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So Much Has Changed, Yet HE Remains (with POLL)

A new GM, a new coach, a departing president, only four players who had been in an NBA rotation this time last year: In short, nothing left from fifteen months ago but Paul Allen, LaMarcus Aldridge,...


The Sked (Quality Pie format)

I've done this the past two seasons, breaking down the season into large stretches of difficulty or ease, based on opponents being a lot of killers or creampuffs, games being at home or on the...

Draft makes a backup center available


In this SI.com post, Frank Hughes lays out a top 5 draft order, wherein he notes that the Nots and Timberpuppies both are set at the center position, which means: "That leaves Cousins for Sacramento, which may be the perfect market for the embattled player. He could probably step in immediately at center for the Kings, making Spencer Hawes expendable." Spencer Hawes as our post-Camby/Przy backup center: Good idea?


The QualityPie Sked: Update #4

Back when the schedule first came out, I divvied it up into several Chunks, picking out stretches of games that seemed to have a pattern to them. The fourth chunk has just come to an end, so it's...

Fantastic New Details In Barkley D.U.I.


The money quote, from the report of the police officer who arrested him: "He told me that he ran the stop sign because he was in a hurry to pick up the girl I saw get in the passenger seat. He asked me to admit that she was 'hot.' He asked me, 'You want the truth?' When I told him I did he said, 'I was gonna drive around the corner and get a b**w job. He then explained that she had given him a 'b**w job' one week earlier and said it was the best one he had ever had in his life." Wow. Just, WOW.


Celtics Fallout: Twice Trivial, Twice Important

First, the two trivia bits, both regarding the announcers: 1) When Blake stuck yet ANOTHER jumper in the 4th, all I could think was: Do it, Steve. Do it 'til you're satisfied. 2) After...

This just led off ChewHoop's Friday Bullets.


This just led off ChewHoop's Friday Bullets.


The Quality Pie Sked: (Belated) Update #3

(Note: This was written after the Sac O' Mentos game, but represents a pre-Sac viewpoint. As such, the lovely results of that beatdown are not considered in the following observations.) Back when...



"That's the kind of tenacity I like to see on the court, down the Lincoln Tunnel, and up Broadway," Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni told reporters . . . with players only breaking off their pursuit for a few minutes when Knicks guard Nate Robinson was struck and killed by an oncoming car. . . . "If he would have called that foul on [Pacer's forward Danny] Granger in Delaware this wouldn't even be an issue. No way that trip wasn't intentional." . . . The ball was suddenly knocked out of his hands by "Cuban refugees," who turned out to be disguised members of the San Antonio Spurs and Sacramento Kings. . . . Shaquille O'Neal, not knowing what was going on, threw the ball into the Grand Canyon, which is where the ball currently sits. "We're not going into the Grand Canyon," a statement from the National Basketball Players Association read in part. "At this moment all 450 of us can see the ball, but there is a snake near it, and we think it might be poisonous. We will go after the loose ball when the snake leaves."


f u g u e

Backstory here. (Most of you have read it, so I'm writing this without really spelling out ANYTHING included therein. If you try to read this post without reading that one first, you're gonna be...

Totally off-topic


Pitchfork's 20 worst album covers of 2008. Had to pass it along.


The Quality Pie Situation: Prelude

You may know my schedule analyses, broken down into chunks. Well, in my latest chunk analysis, I dropped this little tidbit in at the end: How's Quality Pie doing? Let's just say things are...


The Quality Pie Sked: Update #2

  Back when the schedule first came out, I divvied it up into several Chunks, picking out stretches of games that seemed to have a pattern to them.  Well, the second chunk has just come to an...


Ohhhh, What Could Have Been!

Okay, so we gave in to the Hornies - but only with a good fight. [pause for the context to overtake the hilarity of phrasing] And by the way, Sac O' Mentos took the Suns to overtime before losing...


The Quality Pie Sked: Update #1

Back when the schedule first came out, I divvied it up into several Chunks, picking out stretches of games that seemed to have a pattern to them.  Well, the first chunk has just come to an end, so...


FanShots Don't Allow No POLL (Yute Oob The Shot)

So. You've all witnessed the FanShot by my favorite Decepticon, OutlawIsRejector.  I know you have; it's got more rec's (48) than the Western Conference eighth seed will have wins (47) this year. ...

Iverson reacts to being traded to the Pistons


Iverson reacts to being traded to the Pistons

Chris Dudley with a T-shirt cannon at the Rockets game. (From OregonLive)


Chris Dudley with a T-shirt cannon at the Rockets game. (From OregonLive)


Groseg Garoden POLL

Okay, so Greg Oden has finally made his NBA reglear (which a certain Texan would pronounce "Regular") season debut, in a game I'd rather forget. And we've seen him take the Rose Garden floor in a...


Opposing NBA Scouts Talk Blazers

(Note: I started this post as a FanShot, but it just got too long for that. Apologies if you think it should've stayed that way. Maybe it should've.) UPDATE: It already WAS a FanShot, two days...


Re-Revisiting the 2007 Draft (Who We SHOULD HAVE Picked)

I've been thinking about this one for a while now, just wondering what the right timing would be to bring it up; today's Jack McCallum post at SI.com alluded to it with this paragraph: The...


My first junk drawer. Fifth anniversary. Smitty and Damon.

And so I treat all you kind Bedgers to a vintage photo.  The #8 you see belonged to Steve Smith at the time. The jersey number you don't see is a 3, belonging to Damon Stoudamire. Five years...

A heads-up on ESPN Blazers' season preview coming tomorrow


Hollinger's got his team-by-team preview up for the Eastern conference, with the promise of the West coming tomorrow. So keep an eye out for that; it'll come complete with a prediction for record and conference standing. (For example, he's got the top four East teams as Boston, Detroit, Philly, and Orlando, in that order.)


A VERY Minor Announcement (Terminology)

One of the things I hate about the off-season is the way I can't use the terms "last season", "this season", and "next season", as their meanings are too ambiguous in the context of being just...


[Team X] Fell Apart And All I Got Was This Lovely Salary Dump

So I suppose some of you saw this installment to-day at ChewHoop, where 25 various ESPN writers pick the team most likely to implode this season. 5 picked the Nougats, 4 picked the Paper Clips,...



[speaking to the BEdgers now] Okay.  So Kevin Pritchard may or may not read Blazers Edge; even if he does, there's still the question of how frequently, and how thoroughly. But just suppose he...


2009 Cap Space (We Are Not Alone)

I've been noticing that, along with the constant drumbeat of how we are going to have a ton of cap space next off-season (unless we trade the REC), there have also been periodic shots from the...


The Sked (Quality Pie format)

Here's how I laid out the schedule and printed it up for myself (I also laid it out in 3 columns, which I can't do here): BRUTAL START 9 home, 16 road 7 travel back-to-backs Oct. 28 -...


So many draft reaction posts, and here's another one

First and foremost, I approve. Deeply. I was calling for a banking of the picks, as you all well know; well, Pritchard turned that #27 and #33 into a bankable Euro, the #36 into THREE future...

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