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Professor of English, McMurry University
Columnist and contributing writer, The Racing Post (

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Inga Benedict-Thompson has some info for you

It might not be news to you by now, since the gal with the waist-length braid who used to train by kicking butt in men's races has returned to explain her unusual exit from the sport in 1993 while...

7-11 fans might wanna avoid:


Inga Benedict Thompson finally explains why she left the sport. 't'ain't pretty.


tech/mechs: NFS chainlube

Dude over at Velocipede Salon (website) developed this stuff: "Owing to my past employment history in the mining industry I've got deep (cough) knowledge with high tech industrial lubricants. That...


Techs-Mechs: Solestar insoles fitting and early reactions.

After a small flurry of emails, I had a 4:30 appointment to get fitted for a pair of Solestar insoles. Only downside: since founder Oliver Elsenbach had a 5pm presentation to get ready for, he...

crap! under-wear boy no get memo


as in Thomas!! No doping after 2006. No doping after 2006.

that makes 2 weeks in a row for us


(9 year-old and I in news again . . . for . . . riding our bikes . . .)

presented without comment


As Geraardsbergen is to cycling, so Shotwell stadium is to football?

not sure I want to call attention to this wiki edit


specifically: Bernard Hinault (born 14 November 1954 in Yffiniac, Brittany) is a former French cyclist known for five victories in the Tour de France. He is one of only five cyclists to have won all three Grand Tours, and the only cyclist to have won each more than once. He won the Tour de France in 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982 and 1985. He came second in 1984 and 1986 and won 28 stages, of which 13 were individual time trials. The other three to have achieved at least five victories are Jacques Anquetil (1964), Eddy Merckx (1974), and Miguel Indurain (1995). Even among these elite riders, he is the only one to have finished either first or second in each Tour de France he finished.

how long til april (vlaamse lesson)?


oy, just oy. my evening just got made

Got a cat1 sleeping on your couch?


Texas Road Championship weekend (29, 30 Sep): $5000 for the P1 race ($1k to the winner); $500 kom prime $2500 for the women P12; $250 kom prime. Course on base at Fort Hood. No center-line rule.


Dang! Next time I take the bike. . .

After dropping the teen-ager of at college, our friend Trevor made it possible to spend a day in Grafton, VT as the guests of the Inn at Grafton (run by his Uncle . . .). The following semi-bike...

Type up PdCers: Acquarone wants your input!


CN blog post requesting fan opinions about 6 key points of Giro course design. VERY neat that he's doing this.

o/t: I hope no insurance claim's involved


Such a nice bunny hop over the curb after avoiding the crash, and then . . .

o/t MLB creative doping excuses:


Mota's agent Adam Katz said in a statement that the Clenbuterol was in children's cough syrup.

Boogie, meet bus:


Or, yeah, he's right, but we've changed, REALLY we have.


phys-mech: or the haptics of the pedal stroke

It seems as though the big boss started a trend. If'n he don't watch out, I'll start posting up pieces about THE MOST IMPORTANT CYCLING EXERCISE EVAH (it will turn out to be about napping). A...


Why de Ronde is great, or, how to predict the final of RvV and PR

In The Scarlet Letter, that noted practitioner of dark magic Patrick Lefevere . . . oops . . . Roger Prynne (although he calls himself Chillingworth) claims an ability to peer into the souls of...


Making the Break: an other perspective

Sort of in the spirit of Doug Ansel's piece from a couple of days ago, here's an account of a local t-shirt ride . . . which . . . because it IS a local t-shirt ride, involves establishing...

Karen Bliss talks to Joe Lindsey


Bliss, ex-pro and marketing honcho with Fuji talks women's pro cycling with Lindsey

techs-mechs: A Conversation with Hed's "Repository of Knowledge"


Steve Hed refers to Andy Tetmeyer ( ) (a Paris-Brest-Paris finisher) as Hed's corporate "repository of knowledge." His other titles are "wheelbuilder to the stars"...


Tech/Mechs: two commuter bikes

  Maybe you've seen Gav and Fred Marx's photos of many of the nifty townie and commuter bikes on display at Interbike.  My first response was to hate them all.  For me, commuter bikes should be...


Stuff R Mc saw at interbike

Here are a few lousy photos of stuff that I thought was cool-ish in Vegas:  (and some gossip:  why no Pedro's at Interbike?)  For more words and alleged thoughts about the show, head over to The...


Interbike dumpster-diving

As a seasoned Interbike media veteran (cough, yeah right, cough), I've learned a few tricks of the trade.  Sadly none of them involve taking good photos, but Chris See's got that mastered, so no...


Newbies, Les Anciennes et les autres, ayude bitte

Howdy y'all: So.  I got this here Sports and Ltierature class a'comin' up what I'm s'posed to be teachin' and all (apologies, I'm in the middle of Semi-Tough . .. ), and I want to screen a...


Tech . . . well . . . not mechs, how about Tech/Food?

As I sit here trying not to spit watermelon seeds into my laptop after a lovely 3.5 hour ride in another gloriously temperate West Texas August day, I begin to wonder what do those of y'all who...


ESB checks in

The phone rang this morning.  The voice splurted out invectives in some sort of strange melange of accents that made it hard to place, much less understand.  I've become used to this recently.   ...

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