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All I wanted was to be a professional ice hockey player and someday earn the right to have my name etched onto the Stanley Cup.
Booze, drugs and a higher skilled players put an end to that dream.
So who am I?
Im a huge Flyers fan.
I was an artist who needed to pay the bills,
So I became successful in building, painting and designing movie sets for hollywood films.
When that completely took over my life I left,
Went to South Africa, learned to sail and became a Yactmaster Sea Captain.
Later, I stated some Kiteboard Schools....

I a have been clean and sober for over 17 years. I help heal clients from all over the world overcome PTSD and guide them discover their own regiment for optimum health and happiness in life.

I wander a lot, but I am not lost
I can't spell, hoverer every now and then I might offer an interesting perspective or opinion that hasn't been brought up before

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Boston Red Sox
  • NFL New England Patriots
  • NCAAF To Be Announced
  • NCAAB Villanova Wildcats
  • NHL Philadelphia Flyers
  • Winter Olympics USA
  • Tennis R.F.
  • Fantasy Blue Ice
User Blog

DG or anyone else, Please help answer some CBA questions that could affect the Flyers?

The complete CBA has finally come out For those who havent read the complete document, It can be downloaded here If you are one of the few who can understand it, please help someone like me who...

'Together We Can' #nolockout


'Together We Can' #nolockout

The Rangers wants to dump Avery in Russia


Translation (Via Google Translate): The latest antics of the player of the New York Rangers Sean Avery went too far. Currently touring Europe to compete in a series of exhibition game, the Rangers talk with other teams européennnes attempt to dispose of the services of the most hated player in the NHL. "The Rangers are trying to capitalize on the popularity of Sean Avery abroad. The leaders of New York wants to hope that a European team of guys, revealed Michel Langevin, host of the show team spirit on the TVA Sports on Friday. According to the sports journalist, the Rangers would even be willing to arrange a transfer for Avery remains in Europe. The training does not intend to give Avery the Whale of Connecticut, their farm team in the American League. "We do not want to Avery in New York. The Rangers do not want it spread to other players who grow up in the organization, "said Langevin. Passing on the set of the show, the sports columnist Marc de Foy said the decision of the Rangers. He said a transaction in Europe would be sending little Avery propable. "The bad reputation of Avery transcends borders. Many former NHL players playing in Europe and do not want to play with that kind of player. The only team that wants him, the Vityaz Chekhov that hires bully as the former NHL players, Chris Simon, Darcy Verot and Josh Gratton. " Sean Avery was struggling with Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers earlier this week. Quebecer Daniel Briere had claimed Avery had also made remarks at the point of threatening teammate Claude Giroux during the match between two teams on Monday.

The Flyers are the Reservoir Dogs


The Flyers are the Reservoir Dogs

Where the NHL Stashes Its Mistakes


The crowd of 3,889 was a little bigger than normal, but not on his account. It was Girl Scout night. "It's tough just to think about it," Leighton says.

Best Opening Night Ceremony Performance In NHL History


Best Opening Night Ceremony Performance In NHL History


The most important decision we face so far this season

Start with the fact that his first NHL start resulted in an impressive win over the Penguins.   The add fact that Leighton is out for at least 6+ weeks (probably a lot more) Then don't forget that...

NHL, Stan Lee join forces to create new superheros


What are your thoughts on the Flyers Superhero? Any suggestions? I have a sneaky suspicion that we will be the only team to have a villain represent us.

NHL fan map of the USA


Here is an interesting common census of the american NHL fan. Im amazed that the Panthers dominate the majority of Florida.


The Flyers 09/10 Stanley Cup Playoffs, expressed through the CotN

The Stanley Cup Playoffs: The second season; the real season.  Call it whatever you want but it’s simply the greatest sports championship tournament in the world.    We just finished our first...


09/10 season "Comment of the Night" Part 2

After a tough first half of the season, the Flyers kept us on the emotional rollercoaster all the way until early April.  It took the full season, 5 extra minutes, Giroux scoring, and Boucher...


The Flyers 09/10 season expressed through the "Comment of the Night" Part 1

The "comment of the night" has earned a special place to those of us who type incessant ramblings as we watch the Flyers play Ice hockey.  Some are insightful, a few are prophetic, others are just...

European Hockey for Dummies


An interesting introduction into the European Hockey Leagues.

Wannabe Hockey Insider gets pwned by actual NHL player agent


It gets really good on page 4! Trust me its worth the time to read. ToddNHL may not teach us anything new about hockey, but he can teach us that justice on the internet can come fast and quick.

Cop Runs Over 5 People, Including Another Cop, At Stanley Cup Parade. Action Starts At 20 Second...


Cop Runs Over 5 People, Including Another Cop, At Stanley Cup Parade. Action Starts At 20 Second Mark


What has been stuck in my mind since the puck disappeared

WIth such an abrupt end to a fantastic spring I have been lost for words. Unfortunately my mind has not.  It never shuts up!!! So here I am hoping to get out a few thoughts. Some of them have been...

Stanley Cup Finals: The 20 Hottest Hockey WAGs


We have discussed our Man-crushes, and I previously suggested a Flyers Wives Calendar, so the santa sacks dont suck next year, but heres a list of the top Leagues most attractive partners.

CBC HNIC ECF Game #1 Opening 2010 (HD)


CBC HNIC ECF Game #1 Opening 2010 (HD)

Dear Philly,


Ducks fan current perspective of the Pronger trade

The sound of Vancouver when Canada wins the Gold 1:18 is when sid scores


The sound of Vancouver when Canada wins the Gold 1:18 is when sid scores

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