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Best offense = good defense?

Some musings on the Rapids' recent form and what's gone wrong.

Summer swooning


Will the Rapids make the playoffs? Pablo Mastroeni's team are at a low point, with a world-famous summer swoon in full effect.

Yin & Yang

There's a bit of good and a bit of bad in the Rapids this season, and they seem to be unable to keep either of them consistent.

Does everyone hate the Rapids?


It's all Caleb Porter's fault or why does everyone hate the Rapids

Is goal scoring skill... or luck?

The trick then is getting players to take more quality shots and in positions that are more likely to go in

Mid-Season Grades

Half way home. Can Rapids land a coveted home play off match? Seventeen matches to go.

Maybe You're Part Of The Problem

Since I never met a journalist who didn’t want to get their two cents in on a popular storyline I guess I can’t fault the journalistic masses for expounding their views of the World Cup.  It goes...

Rapids Season Part Deux

With 19 matches left can the Rapids at least secure 8 wins and 4 ties? Maybe more?

A Look At The US Open Cup

An unusual history and while possibly obscure for the casual fan, the US Open Cup is oldest soccer tournament in the US. Rapids play their second match next week. Get to Dick's and see the action!

The Future Of MLS

The NASL's downfall was caused by huge salaries and rapid expansion. MLS is following a similar path right now, is their business plan better?

It's Kamani Time

Please Pablo, release Kamani and let it be Kamani Time, All The Time!

No Urgency On Offense?

The Rapids need to find the net. In time I am sure the ball will start to find its target but this weekend against a very weak Montreal, in Denver, it sure would be nice to find the net a lot!

Removing The Blinders


The Rapids are ten games into their 2014 season. How can they improve?

An Age Old Question


A lot of factors make up an MLS side. Age does play a factor. Put simply, the young age of a team can determine who wins on any given day. I know this is naive, but sometimes the "sight test" of...

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

With about 20% or one fifth of the season in the books let’s look on the bright side and be thankful for being in 4th place (could be worse, we could be winless in Portland!).

This Ain't Handegg, San Jose

Does physical soccer win out over finesse soccer in the case of the Quakes and Rapids?

The Daily Wave: Money Makes The Ball Go Round?

And those fans who think money is the answer to your playoff hopes should think again, maybe...

The Daily Wave: It's Gotta Be The Formation

Do soccer formations matter? Do the Rapids personnel naturally fit into one formation better than others?

The Daily Wave: The March To October

So does the March to October matter? For the Rapids to succeed and make it into the upper tier teams, finding that winning formula in June and July is crucial. March winning ways need to be...

The Daily Wave: PKs For Everyone!

The Rapids were not "gifted" any PKs. Aggressiveness on the pitch has put us in the position to force the other teams to take clear red card offenses.

The Daily Wave: Scoring Is An Art

Rapids need to strike often with our designated player and keep an eye out for Brown for when he develops the art of scoring.

The Daily Wave: Help Wanted

Pablo’s now one of the Rapids biggest fans, let’s hope the players give him something to cheer about.

The Daily Wave: Scoring To Win

Can the Rapids be an elite-tier team? Only the goals will tell.

Thank You, Rapids

An open letter to the Colorado Rapids to close out our season.

The Daily Wave: Playoffs?!

Playoff history, current thoughts on this year's team, and what I would like to see on a run for the Cup.

The Daily Wave: This Weekend is Not Pointless

With 32 matches in the book, I wanted to look at the losses that were most painful. From this maybe we can find some pointers that we don’t want to see repeated on Saturday night.

The Daily Wave: Most Valuable Rapid

Who has been the one player that we can look back after the season is complete and say, without their contribution, this year might have been different?"

The Daily Wave: Rapids Learn To (Re)Draw

Strategically speaking does playing for a tie when trying to position your team for a playoff chance make tactical sense for some games?


Rocky Mountain High (or Low)?

I like Crystal Balls. With real baseball a month away, I'm always curious what my Summer will look like. Will our Rockies be fun to watch? Will pitching derail the Summer fun? Will the Red Sox...

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