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My predictions from exactly a year ago and results

July 1st, 2012 I decided to write down some predictions for what I thought would happen in the world of MMA halfway through 2013. I wrote these down in a text document and put a reminder on my...


An Open Letter to Jon Jones

Jon, I think you're conflicted. Hopefully this letter will help to guide you. On one hand you openly admit you want to make money. While you love fighting, you are doing it to get paid. I have...


Five Good things in the future for MMA

I’m a pretty positive and optimistic guy but lately I’ve been disappointed with MMA, particularly UFC and Strikeforce. The last few shows have been pretty weak. I didn’t order UFC 149 or UFC 150...


Did Tom Hardy take Steroids to play Bane?

Tom Hardy supposedly gained 30 pounds of muscle in 4 months to play Bane. Granted, if my job for 4 months was just to eat, sleep, workout, and try to get huge I imagine I could also bulk up quite a...


Poll: Who are you cheering for Silva or Sonnen?

From reading comments on here and other sites it's hard to tell who most people will be rooting for tomorrow night. Even amongst my friends this really seems to be split down the middle. I'm...


Betting against fighters who missed weight

It often seems like the fighters who miss weight are the fighters who end up losing. There are a number of reasons this makes sense. MIssing weight could indicate the fighter: - Did not have a...


All aboard the Cormier and Korean Zombie bandwagon

I've been following Daniel Cormier and Jung Chan-Sung for awhile now. After their two most recent fights I'm ready to fully delcare myself onboard the bandwagon. Obviously, Cormier is the...


What exactly is a "locker room bonus"?

I hear this term get thrown around a lot but it seems like some kind of super secret kind of incentive UFC (and other organizations) offer fighters. I can only speculate on what kind of conditions...


5 More Interesting Questions for Discussion

I’m back with more topics for discussion. You may remember my previous questions about things most people wonder about such as: legality of blood doping, Japanese burn victim super water, beach...


Will Jones cause a migration of LHWs to MW?

With Jon Jones quickly becoming one of the most dominating champions, what will happen to the other elite level fighters in the Light Heavyweight division? Rua, Jackson, and Machida probably won’t...


5 Interesting Questions for Discussion

I’m kind of bored today and I’ve have had some of these questions in the back of my mind for quite some time.   1.  I always hear people talk about fighters with too much “beach muscle”.  What...


No talk of TUF?

Did I miss the TUF post for this week's episode?  If it's in the archives I must be overlooking it. Anyways, here's my 2 cents. I still DVR TUF, (I know this a double negative) but I just can't...


Why are mediocre heavyweights on the main card?

  It’s pretty much the general consensus that Rob Broughton vs. Travis Browne and Ben Rothwell vs. Mark Hunt were the low point of UFC 135.  Unfortunately, I was watching this card with some of my...


5 Questions for the BE community about stuff I’ve wondered about

   The following are things I’ve argued with my friends about in the past.  Considering a large portion of BE actually trains, fights, or has a wide array of MMA knowledge I was hoping to get some...


Connecticut moving towards sanctioning MMA

I just read on MMAfighting.com that legislation has been introduced to legalize MMA in Connecticut. Being from CT, I'm embarrassed to admit that I had no idea it wasn't already legal here. M...


TUF 13 may feature Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen

The Ultimate Fighter season 13 is set to premier on March 30, next year. MMA Junkie reports: Head coaches haven't been determined, but middleweight contenders Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen...

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