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All In Cookout Recruiting News and Notes (Part 2)


Before I start I can officially release that Jerome Maybank is leaving the team. Dr. B called this from day one and said it was a waste of a scholarship. Lots of people said the usual--just you...

Clemson Media Day: What You Need To Know


Key takeaways from the Media Day held at the Reserve. Updates throughout the day...

Official QuackingTiger Statement


So here is my STS statement (you like how I made this official, like a press release or something): Like many of you, the exit of Dr. B from SBNation was a complete and utter shock to me. It has...

Dabo Swinney Camp Confidential


Its t hat time of year again where Clemson recruiting takes off...wait...we are at 18 commits already? Coach Swinney and company have zeroed in on the remaining targets and there really isn't much...

Additional Thoughts: DE Recruiting, Clelin Ferrell

Who is Clelin Ferrell (6'5 225) and why had he flown under the radar these past few months? Up until a week ago (really just a couple of days ago) none of the recruiting sites and writers had any...

TE Garrett Williams to Clemson??

For awhile now we have said that Garrett Williams (6'4, 225) from Orlando, Florida was the best possibility to commit to Clemson. Our friends over at TomahawkNation felt like they were also in a...

Clemson QB: Chad Kelly Implications & Kelly Bryant

Thought this might be a good time to add in a nice little recruiting nugget and to fully flesh out our QB recruiting situation for the 2015 year. For the record Clemson is still only going to take...

Kaleb Chalmers Commits to Clemson

Apologies for the lateness...wife went into labor early (our third) and now we have our first baby girl (so now even if the rest of the article is awful--you still have to be nice to me!!). CB...

Recruiting: Getting Offensive & Jake Fruhmorgan

We need some recruiting updates!! What is going on?? Alright--here is my beast mode offensive post. Offensive Line I told you during our last installment that Plant, FL, OT Jake Fruhmorgan (6'5,...

Clemson Recruiting 2015: 2nd Junior Day Edition


2 QBs1-2 RB (not seen as a major priority right now with overall weak 2015 class) 2-3 WRs1 TE5-6 OL (3 tackles) 5 DL (3 tackles)2 LBs4 DBs (2 corners) As we transition to the future, let us not...

The Day After: Clemson Signing Day Class Needs

So how do we judge a recruiting class in the modern era of recruiting? Most often we use composite star rankings and class rankings to determine the value of a class. Swinney is fond of saying we...

2014 Clemson Recruiting Day Primer

What to expect on signing day eve?? Certainly not the fireworks we had last year but that isn't always a bad thing because we got burned pretty badly by Carl Lawson and Mont Adams (although M...

Recruiting Q&A with Ryan Kantor

Ryan had some questions so I provided some answers.

Chad Morris Updates and Weekend Visitors

First let me address something here before it explodes even more--hopefully the announcement hasn't been made yet. Chad Morris is going to be a head coach somewhere (shocker I know, but some...

Old Clemson Recruiting: Williams, Featherston

I have been down with wicked food poisoning after my sister's wedding and then got stranded by United Airlines for five days so my apologies for the absence and this disjointed post full of things...

Recruiting Nuggets: Raekwon McMillan and Clemson

It seems other sites are having daily Raekwon McMillan updates, so you know it is becoming recruiting season and sites have to keep the daily hit counts up. Not all that much has changed. Since the...

Everything I know about Josh Malone

2014 WR Josh Malone (6'2.5 195, TN) is down to Clemson and Tennessee. He will announce today morning/afternoon at noon--this will be streamed live with Rivals and NBCSports. The family went silent...

Tip Drill: Coastal Carolina and Ol' Cliff Ellis


Good to see Brownell get this win over Coastal Carolina (2-5) and Good ol' boy and former Tiger coach Cliff Ellis.

The Latest on Clemson Tiger Recruiting

You have probably noticed I have been a bit quiet on the recruiting front. Well that is because despite what some are saying not a lot has changed. In fact, things have been about the same for some...

Swinney Speaks: On Bees and Beasley

First off some bad news that Jordan Leggett will be suspended for violation of team rules for the Thursday night game. Not a good sign for his long term future, hopefully this will serve as a...

What Does Dabo Say: On Viruses & Good O-line play?


"I tell my players all the time, don't let anybody walk through your mind with dirty feet." Dabo Swinney

Swinney Speaks: FSU Recovery & Recruiting Fallout

Certainly been a tough week. I have talked to a lot of non-Clemson fans this week to try and gauge how this loss impacts the perception of the program. One idea that kept coming up was how much...

Swinney Speaks: Paper Noles??

It’s on. This is what it’s about. This is what you coach for. As a kid, you grow up wanting to play in a matchup of a top-five matchup like this. There aren’t many times in your coaching career...

Swinney Speaks: On Not Looking Ahead--FSU/Gameday

Coach Swinney on player development and Vic Beastly: That's the best part of my job. Seeing a young person mature, develop and recognize his potential. It's better than any pay check. Any win....

Finally a Clemson Recruiting Update!!

You have wanted this for awhile and I apologize for making you wait. I have delayed putting out an update because I wanted to see how much of the Georgia/Clemson Gameday recruiting infomercial...

Swinney Speaks: On Demons and Random Player Notes

Chad Morris speaking about Boyd pressing: He's just trying too hard and pressing. You see it. I see it. Heck, my wife sees it.

Swinney Speaks: Wolfies and Unknowns

It's not always going to always be great...

Swinney Speaks: Clemsoning=Beating Georgia

Dabo went on the offensive in his post-Georgia interview with the media, challenging them to move beyond the 'Clemsoning' narrative. I hate the term but it's true we have had a decade of Tommy...

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