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Ask A Cowboys Fan

Hello All, First off I want to say as soon as the schedule came out this year I circled this game; I have lots of family in Michigan, Detroit specifically, and always look forward to the few times...


Bubble Battles.

As we approach the second set of Organized Team Activities, or OTA’s, it makes sense to start looking at the real drama of this part of the offseason. While mainstream media will be...

Reason #57 Why I love Victor Butler

He is the total Right Kind of Guy, He's a great player, I hope the FO is smart enough to lock him up this season.

Dear Jeff Demps, Please Be a Cowboy, Sincerely Cowboys Nation.

He's a free agent he brings speed, and unlike most track athletes he has a football background, he also is a good returner. Please find your way to dallas.

Cowboys Wr/TE's Vs Redskins Wr's/TE's Who you Got?

Saw this up on Blogging the Beast, I know a couple of us read Jimmy K's stuff from time to time. I dont think there is much of a doubt who's better but his site got a lot of debate on there figure I would post to those who haven't seen.

Is Tony Romo Clutch?

Surprisingly well written, especially for the mothership.

Cowboys + Redskins Appeal Denied

How can they justify this? How in any senes of the word can they justifiably side with the NFL on this issue. How can they deem league approved contracts in an Officiated season, invalid with out approaching the dreaded C word. How I ask you?


Because you haven't seen enough Mock Drafts...

Because there haven't been enough of these recently... Anyways I love the draft, I spend an inordinate amount of time watching what ever footage, articles, and or pretty much anything that I can...

Tracy porter for 4M/Year

I always liked Porter, Thought he would do well in Dallas,

Wimbley Available Soon

Forget Anthony Spencer at 7-8 Mil. You want your pass rusher, here he is. Not sure if Rob Ryan traded him, or traded for him, probably will relate to our interest level. Either way, I believe he could be a force across from Ware.


Post Zona Mock Draft

So after the melt down in the desert part 3, it think its pretty clear that their are some glaring holes on this roster. So while in the midst of my vacation I thought i would put together a much...


The Road Less Traveled

At various points in everyone's lives they inevitably find themselves in moments that shape the various scopes of their existence. It is not always easy to recognize them for what they are, often...


Proxy's Pulpit

Alright, bear with me for a moment, despite what the nay-sayers might say la,st night was a great win. Not because we blew the Seahawks out of the building, or showed some grittiness that this...


To The First Of Many

Wow how ‘bout them Cowboys? Wanted to take a little break after the game before I put something down, make sure i didn't overreact either way. I know many of us suffer for the same problem on...


You Live By The Sword, You Die By The Sword

Well its several hours later, my blood has stopped boiling, and i've finally managed to gather up the various pieces of my broken heart. I knew i should walk away, take some me time, recoup,...


Great Win? or Ugly Game?

Fist off, this is my first official fan post. Don't worry Ham I will make sure this is over a 100 words. I am sitting here fresh off the emotional roller coaster that is our cowboys team. Smile...

Grabbing Marty Gilyard?

The St. Louis Rams released Mardy Gilyard. Last year's fourth-round draft pick announced the move this morning via Twitter. Gilyard's release is the third move revealed today, Zac Diles and Renardo Foster being the other two cuts. Can Gilyard catch on with another team? Another Wr I was watching come cut time, he had a high profile coming out of College, and just got caught in a numbers game. He has the speed and quickness to succeed. Robinson & Garret have done more with less. He really wasn't given a chance, especially with receivers needing about 3 years to properly develop. With Ogletree being arrested(WKG?), and Harris not being quite ready is it time to look elsewhere? So I ask you Is it time to Grab Gilyard?

Golden Tate on the Bubble?

Earlier this summer, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate commented in an interview with the Field Gulls blog that he foresees himself playing the versatile role in Darrell Bevell's offense that Percy Harvin played during Bevell's tenure with the Minnesota Vikings. But according to ESPN's John Clayton, Tate could be more like T.J. Houshmandzadeh than Harvin. "All I know is that there's an undrafted guy [rookie Doug Baldwin] that kind of has the same type of body and does the same types of things that he does," Clayton noted during an appearance on ESPN 710 Radio. "All of the sudden you might see an undrafted guy beat out a second-round pick." Clayton wouldn't rule out the possibility that the team would cut ties with the Notre Dame product after investing a second-round pick in him in 2010, either. "Pete Carroll is not afraid to make bold moves. ... Nothing surprises you when you get to these cuts," Clayton admitted. Tate is young enough that if he is cut, another team out there with a creative offensive guru at the helm could be licking their proverbial chops at the prospect of adding him to the roster. Meanwhile, ESPN NFC West blogger Mike Sando thinks the smart move for Seattle would be to keep Tate around, but with a caveat: Thought I would continue the WR fanpost spree. With golden tate falling out of favor would you offer up a 5th or even a 4th to put the slot receiver concerns to rest. Seems built for the slot, has the speed we all seem to covet, and could push Dwayne Harris or Ogletree. Worst case scenario we have given up a 5th... Best case... well think what the RHG could do with a dynamic developed Tate. Heck think what Robinson could do with the kid.
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