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Grew up in Texas but raised as a diehard Vikings and Twin fan. Also a Rockets fan. Casual Astros fan. Basically I'm a fan of terrible, terrible teams.

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Kubel Interested in Twins Reunion


This, according to Pioneer Press beat writer Mike Berardino. A no-defense, left-handed bat is probably not the best fit, but the Twins could use any kind of offense. He could be a solid first baseman if they wanted to go that route. Especially if they would platoon him with Plouffe. I don't know why I taunt myself with that idea, though.

Favre is in amazing shape


I doubt he's coming back, but it's pretty random for Cook to talk Favre up out of the blue. Would I go after him if I was Speilman? Probably if we weren't 0-3. As it stands now, it would be pointless. It'd take an absolute miracle for the Vikings to become contenders, even with some 2009-like QB play. Better off evaluating Ponder for the rest of the year. So there is your useless Favre speculation for the day. Gotta say, I miss the guy.

Vikings Uni-Watch Design Concepts


All the designs at the linked page are user submitted to the Uni-Watch blog. Most of them aren't so good, but a few are interesting.

Vote Randle or Peterson for the Madden Cover


Don't worry folks, the Madden Curse is over! There is about a .01% chance of it happening, but holy moley I would love to see Randle on the cover. Peterson would be nice consolation.

If Only We Gave Him the Chance


Pretty interesting article from Peter King about Ryan Longwell returning to the NFL. It also includes a painful account by Longwell of the 2009 NFC Championship. I've rarely thought about it, but not running the ball on that 3rd down where Favre pulled a Favre was an awful decision. We were already in Longwell's range. UGH.

Larry Fitzgerald Sr. Rips Cardinals


I think it's time the Vikings save him from his misery in Arizona. Trade for him in the offseason. Well..I can dream.

Vikings Can Make Playoffs


A really nice article from KC Joyner at ESPN. He uses a lot of advanced statistical analysis to show that the Vikings are for real. It's an in$ider article, but it's available for free. Not sure why.

Sobering Story of Wally Hilgenberg


A great article from the Star Tribune about former Viking legend, Wally Hilgenberg, and his death from repetitive brain trauma. A depressing read, but a reminder of what the great game of football can do to a man.

20-Year-Old Cuban, Jorge Soler, is a FA


Does anybody think the Twins will be in the mix for this guy? People seem to think the Twins are stacked with outfield prospects, but it would be nice to sign a great prospect that is close to being MLB ready. Word is that he has the potential to be a five-tool power hitting RF'er.

Jerome Felton Arrested for DWI


(via PFT) He would be easy to cut on his one year deal, but they can hardly do that with the other legal problems they've let slide.

Trevor Plouffe's BABIP


.153 for the year. (via Fan Graphs)

Jerome Simpson asks for our forgiveness


(via Pioneer Press) Personally, I found this part of the interview to be funny: "Those 15 days I spent in jail, it was terrible. It sucked. Any kids out there, that's a place you don't want to be. Somebody tells you when to wake up, when to make your bed, when to take a shower, when you can have a snack. " Good thing he never had to go through Basic Training.

Joe Benson demoted to AA


Looking for some optimism this morning, I decided to check out how Benson is doing this year. Unfortunately, he's been horrendous. And to make room for Clete Thomas, (who made it through the waiver process), the Twins have demoted him to AA.

Zumaya has a torn UCL


Which should come as a surprise to no one, but depressing all the same. (via Phil Mackey)

Spielman has no interest in Moss


Per ESPN, Spielman has no interest in bringing Randy Moss back to the Vikings for the third time. As much as I wanted to see Super Freak back in purple, it wasn't that realistic, or even very smart with the upcoming youth movement.

Is Loadholt the Long-term Left Tackle?


Judd Zulgad speculates that Chris DeGeare spending practice time at RT means we could see Phil Loadholt on the left side. With Loadholt coming to camp in great shape and playing well, I'd love to see what he could do at LT. Charlie Johnson would be better suited to play RG or back up basically any position.

No More Moss


Former Vikings great, Randy Moss, has retired from the NFL. I know the last time around didn't end so well, (nor the first time around..), but I'll always have great memories of Randy. I certainly hope he goes in to the Hall of Fame as a Viking, and I hope he has earned a full write up on the Norseman. :)

Culpepper Wants Another Chance


According to a statement made to Pro Football Talk. If we were to bring in a veteran, I would absolutely consider Daunte. He would only command a minimum contract and he knows his role: "Hopefully, the landscape has changed in the NFL for veteran quarterbacks like me who are ready, willing and able to play right away while the rookie quarterbacks get up to speed. " He seems to be a much more mature QB than the one that we used to know.

Third Time's a Charm?


According to NFL.com, Randy Moss is poised to make a triumphant comeback from what was a terrible season last year. Check out the link for full details, but apparently he is in "freakish shape" after doing two-a-days all year. Should we try to bring him in, one last time? ;)

Ponder Analysis from the NYT


From Matt Waldman at the New York Times: "Ponder’s No. 2 ranking on this list might be better described as "1-A" because, if not for his injuries, he might have put together the kind of year at F.S.U. that would have made him the clear-cut top QB prospect in this draft." Click the link for the rest of the article. As usual, I've gone through the five stages of grief with this pick. Reading this helped me feel a lot better about him.

Twins trade Billy Bullock to Braves to keep Scott Diamond


Pretty horrendous trade in my opinion. Bullock is at least a top 15 prospect with a lot of upside.

Bob Sanders Released from Colts


This is said every time a big name is cut, but I'd love to see him in Minnnesota. He would be a great fit, if healthy. And boy would it be nice to have a decent safety for a change.

Ravens sign Houshmandzadeh


Yay, we don't have to talk about that anymore. In related news that nobody will care about, my fantasy selection of Joe Flacco is looking better and better.

Seifert: Sanford Pushing Johnson in Safety Battle


"In 31 career games, Johnson has been credited with nine passes defensed, two interceptions and no forced fumbles." It's hard to evaluate a safety based on numbers alone, but I think we could all agree that he hasn't performed as well as he should. Honestly, I hope Sanford wins the SS spot. There is no doubt that he's a much better tackler than Johnson. You could say our defense needs a safety that can defend the pass more than we need a run stuffer. But Johnson hasn't proven himself to be great in that aspect of the game, either. Now if only we had someone to compete for the FS spot... Anyways, click the link.

Fan Negativity


I feel this should be posted here, and I beg that all of you read it. This is actually the first time I've read "Those Girls" in a long while, but I'm glad I chose to, today. It is important that we all remember this is just a game. I've found myself getting a little too angry at a player's performance at times. That in itself is pretty sad. But where I draw the line, and where everyone else should draw the line, is at personal hatred. Player hatred and personal attacks are uncalled for. And as inconveivable as it sounds, players do Google themselves. Not that you should really need a reason to control what you say. Whether there is a consequence to your actions or not, remember that you are talking to real-life human beings, about real-life human beings. Have some compassion. I am sorry to sound preachy, but what Sarah said is something I've wanted to say for awhile. And I wanted to add a little bit myself. Go ahead and read her article which is more eloquent than what I have to say.

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