.

Jonathan Cheechoo signs one-year deal with Blues - NHL Free Agency 2011


What happened to this guy? Scored 56 goals at one time, and then went down in flames, to the point where its a two way contract. I am speechless...

Most exciting NHL players of all time


and no Sidney Crybaby? ahahahahaha, I guess the writers at nhl.com don't find his whining exciting.


Next year's MVP

Alright so I am bored, and well, just bored.  Pretty pumped about the signing of Cedrick Desjardins, dunno why Tampa let him go, but let us go to the subject of this post.  I want to know who you...


Philadelphia Flyers

Alright, so living in the Philly area, all I hear about are the Flyers, it sucks.  The last two years, "Flyers are Cup bound" blah blah blah, and me, whether or not I have a bias against them,...

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