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Feaster is Calgary's New Ass-Man


Stick your comments about the Feaster hire here.

Brent Sutter Admits That Backlund Needs Sheltering


What more can I say? Backlund hurts the team, Conroy and Boyd should have been above him on the depth chart. Open and fucking shut.

Winning Games


A discussion about Winning Games

Burrows Accuses Official Of Biased Calls


So Alex Burrows last night was victimized on a couple blown calls, and sounded off saying as much. Having watched the highlights, I agree the calls were blown. And if what Burrows says is true (that the referee actually was out to get him) it sets an uncomfortable precedent. I find it ironic though that Burrows is complaining. Frankly I don't think he has a leg to stand vis-a-vis complaining about blown calls - mostly because he's already on his knees after a dive. I find this choice bit from the article especially entertaining: Burrows was referring to an incident back in December when the Preds' Smithson hit Burrows and was given a major penalty for charging and a game misconduct. On Monday night, Burrows said Auger was getting back at him. "When Smithson hit me from sideways and he (Auger) said, 'I saw the replay, you had your head up, you weren't really hurt and you made me look bad so I'm going to get you back tonight,' and he did, and he cost us two points. This douche regularly victimizes officials with his antics. The play in question was particularly brutal. I figure if he's drawn 15 blown penalties over the course of the last two seasons that's 3 undeserved goals - or a point that he has cost the opposition. So it's richly ironic that he's complaining about losing points to blown calls. But the alleged intent behind the calls is troublesome. Side effect: this overshadows LaserGate, and just for our own entertainment that should be front and centre.



Clearing misconceptions about the BIG GOAL and the BIG SAVE.

Hiatus: G23, Coyotes @ Flames Post-Game


G23, Coyotes @ Flames post-game. Thoughts about the details against the desert dogs.

The Curse of the Flying Vee: G22, Flames @ Ducks Post-Game


G22, Flames @ Ducks Post-Game. Tempering optimism - sometimes a good game isn't that good of a game.

Sky Rockets In Flight! G21, Flames @ Kings Post-Game


G21, Flames @ Kings post-game. A rare afternoon-game victory for the Flames, coming from a mostly good effort at 5on5 and the PK.

Perception, and Reality: G20, Blackhaws @ Flames Post-Game


G20, Blackhawks @ Flames post-game: trying to separate perception and reality.

G19, Avs @ Flames, Talk-Radio-Free Post-Game


A talk-radio-free post-game of G19, Avs @ Flames - what happened on the ice, and nothing more.

Head to Head: G17-18, Flames @ Sabres and Leafs, Post-Games


Flames post-games for G17 (vs. BUF) and G18 (vs. TOR). Head-to-head icetime and zonestart data provided.

G16, Flames @ ... Wild? ... Post-Game


Flames @ Habs post-game: those Habs jerseys are f-ugly.

Readers Respond: G15, Rangers @ Flames Post-Game


Rangers @ Flames Post-Game.

Shades of Hasek: G14, Flames @ Blues Post-Game


Flames @ Blues post-game. Kiprusoff puts on a Hasek-esque performance in a much-undeserved win against the snake-bit Blues.

Take The Money And Run: G13, Flames @ Stars Post-Game


Flames @ Stars postgame. Flames catch a lucky break in Dallas in OT to take away a much-needed two points.

Flames jump the queue for flu vaccine


Apparently the Flames brass decided to jump the line to get vaccines for several Flames players and family members. I can see why they would do it - millions are on the line when dealing with the health of players - but given the shortage in Canada, couldn't they just have bought these vaccines from private clinics in the US instead?

G12, Wings @ Flames, Post-Indifference-In-The-Defensive-Zone


Wings@Flames post-game. The Flames forwards' indifference in the defensive zone cost them a valuable two points.

Paying the Devil His Dues: G11, Avalanche @ Flames Post-Game


Avalanche @ Flames post-game: sometimes the better team doesn't win.

Reach-Arounds and Shafts in the Face: G10, BoA @ Calgary Post-Game


BoA version 3 post-game. A recap of how the Flames dominated the Oil, and how Zack Stortini needs to wake up.

A Day Late, A Buck Short: G9, Blue Jackets at Flames Post-Game


The Flames play their best game at even-strength against the suddenly-legitimate Columbus Blue Jackets. Despite getting horribly outclassed in special teams, they managed to turn their EV dominance into a 6-3 win.

Only seven games into the 2009-2010 NHL campaign the Boston Bruins have sent forward Chuck Kobasew...


Only seven games into the 2009-2010 NHL campaign the Boston Bruins have sent forward Chuck Kobasew to the Minnesota Wild. In return the Bruins will receive winger Craig Weller, a second round pick in 2011, and the rights to prospect Alexander Fallstrom.

Boston trades former Flame Chuck Kobasew for 3 shots at an NHL player

Good 5, Evil 3 - G8, Canucks at Flames Post-Game


After a 3-game losing streak, the Flames had something to prove against their NW division rivals, the Vancouver Canucks. Despite the 5-3 win, all they proved was that they still have something to prove.

Stop Me If You've Heard This One: G7 Flames @ Blue Jackets Post-Game


Stop me if you've heard this one: the Flames blow another game and do it by bleeding hard at EV. Post-game discussion here.

G6 Flames @ Blackhawks: Post-Turkey


A look at the Flames meltdown in Chicago.

Game 4: Battle of Alberta (Flames @ Edmonton) Post-Game


Game 4: Battle of Alberta (Flames @ Edmonton) Post-Game. A nail-biter finish to a well-fought game between two old rivals.

Game 3: Canadiens at Flames - Post Game


Calgary Flames Game 3 (Canadiens at Flames) post-game. Flames prevail through strong early play despite yet another third-period meltdown.

In Calgary, the Flames are right up against the cap with a talented squad that added Bouwmeester...


In Calgary, the Flames are right up against the cap with a talented squad that added Bouwmeester during the offseason. Where that leaves UFA-bound Olli Jokinen remains to be seen. "Management wants to see how the team plays early in the season and what role Olli has in that, and then we'll see how we proceed from there," said Jokinen's agent, Mark Gandler. "It looks like the changes the team made are positive changes, and it's the right team for Olli. I know Olli feels that way and the GM feels that way. So we'll see what happens."

Sutter's going to wait on Jokinen (Tip of the hat to CP [blech])

Humble Beginnings, and Critical Player Evaluation


A look at critical player evaluation and new stats

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