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Madden 12 Cover Player? Which way to go?

Okay...there are two schools of thought to a jinx.  Madden 2012 has the potential to either jinx us next year, or lift the curse forever...which way do you think it would go? ***PLEASE NOTE***THIS...


McDermott had the worst day of any Eagle.

I haven't had any problem with McDermott all year, but now I am thinking that maybe he is better at personnel decisions than he is at coaching the defense.  So much is made of him being a Jim...

Freddie Mitchell is fawking delusional!!!


On FirstTake, he is reliving 4th and 26. First off, you would think he is Jerry Rice, not a receiver that spent 4 years in the league. Second, he said that the pass from Donovan was a 7, but the catch was a 10. He eluded that Donovan didn't even mean to throw it to his back shoulder, but if you look at the play, it is easy to see that it would've been intercepted if it was to his lead hand. He actually called himself a great receiver. And he said his tape is what will help DeSean Jackson and everyone else this weekend against the Packers. Can I have whatever he is on??? His quotes from Philly Sports Daily are as follows...he said something similar on FirstTake: "You know that play is a love-hate play for me because that was the first time they threw to me the whole friggin’ game. I was blocking my ass off doing everything it took, doing the stuff that society doesn’t recognize. That whole year sucked for me, and the next year sucked even more. But anyway… I actually had to go tell the coaches that I was wide open and to throw me the ball. The coaches literally had to talk into Donovan’s headset and tell him I was wide open and to throw it to me. I started reading the defense as soon as I got to the line of scrimmage. For most guys, it takes a lot of years to read defenses like that. The name of the play was a 2 Jet Double Go. What it does is sends Pinkston and Thrash on "Go" routes and what I do, as the Sultan of Slot, is I read the middle. I had to take a certain angle that most young receivers wouldn’t have taken. Any other angle and it would have been a bum play. I was the master of finding holes, and I knew right where the hole would be. It was money. First of all Donovan’s pass was behind me and it was wobbly, but I had to take advantage of the opportunity that was presented to me. Right when I caught the pill, I kind of knew I had the yardage right away. I looked at the sticks and to see where I was at and I knew I got it. I felt like Michael Jordan hitting a last-second shot or Tiger Woods sinking a 50-foot putt. This is how much of a team player I am: I came to the podium afterward and said, "We don’t need fate when we have 5." Man I blew him up! And that was the headlines in the papers…Meanwhile I’m dealing with him not throwing me the ball, and me being on my knee pads to help him out."

Andrew Luck returning to Stanford!


Guess my hypothetical trade scenario just got more ridicuous! lol


One More Ridiculous Trade Thought

So, I don't know if it happens in all fanbases, though I'd imagine it does.  But here goes one more ridiculous trade thought from an Eagles fan.  After the jump, of course...  ;-P

The final play of the Miracle of the New broken down by Sports Science's John...


The final play of the Miracle of the New broken down by Sports Science's John Brenkus.


Which Eagles Game Winning Punt Return Better?

So Desean's play made me think.  Which game winning punt return against the Giants was better?  The Brian Westbrook punt return of 2003 or the DeSean Jackson punt return of 2010?  Some details of...


And THAT is Why Desean Is Better Than Maclin....

Like I have said time and time again, Maclin is no slouch and I am happy we have him.  But Desean reminded those who had forgotten tonight why he is the Eagles' number one receiver.  First play of...


Poll: If you could choose when we played the Cowboys...

...which time period would you have chosen?  Would you rather have played them early in the year with Wade Phillips as coach but Dez Bryant playing or like we will be now with Jason Garrett but now...


Going to pressure Vick to his right with Peppers...

I don't know what comes to the mind of everyone else when they read that, but when I read it, it sure sounds like a challenge issued to Jason Peters.  And I surely hope that he is taking it that...


Defenseless Receivers...

Okay, first off let me start by saying I COMPLETELY HATE THE DEFENSELESS RECEIVER RULE.  I miss the old days of Ronnie Lott blowing up a receiver as he catches the ball, rather than seeing a safety...


Donolulu is Great...Let's Get Vick the MVP!

I know it is early.  Yes.  I know full well there is a lot of football to play here.  But I think that if Vick gets the MVP award, there is no way in the world that the front office could not sign...


Shawn Andrews ticks me off!

We held on to him all that time.  He made excuse after excuse and had setback after setback.  He was depressed...he had chronic back issues...he had a terrible mohawk...etc etc etc.  Andy Reid...


Cheering for the Cowboys!

Here is hoping that the Cowboys win all but two of their remaining games. And I don't think I have to tell you which two they need to lose, do I?  The reasons after the jump.

I couldn't help myself...Check this DallAzz post out!


So, someone on their blog went position by position and listed who should stay and who should go. I don't know enough or care enough about them to comment, but I found one statement at the end that wraps up the view of a Cowboys fan. He wanted to waive 18 people on his list and made the following statement... "By my count, that leaves us needing 7 offensive players (6 if you count John Phillips coming back) and 11 defensive players. A good draft and some quality free agent pickups could put us back in the hunt next season." This fan thinks you can replace 18 people in free agency and the draft and contend for a title. SMH

Al Harris to be Released...Soon to be an Eagle again!


Formerly an Eagle standout at corner. We let him go when he was playing his best football. He has a recent ACL injury. It is a guarantee that we will sign him! LOL



Not much to say about this one, but we need to put some SERIOUS pressure on the FO to sign Vick right now.  Yes, he is a 30 year old QB who's game is built around speed.  Yes, he has had problems...


Dmitri Patterson replaces Hobbs in starting lineup.

  As much as Andy Reid tries to cover for players sometimes, this one was so painfully obvious that he had to do it.  Was Ellis Hobbs the only one that had a bad day last Sunday? Definitely not....


Petition to Cut King Dunlap THIS WEEK.

I am starting this petition to cut the ties with King Dunlap.  He has used up all of the excuses.  Winston Justice had his moment against the Giants and he has bounced back and proven to be a good...


Kolb is a natural leader...

I saw the following quote in someone's signature: KOLB is a natural born leader - something the Eagles haven't had on offense in a long long time. Prediction, we win a SB in the next 3 years.


Surprise, Surprise...Favre doesn't respect Childress!

I know this comes as a shock to you, you know with all the changing of the plays at the Line of Scrimmage and the refusal to come out of the game last year, but word is that Favre doesn't trust...


Austin Howard...can he be for real???

I know, I's only one game.  But he has looked tremendous in camp and I think the tape is going to show an excellent performance in this game.  So the question is, is he for real?  And, if...


Jamaal Jackson won't help Nick Cole...

...and I don't know how to feel about it.  On one hand, with Jackson hurt, you would hope he would want to help out as much as possible to make sure Nick Cole can handle the job while he is gone....

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