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Simple Trade Idea

John Wall has stated that he thinks the Wizards need a "Stretch 4." Well, the Pistons have one on an expiring contract. The Pistons also have a need for perimeter defense and three-point...


Would You Trade Rip for Jamison? (as a last resort)

Would this make the team better?  No.  Antwawn Jamison is basically an overpaid Charlie Villanueva.  Also, while it would save the Pistons money in the long term, it would eat into any possible cap...


An Idea For The Next Collective Bargaining Agreement

Allow every team to drop one contract.  Kind of like when every team had to make a couple players available to be drafted in the expansion draft. I think (the next Piston) Owners should push for...


Put Stuckey On The Wing

I've been beating this dead horse for years.  Stuckey is significantly better when attacking the basket from the wing, than he is from the top.  I have to statistical evidence to back it up.  It's...

My Vision For The Pistons Offense


A lineup with Stuckey, Gordon, Daye, Villanueva and Monroe would be very successful in this offense. Monroe, having run this in college, would be the center. It's perfect for a team that has a lot of above average offensive players but no one that's elite. The only players on the roster I can't see fitting in are Maxiell, Wilcox and maybe Bynum.


Would you do this trade?

Tayshaun Prince, DaJuan Summers and the 2011 First Round Pick for Hasheem Thabeet and Marko Jaric. THE RATIONALE:  Memphis is probably inclined to hold onto Thabeet for a couple years and see how...


Impressions from the First Game

This game was lost at the free throw line.  Ben Wallace, I love you, but you didn't even try on a couple of those Hack-a-Ben free throws. POINT GUARDS:  Stuckey had a real good all-around game. ...


The Lineup DBBers Most Want To See

If I had to guess as to what the ideal Piston lineup would be for the DBB Community it would be this: PG: Bynum  SG: Daye  SF: Jerebko  PF: Monroe  C: Wallace. Bynum appears to be the preferred...



My sources at the Kool-Aid factory and Free Press have told me that the Pistons may sign a big man to participate in training camp. Who will it be? Paradoucheski? That guy from the Summer League whose name I already forgot? Dale Davis?

Chiseled Charlie


Thirteen pounds lighter. Looks like he's gotten with the program.


Unsolicited Advice for the Baby Pistons.

GREG MONROE: Okay, you're not going to get more athletic, so concentrate on getting stronger. On defense, you had great rebounding numbers in college. Keep that up. You're never going to be a...


We Are All Orlando Magic Fans

Trade proposals are the favorite pasttime on this site. One that was brought up a few weeks ago has stuck with me. Rip and Tayshaun for Vince Carter and Marcin Gortat. There are reasons why this...

Ime Udoka and Bobby Simmons


I could have given this a sexier title like "Dumars shows interest in Ime Udoka and Bobby Simmons." But, that would be starting a misleading rumor and there's no place for that on the internet. Basically, Dumars has been talking to Will Bynum's agent about resigning our favorite MFer. The agent mentioned that they've also had conversations about Udoka and Simmons. Udoka is a solid backup SG and if Rip gets traded, I wouldn't mind seeing him in a Pistons uni.


The Search for the Next Ben Wallace (or "has anyone seen Ian Mahinmi play?")

The Pistons have some talented young players that could form a nice core.  But, the most obvious piece that's missing is a young Ben Wallace.  The Pistons clearly lack and desperately need a...

Monroe Passes the Character Test


Nice article on Greg Monroe. Not your usual fluff piece.

CHECK THIS OUT: Player Comparisons for Each Draft Prospect


I'm not sure how his system works, but this guy uses statistics to determine the closest NBA player to each draft prospect.


Joe Dumars' Draft Pick Criteria

Looking at Joe Dumars' past drafts and interviews there are some common themes that emerge regarding his draft picks and his reasons for making them. Looking at these trends closer we can get a...

Minnesota Passing On Cousins?


According to DraftExpress's twitter feed, Cousins isn't going to work out for Minnesota because they are set on Westey Johnson. They have Sacramento taking Monroe and then Golden State taking Cousins at 6. I think the Pistons should trade up a couple spots (even going as far as to offer next year's first round pick in addition to the 7th).

Great Analysis of Each Team's Cap Situation


All of you who love to come up with trade scenarios will love this site. Each off-season, NBA Roundtable does an excellent job analyzing each team with cap space and what they might do with it. It looks like he's also doing a series on teams dealing with luxury tax concerns.


Which Piston Players Have Something To Prove?

In his recent press conference, Joe Dumars talked repeatedly about getting back to the core Piston values of "grit" and "toughness."  Much of his success in the past as a General Manager was in his...

Favors has freakish athletic ability and other results from the NBA Combine


Derrick Favors has the best "No Step Vertical Reach." Meaning the height he can reach jumping from a standstill. He can almost reach 12'. Varnado (my first choice for second round pick because of his shot-blocking statistics and because he gave up his scholarship to a teammate) fared well also. My current choice for the 7th pick, Cole Aldrich, didn't do as well as I would have thought.

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