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All I wanted was to be a professional ice hockey player and someday earn the right to have my name etched onto the Stanley Cup.
Booze, drugs and a higher skilled players put an end to that dream.
So who am I?
Im a huge Flyers fan.
I was an artist who needed to pay the bills,
So I became successful in building, painting and designing movie sets for hollywood films.
When that completely took over my life I left,
Went to South Africa, learned to sail and became a Yactmaster Sea Captain.
Later, I stated some Kiteboard Schools....

I a have been clean and sober for over 17 years. I help heal clients from all over the world overcome PTSD and guide them discover their own regiment for optimum health and happiness in life.

I wander a lot, but I am not lost
I can't spell, hoverer every now and then I might offer an interesting perspective or opinion that hasn't been brought up before

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Boston Red Sox
  • NFL New England Patriots
  • NCAAF To Be Announced
  • NCAAB Villanova Wildcats
  • NHL Philadelphia Flyers
  • Winter Olympics USA
  • Tennis R.F.
  • Fantasy Blue Ice
User Blog

Why USA must win

I want USA to win gold. I have been wanting this for 30 years and 1 day. Unfortunately I have been wanting the Flyers to win the Cup for 35, but I digress..... Not only do I want this but I need...

The demise of Martin Brodeur through the eyes of Wikiapedia


The demise of Martin Brodeur through the eyes of Wikiapedia


Do a better job than Homer for a day!

I think its safe to assume that some trades are heading this teams way.   Buying a Jersey with ANY name on the back right now is taking a risk.   Yes Richards is a safe bet, but even in Roulette,...


Pensburg, is Bettman full of it or not?

This is a link great interview with Garry Bettman by I wanted to ask you all one question about an assumption Bettman...

The Origins of All 30 NHL Team Names


Ever wonder what a Canuck is? How about a Blue Jacket? With the NHL season kicking off this week, here’s a breakdown of how the league’s 30 teams got their names.

Deranged Penguin - Encounters at the end of the world Potential for great mashup


Deranged Penguin - Encounters at the end of the world Potential for great mashup


No wonder The NHL is backing Vs.

Comcast is in talks to buy NBC Universal from General Electric.  NBC content could help Vs. become a bionafied sports channel that could be on par with ABCs' ESPN and the NHL might have a nice...


Anyone else see this 2014 Olympic thing snowballing

I must first admit I am a die hard Flyers fan and I appreciate the opportunity to be allowed to come here and ask your thoughts on a question that’s going on in my mind.   Its...

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