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Ex-King (Ex-Wing) Kyle Quincey back in Detroit


Yzerman trades for Kyle Quincey then flips him to Detroit. Tampa gets an extra first round pick in 2012. Detroit gets a great defenseman I wish the Kings still had. That pick is a lot to give up...

Other views: if Lombardi trades for Nash, THEN he should be fired


I just love this so much. Kings Gameday: Stop Trying To Fire Dean Lombardi - Battle of California Honestly, I get why a lot of people want to fire Dean Lombardi: it's because they're giant...

Brown and Kopitar are excellent in so many ways, but they've never been clutch


Aside from some good numbers back in the run-and-gun Marc Crawford era, Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar -- despite putting together some pretty good individual numbers -- have only occasionally...

Season preview in the rearview mirror


2011-12 Kings season preview - Jewels from the Crown [O]ne way or another, [the epic collapses of the previous season] [were] a problem of leadership. Captains, core players, veterans, coaches,...

Points-Blown Standings: Apocalypse Not Quite?


Let's pretend for a moment that we hadn't bought into the hype about the Kings being cup contenders. I said I didn't buy it (in my season preview) but even I bought in a little. Now, though, the...

And now we're back to talking Jeff Carter again...


I suppose we'll just go around and around like this until next Monday at noon. Kings’ Richards on Carter trade rumors: "I talk to him probably three or four times a week" | ProHockeyTalk [...] ...

Fun with graphs: Murray vs. Sutter - GPG, GAA


I've been reading that the Kings' goals-for is even worse under Darryl Sutter than it was under Terry Murray. The point of this is usually that either Dean Lombardi is an idiot for hiring Sutter,...



Sunday practice; no Brown " LA Kings InsiderThe Kings are on the ice for Sunday’s practice, without Dustin Brown. Initial word is that Brown might have been ill this morning, but I’ll try to...

Post-Game Bullets: Dickhead Scorer Edition


Kings lost 1-0 again. Dean Lombardi likes guys with character. So do I. But not because I just like good people of high moral fiber. When I say "character" I am referring to leadership, and...

POLL: who are you willing to trade?


I would do a post-game, but why fan the flames... <a href="" mce_href="">Who are you willing to trade to solve...

Rogie made his NHL debut 45 years ago today


Nice write-up on the Habs site. February 18 1967: Vachon Makes NHL Debut With the Habs - Habs Eyes On The PrizeCalled up for the Habs farm team in Houston, he 21-year-old rookie would face the D...

Kings fail to execute, don't pay attention on breakouts, let gaps get too wide, generate no speed, get no traffic, can't get shots through, shy away from prime scoring areas, and don't shoot. Discuss.


It’s Time For LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi To Address His Team’s Futility " Frozen Royalty There are many opinions and theories out there, attempting to explain the Kings’ woeful inability to score...

Kings now "bridesmaids" at Nash Hootenanny? Oh no!


The Fourth Period :: Philadelphia Flyers :: Flyers looking at Kings' Johnson? If James van Riemsdyk does hit the ice at Wells Fargo Center, it immediately puts back on line a deal that was rumored...

Woah: "team executives" say Jack Johnson is "in play"


It's one thing for me to say it makes sense for it to be so, but another for ESPN to quote Kings executives [added:] around the league saying it's so. [UPDATE: I agree with the commenters that...

The Power of Stupid: Ultimate Weapon or Doomsday Device?


Up front: no, I am not talking about bloggers. Just wanted to clear that up. The Shit That Would Strike Shinola If The Sharks Landed Nash " Surly & Scribe's L.A. Kings Hockey Blog [...] If you...

"Nearly everyone in the hockey world" believes Rick Nash will be a King?


Rick Nash to the Kings: Why it could and should happen - Lisa Dillman - Rick Nash to the Kings? Nearly everyone in the hockey world believes it will happen. And why wouldn’t they? I...

Trade Deadline: Rick Nash open thread


[UPDATE: Report: Nash has given the Jackets a list of teams he’d accept a trade to | ProHockeyTalk. The article does not name the teams; says it's a very short list; everyone assumes it's the...

Bud Holloway's Swedish Vacation


Take 2 | Former Thunderbird Bud Holloway keeping NHL hopes alive in Sweden | Seattle Times Newspaper [...] Bud Holloway [...], a 23-year-old former Seattle Thunderbirds hockey player from...

Sunday Afternoon: Stars/Kings Game Preview


[Niesy, on some kind of world tour I think, composed this game preview on her phone (!) and asked me to post it for her. I couldn't be more impressed. -Q] IN: Kari Lehtonen OUT: Brenden Morrow...


More coffee, please: Kings on the Island (GAME THREAD)

And yes I did just post a non-game-related article. So, be everywhere at once.

Dean Lombardi: "patience with" vs. "patience of"


The L.A. Kings Patience Ship Has Sailed " Surly & Scribe's L.A. Kings Hockey Blog [...] Has Tim Leiweke told Dean Lombardi if the mandate of making the playoffs and getting past the first round is...

In one move, Kings get bigger, meaner and much much slower


Dwight King and Jordan Nolan are up. Slava Voynov is down. Jarret Stoll is hurt. Here's the thing: I assume Voynov is down mostly because he's waiver-exempt and Alec Martinez is not. I don't like...

Speaking Lombardi: trade deadline edition


I read somewhere that Lombardi's comments on the trade deadline were a bunch of non-answers. I disagree. Lombardi talks trade-deadline philosophy " LA Kings Insider LOMBARDI: "[...] There’s two...

Not so crazy, really

83 - Matthew Barry - Crazy Trade Idea! To Kings: Rick Nash, Jeff Carter, that Sanford goaltender To Columbus: Jon Bernier, Anze Kopitar, Jarret Stoll, Thomas Hickey (they won't give up...

Kings' time-warping powers certainly render them unstoppable


By now you've all read or heard about the magical clock at Staples Center. What shocks me is that no-one has identified the (in my opinion, quite obvious) culprit. Quick: "It's no secret that...

Trade Deadline, part two: who should the Kings target?


In part one, I looked at the Kings reserve list and, to sum it up, decided that Jarret Stoll, Jack Johnson, Jonathan Bernier and Alec Martinez are the most eligible bachelors if the Kings are...

Fathead Jeff Carter: you can move it and reuse it


Jeff Carter Fathead - Columbus Blue Jackets - NHL Give that certain someone this Jeff Carter Fathead for their birthday, graduation, holidays or just because. This Columbus Blue Jackets gift is...

The Playoff Threshold in the West


I have been a huge fan and recommender of since before I had a blog. In fact, I started blogging because I wanted to put all of my favorite useful links on one page for my own...

Microstats, Part Two: Goals, Assists, Points (2007-2012)


Part two, as promised. Part One (and definitions) are here. QoT is quality of teammates, using the same methodology as quality of competition. Goals, first assists, second assists and points are...

All-Star Weekend: Video of the Day


Nobody said they were actors. And they should have had Bobby Orr. Still, I get goosebumps.

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