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I'm a hermit, and leave my house for four reasons and four reasons only: grocery shopping, school, sports, and Kings games.

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demarcus cousins will be fine.. i made more mistakes than him. as a young player its hard to adjust...


demarcus cousins will be fine.. i made more mistakes than him. as a young player its hard to adjust sometimes to something different.

Metta World Peace weighs in on DMC

Q&A with Tristan Thompson

[Editor's note: Front Page'd] It's a great read, check it out.

Thought you guys could use a summary of your new starting SF's career so far, especially since the...


Thought you guys could use a summary of your new starting SF's career so far, especially since the lockout makes the Kings' videos impossible to watch. Enjoy. :)

Maloofs Announce New Director of PR

SACRAMENTO, CA, July 7, 2011 -- The Sacramento Kings and Maloof Sports & Entertainment today announced the promotion of Chris Clark to Director of Public Relations. In his new role, he will oversee public relations activities and be the company spokesperson for business related issues. Clark began his career with the Kings organization more than a decade ago, serving as media relations coordinator for the club’s Basketball Operations department. Prior to joining the Kings, he worked for the former Seattle SuperSonics NBA franchise and Paradigm Communications Group. A Sacramento native, Clark graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. He worked for the Sonics? Hmm..

And all for a minor trade. ;)


And all for a minor trade. ;)

Casspi's Thoughts on Shaq's Retirement


Kinda sounds like a eulogy to me. Kudos to Shaq on a great career. Dude was a class act. One of the most dominant players known in the NBA, Shaquille O'Neal, has retired from basketball. This is my chance as an NBA player to say thank you and express great appreciation for one of the most important players there have ever been. First, he is a great player with an amazing personality. I have spoken with him several times. I know him is a man who, while he almost reaches a height of 7'3", he acts like someone at 5'10", just dancing, singing and laughing all the time. I have spoken with him about Israel. He always used to say only good things about our country and about basketball here. He did not speak Hebrew fluently, but he was always throwing out a few words, saying hello and asking about my health. He told me he had a friend in college from Israel, and that to this day they are very good friends. He said he wants to visit here. I hope he really will come and if so, I would love to show him the country. I got to play him when he was in Cleveland and Boston. It's true that in some years he was a great defensive player, but to play him against stars such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron or Nowitzki, it's an unusual experience. I think his fatigue is caused him to retire. When he was in shape, he was a player of 30 points per game, it was impossible to stop him. If you worry about his future, do not. Shaquille is one of those people with all options open to him. Whether it's basketball, TV, or really, anything else. Remember him not only because of his basketball abilities, but also because of his sense of humor, that he gave entertaining interviews, was a good dancer and actor, and because of the rest of his colorful characteristics.


River Cats Keep Sports, Clubs in Sac Schools....So Why Don't the Kings?

I noticed this in the Bee this morning: However, district leaders say they will offer sports and clubs in any case, thanks to a new partnership with the Sacramento River Cats.  The partnership...

KISS came to town for a benefit concert Sunday night and offered a tongue-in-cheek mea culpa. They...


KISS came to town for a benefit concert Sunday night and offered a tongue-in-cheek mea culpa. They may be to blame for the need to replace the dilapidated Power Balance Pavilion concert venue and Sacramento Kings home court. "We've played there many times," Paul Stanley said of the arena once called Arco. He grinned. "We're probably one of the reasons that it needs renovating." "I was just thinking," he said. "I am willing to go to Arco Arena with a bucket of plaster and try to fix all the cracks that we put in."


KJ: Arena needs to be bigger than Arco, smaller than Staples

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Today, we’re getting new details about the new arena Sacramento needs to build. The plan is to make it bigger than Power Balance Pavilion, and smaller than the Staples Center. The Mayor of Sacramento met with regional leaders and the arena developer Friday. "In Sacramento, you’re talking about a 650,000 square foot facility, where in LA or Chicago or New York it might be 800,000 square feet," says Mayor Kevin Johnson. Mayor Johnson says Sacramento needs an arena that makes sense for a smaller market, but it has to be bigger than Power Balance Pavilion by about 200,000 square feet. The design, location and cost are still being analyzed by local developer David Taylor. Taylor’s team isn’t speaking to reporters for at least another month as the arena plan is completed, but he did talk to 30 regional leaders who came to Sacramento for the second time in two weeks, for an update on the effort to keep the Kings. "David Taylor did a great job; this guy is good at what he does. He said look, I have a proven record and I know how to get it done," explained Mayor Johnson. Elk Grove Mayor Steve Detrick says he walked away feeling more positive about keeping the team, even though an arena financing plan wasn’t discussed and if he’s asked to pitch in, he says he’d go to voters first. "Let them make the decision, because I don’t think it’s appropriate as an elected official to put the burden on them without them having input," says Mayor Detrick.

Sac Breaks Ground on Railyard


After years of fits and starts, Sacramento city officials today launch the move they say will open the massive downtown railyard for development. A morning groundbreaking ceremony is planned for a $41 million project to shift the rail tracks a few hundred feet north of their current location. That creates room for development of the railyard's front end, and allows new roads to loop into the now land-locked site. Moving the tracks will take between 18 months and two years. The work includes building two new pedestrian tunnels under the tracks and new passenger platforms. Once the tracks are moved, Fifth and Sixth streets will be extended north on already constructed bridges, linking downtown to the 240-acre site. Site owner Inland American Real Estate Trust then expects to start selling land for development. City officials envision an urban site with housing, offices, stores, restaurants and entertainment venues. The city also intends to build a modern transit center. The downtown train depot would likely maintain some transit-related function, but could also include a restaurant and offices. The front of the railyard is being considered for a sports and entertainment facility that could house a basketball team.

KJ Gives Sactown an Easter Peptalk


Excerpt: Sacramento doesn’t quit. We’ve survived floods and fires and plenty more. It's in our nature to keep fighting. That’s the fighting spirit that makes Sacramento unique. Today, we are hopeful that we will soon be celebrating our resurrection as an NBA city. We're not there yet -- but we're close. We have much to be grateful for on this Resurrection Sunday. All you have to do is believe -- I do. Happy Easter!

League officials say the team, which was preparing to apply for permission to relocate to Anaheim,...


League officials say the team, which was preparing to apply for permission to relocate to Anaheim, will play in the state capital next season. The NBA officials agree that if the Kings live up to all of their pledges, the team is expected to stay in Sacramento long-term.

LA Times: NBA's Kings expected to remain in Sacramento

Deals for Here We Purple


Check these out: Alley Katz: $1 purple beers de Vere's Irish Pub: $4 "King Hooters" Ella: Happy hour all day for people wearing purple Esquire IMAX: Free popcorn for movie-goers in purple Ettore's Bakery: Free cup of coffee for customers in purple Melting Pot: $5 "Kingsberry" blackberry margaritas Strings Express: Free cheesy garlic bread to patrons in purple 3 Fires Lounge: Free purple ice cream for customers wearing purple

Marty McNeal: C-Webb met with Maloofs on Saturday


"Sources indicate former Kings all-star forward Chris Webber was seen in Las Vegas talking with members of the Maloof family Saturday afternoon."

Bobby Jackson's speech/interview after last night's game.


Bobby Jackson's speech/interview after last night's game.

Johnson said he is not here to complain or to bock a move. He intends to remind the NBA of the...


Johnson said he is not here to complain or to bock a move. He intends to remind the NBA of the glory years in Sacramento, when the arena was packed, and to provide evidence of renewed interest among Sacramento business leaders for corporate sponsorships of the team. Business leaders in the last two days were hurriedly signed up what they said they hoped would be $10 million in corporate backing for the team.

Read more: http://blogs.sacbee.com/sports/kings/archives/2011/04/maloofs-mayors.html#ixzz1JVMfuUi9

Six months after someone painted a swatiska on Omri Casspi's image, someone has stolen the portion...


Six months after someone painted a swatiska on Omri Casspi's image, someone has stolen the portion of the Sacramento mural with his face. -- SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Sacramento police are investigating who vandalized the Kings mural at 16th Street and R Street downtown. The painter said someone ripped off a portion of the panel with Omri Casspi's face on it. It's the third time someone has defaced the painting and targeted Casspi specifically. The first two cases of vandalism occured in September last year. Someone painted a swastika on Casspi's face. Casspi is the first Israeli-born player in the NBA. The painter has now written a message on the mural. That message says, "Someone stole my face." That message also offers a $5,000 reward and asks anyone with information to email the painter.

KCRA Twitter (Danielle Leigh) Sacramento Kings Mural Vandalized Photos

Casspi said his intent wasn't to cause problems and that he will continue to work hard and wait his...


Casspi said his intent wasn't to cause problems and that he will continue to work hard and wait his turn to play. "I haven't played in a while and coach came up to me and told me he's going in different direction – and he's not going my direction," Casspi said. "So I'm not mad at nobody or trying to cry about not playing, but it is what it is. "So hopefully I'll be in a better situation next year." Wespthal said he understands Casspi's frustration. Casspi has started 27 games this season so not playing isn't easy. But Francisco García has been the most consistent starter at small forward. Donté Greene is also playing well. "He's saying the truth the way he sees it," Westphal said. "I don't agree with in particular his statement that he wants to go to a team where team play is important. Maybe that was lost in translation but that's kind of a ridiculous statement." Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie said he hadn't heard from Casspi, and acknowledged it has to be a frustrating time for the player. But with five games left there isn't a pressing need to do anything with Casspi, who is under contract for next season. Petrie said any talk of what to do next season is "premature." "Ultimately the season will be over and there will be a lot of discussion about what needs to be done with the roster," Petrie said.

Sacramento Bee

I won't lie to you: It's not easy to sit on bench, as I have the last few games in Sacramento, and...


I won't lie to you: It's not easy to sit on bench, as I have the last few games in Sacramento, and see the other guys play on the court. I'm an athlete, one who lives for the game, and taking away the thing I love most - playing basketball, it's been hard for me. The situation in Sacramento isn't like it was for me before. Coach Paul Westphal has been doing different things in practice, and it has been made certain I'm not in his plans. There are still six games left in the season, I'm not saying I'm counting the seconds until it's over, I just try to keep fit and ready for when they call my name to play. Coach told me a few games ago that he is exploring other options for next season, so as you can tell, I am not really sure of his plans. I know there are a lot of teams, including some strong playoff contenders, who are interested in me for next year and going forward. I hope I find myself on a team who will appreciate my ability as an athlete and as a human being, and get to play on a squad with a "team first" mentality. I still don't know if I will stay a Sacramento King beyond this season. I am a player under contract, I really love the fans, the city, the owner and the General-Manager. Things just don't seem to be going well. Don't get me wrong; Sacramento is the team that gave me the opportunity to play in the NBA,and it would be selfish of me to say I want to leave, but I am sure that I'm good enough to play, whether it's for the Kings organization or for another team. The year in Sacramento seemed to start out positive, but unfortunately, it hasn't progressed the way I wanted, in all parameters, and everyone can see it. It's clear, from my perspective, that the situation on this team isn't ideal for me. There are teams that I would fit well on, because I'm a team player and get along well with staff, I just hope I am appreciated enough here that I they will let me go somewhere else where I can just play basketball. "What does not kill you...." - like the saying goes, is always on my mind, and something I have turned to in similar situations in the past. That phrase has been reinforced in situations before and I am just seeing it again. I'm sure this will be something I just sit and laugh at when I look back on it. To end on an optimistic note, I want to congratulate Maccabi Tel-Aviv for their incredible feat of reaching the Final Four! I watched the last game and I am the happiest person in the world for the Maccabi team . With ths host city of Barcelona's team losing to Panathinaikos, this is a big game for Maccabi and it shows how they are a good club with great management. Do I think that Maccabi can win? Well, just look at the game with Barcelona and see what a tough time Panathinaikos gave them, it's definitely going to be difficult and hard fought game. This is an intense weekend, and the best team will raise the trophy when it is all said and done. It will be interesting to see and I'm sure I will keep my fingers crossed for Tel-Aviv.

Omri's Blog 4/4/2011

"Here We Build" Looking For Volunteer Representatives

As the effort has grown, I have been counseled by numerous local experts, businesses, but above all….fans of our Sacramento Kings. I am just one voice, and I have said from the beginning that in order to give this effort the best chance of succeeding, we need to bring in the "smart people". With that said, I will be forming a committee to help oversee the process of monetizing the effort, and maximizing the voices that have already been heard, but deserve to be heard even louder. From the start, I have been blown away by the amount of people I have never met approaching me, all with the same question: "How can we help?" Until today, my only answer has been to direct them to our triad of online media outlets to pledge a donation. Today, that changes. We are looking for a representative from the following sectors to volunteer their time, effort, and intellect into the Here We Build Campaign. Each person will head up his or her individual department that will bring their own unique abilities in moving this forward. After much input from many in the community, we have determined that we need very specific help. Before submitting yourself or your firm, please understand that the only compensation you will receive is the community goodwill toward your involvement, and the feeling that you helped try to make a difference. No one has, and no one ever will make one cent off of the Here We Build effort. Please inquire at: CarmichaelDave@hotmail.com Web development and web-based services, please put ‘Web Services’ in the subject line. Financial Institution First and foremost (as I have maintained all along), there is nothing more important that making sure that every penny received will be returned should this effort fail. The odds are against us, and if people are going to donate money in these tough times, I want them knowing they are in good hands. Your institution must be able to take on the task of receiving donations, placing them in trust, and most importantly: returning the pledges when/if the day comes. Accounting Firm We will need an additional branch to document and track the entire intake of pledges. Although I’m not an expert, I am sure that some departments will overlap each other. The more the merrier. Attaching your name and reputation will help ensure that all is transparent, so that we may focus on our common goal. Legal Representation Perhaps the most important aspect. The legal aspects of this are vital. All must be transparent, publicly accessible, and airtight. The job of the legal will be to guarantee that all loopholes are closed, and everything is spelled out to the "t". There can be many complications in a groundbreaking effort like this, and we need a watchdog. Plain and simple. Public Relations Much of the PR has already been done, now it needs to be maintained. Our PR wing consists of Kings fans, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. However, there are the more "boring" aspects of that department. Press conferences, press releases, co-coordinating messages with our business partners, etc. The fans are already doing their part to spread the word. The PR wing can make sure those fans’ pleas are getting to as many people as possible. Web Design While this project will grow more legs here very shortly, the foundation is on the internet. Most of what has and is about to transpire will be web based, and we need to make sure that we have a functioning website, and that site has to have the infrastructure to handle pledges, traffic, and to update on a moment’s notice. Product Distributors Once donations start rolling in, ideally it would be nice to have certain items to spread the word. T-shirts, bumper stickers, car flags and the like are what we have in mind. If you are an entity that can produce items like this, on an absolutely no-cost basis, that would be great. Merchant Services In addition to all the tracking and processing necessary for an undertaking like this, we will also need a streamlined method to receiving the actual dollars. We are looking for someone who specializes in receiving monies, like debit cards, credit cards, and other means of transfer. As a final note to those professionals looking to volunteer, as we said before there will be no monetary compensation. You will appear on the website as a partner and member of the leadership team, and you are free to take advantage of the groundswell of positive PR that will generate. This movement is only going to grow stronger, with hundreds of thousands of eyes already looking on intently. Through their hard work and selfless actions, Jiffy Lube of Sacramento has been on the receiving end of some fantastic publicity, and we have already shown our dedication to our business partners by using their products, and encouraging our friends to as well. Please consider what your monthly advertising budget is, and ask yourself if your time wouldn’t be more than compensated by the amount of goodwill and press your involvement will bring. Most importantly, this is the right thing to do, and we need your help. Please. I am confident once this team of experts is assembled; there is a good chance of bringing to light some aspects I may have overlooked. That’s why they’re the "smart" people. We will work very quickly to form this team, have a meeting, and hammer out the last bits of the next step. Once that is accomplished, we will hold a press conference to introduce the team, and lay out what the next step is. We are under the gun to say the least, so as I write this on a Sunday morning, I hope to have this assembled very early in the week. I believe in lofty goals, and this entire movement is based on just that. I would like the Here We Build campaign to begin receiving its first hard pledges by the end of the week. I need help to make that a reality. I know this is the "boring" part, but it is a necessary entity. I would prefer to spend all of my time out there tweeting, facebooking, and keeping momentum rolling. But at some point, all of your hard work and effort had to be rewarded with an infrastructure to support it. 9 out of every 10 questions I receive now are "where can I send my check". It’s a great question to have out there, and I would finally like to answer it. We have arrived in a new month, and I feel like we have reversed an old saying. March went out like a lamb, and it was April that came in like a lion. Feel the Roar has never been more apropos. You all have made your voice heard, and the powers that be are taking notice. We are showing them how to get things done, not by grandstanding and having backroom meetings, but by rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty. Win or lose, succeed or fail, I believe we are well on our way to showing not just our city leaders, but the entire nation that the people of the Sacramento region will not go out quietly, and will not roll over without a fight. In this day and age of job loss, housing problems, and the myriad of other catastrophes we all try to bring our families safely through, we recognize that it’s those little diversions that matter more than ever. Being able to come home and watch your hometown team, win or lose is worth its weight in gold… when it means you can have a little peace inside your head. That strikes a nerve with just about anyone. We have come together and started the momentum. Now we need your help to keep it going. I am truly humbled by the outstanding response. I promise that I will not rest until we have resolution. I’m only looking for people with the same outlook that can help Here We Build get there. Thank you again, and GO KINGS!!! - Carmichael Dave Pass it on, volunteer your services if you have the ability. This thing is starting to roll.

"Sometimes we forget how much we love the game, and when you don't play, you appreciate the game...


"Sometimes we forget how much we love the game, and when you don't play, you appreciate the game better," said Casspi, who had four rebounds and two points in 12 minutes off the bench against Denver. "I'm just happy to go out there and have fun." Casspi was a spark in Tuesday's win over Phoenix, and Westphal praised the second-year forward for handling the situation professionally. Sitting wasn't easy for Casspi, who has started 27 times this season, but he maintained the same approach. "Be the professional you need to be and be ready when it's time to go out and play," Casspi said. "It's hard to be the three on this team because we don't run a lot of plays for us. Just be ready."

Sacramento Bee

Suns guard Steve Nash tweeted about the possibility of yesterday's game being his last in...


Suns guard Steve Nash tweeted about the possibility of yesterday's game being his last in Sacramento and said it's tough to think about. "(The Kings have) got a great history and tradition here," he said after the game. "The fans are great and their team's just starting to come around and play really well again, so I feel for the fans. "We had a lot of battles here, playing them in the playoffs a number of times when I was with the (Dallas) Mavericks. They had the great crowds back then and it was one of the best buildings in the league as far as the atmosphere."

Steve Nash, as quoted in "The Examiner"

Sac Lawyers Think Anaheim Bonds Are Illegal

A legal team from Sacramento thinks the Anaheim City Council would violate state law by approving a resolution tonight that would immediately allow for the issuance of bonds to fund improvements to that city's Honda Center, the presumed future home of the Sacramento Kings. In a letter sent to Anaheim city officials, attorney Jeffrey Dorso with Diepenbrock Harrison said the Anaheim resolution "appears to directly conflict with applicable state law that provides taxpayers assurances that legislative actions to approve the issuance of bonds are subject to referendum and do not become effective for a period of 60 days." Dorso asks that the resolution being considered by the Anaheim City Council be amended so that the resolution allowing for the selling of the bonds goes into effect in 60 days. That would allow anyone who objects to the move to collect signatures from Anaheim residents to place a referendum on the ballot repealing the City Council's approval of the bonds. If enough signatures are gathered to qualify a referendum on the ballot, that could delay the selling of the bonds for months - and perhaps hold up improvements to the Honda Center and a Sacramento Kings move to Anaheim for the 2011/12 NBA season. The Anaheim City Council is scheduled to begin discussing the bonds at 5 p.m.

Maloofs told Mayor KJ..not done deal in Anaheim & if it falls thru "We love Sac & we will be back...


Maloofs told Mayor KJ..not done deal in Anaheim & if it falls thru "We love Sac & we will be back with renewed commitment & vigor"

Jim Crandell

Great win @SacramentoKings! @Casspi18 needs to play! He's part of the rebuilding stage with...

Great win @SacramentoKings! @Casspi18 needs to play! He's part of the rebuilding stage with @thetyrekeevans @boogiecousins And then in response to this tweet: idk but they better work him in the system! I don't wanna lose @Casspi18! Doc Evans' Twitter I follow Reke's brother on Twitter [and Reke, but he never tweets] and thought this was worth noting.

Kings Tix Stolen From Charity


Lame, ticket thief. Lame. SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Only a handful of home games remain for the Kings, and with the future of the franchise in Sacramento in doubt, die-hard fans may hope to land what may be the team’s last tickets. After the theft of a charity founder’s car, some tickets may land fans a meeting with security instead. Authorities said about 60 tickets to the April 11th game versus the Oklahoma City Thunder are still missing after someone stole the car from the founder of Sweet Dreams, a charity that designs rooms for sick children. Jennifer Richards said a thief drove her car away while she ran inside her home to grab something off her counter. "I walked out of my garage, looked around, and my car was gone," she said. Jennifer’s car was recovered Friday, but there was no sign of the stolen tickets. The Kings replaced the charitable tickets, but say there’s a chance the thief may try to sell them. The tickets, all from section 101 between Rows S to X, have a face value of about $95, but will be worthless if they are used at the April 11 game. "When they scan these tickets, they will come up as stolen," Jennifer said. Kings officials said anyone trying to use the tickets will be escorted to security officers and questioned about how they obtained the tickets. They will not be allowed to watch the game.

OC Register Against Bonds, Public Funding for Honda Center

The Orange County Register today fired a shot across the bow of attempts to lure the Maloofs to Anaheim in an editorial headlined, "Welcome Kings with open arms, not open wallets." "The owners of the Sacramento Kings reportedly have been in talks about moving their NBA franchise from the state capital to Orange County," the paper's editorial board wrote. "We welcome the idea of a Kings' proposal to move to Orange County. If the owners were to do so, they would be welcomed by a vibrant fan base very fond of our sports teams." "We support the move, however, with one caveat:" No taxpayer subsidies to get the team here. No taxpayer-financed sports arenas. No special bonds to pay for renovations to the Honda Center, where the team presumably would play. No special bonds? Does that mean the Register would oppose use of public bonds to spruce up the Honda Center, even if those bonds were paid back with private money? Maybe. Maybe not. The editorial quotes Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait as saying that "a financing structure is being proposed that would allow for private investment to fund improvements at Honda Center." This also sounds promising, though, the devil usually tends to be in the details. Yes, those details. One of them involves what would happen if billionaire Henry Samueli and his ownership group were to default on paying back the bonds. Taxpayers would then be on the hook. Is that too much of a hurdle for taxpayer activists in Orange County, including The Register? We will wait and see.

Just talked to an insider of new #Kings deal "Things are better today then they have been in...


Just talked to an insider of new #Kings deal "Things are better today then they have been in months." Talks ongoing. $ is there. #herewestay

Drew Garrison
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