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Something Old, Something New


Topsy-turvy is a sound way to describe the last 12 months of Michael Young's career. After hitting .284/.330/.444 in 2010, the Rangers signed Adrian Beltre and acquired Mike Napoli, thereby...

Rays Lose to Yankees


I’m back for one night only, filling in as a favor to Steve, who is off being a good person. And no, I don't know why my avatar is a Red Sox logo, but it wouldn't change back earlier, so whatever....


OTTOTD 2/28/2011

Everyone agrees that Dobber is Senor Chang, but Toppah and I couldn't decide which of us is Jeff and which is Troy. Settle this for us.

We Won't Be Here Forever


Steve should be back by his next start, so this'll do it for me. Thanks for enduring the week and enjoy whatever the rest of the season brings. Erik wrote this post about a month ago that...

In Defense of B.J. Upton (2010 Remix)


I don't really know who Clark Brooks is, but he says here he's done defending B.J. Upton. I'm not. It's easier to defend people when their performance is measured in every imaginable way...

Report: Rangers to Hire Gerry Hunsicker


This from Richard Justice (via LSB): Now I'm hearing that if Nolan Ryan-yes, our Nolan Ryan-has his way, Gerry Hunsicker will be working for the Rangers sometime very soon. Unless bankruptcy court...

Willy Aybar & Pinch Hitting


This was written before FreeZo's take on Aybar a week and a half ago. Don't mean to cover the same tread, but at the same time it does tackle one aspect otherwise untapped. Maybe...

The Swagger of Rafael Soriano


If nothing else, say this about Rafael Soriano: he's the only one involved in the weird trade triangle this off-season that has stayed in the major leagues all season. Akinori Iwamura is in...

Bill Foster's Definition of Endearment is Nonsensical


St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster appeared on Mark Benarzyk's radio show this afternoon and said something incredible when talking about the Rays. To paraphrase Foster: Vince Naimoli...


6/25 GDT: Arizona Diamondbacks @ Tampa Bay Rays

Edwin Jackson v. Jeff Niemann.

Random Thoughts on Wade Davis


Here's something for perspective. Wade Davis is 24 years old and has 111 innings of major league experience under his belt. Roughly three-fourths of that experience has come this season...

Free Matt Joyce


Far be it from me to question this front office on knowing who to put where and when, but ... it's time. Between a rehab stint and his plain ol' time at Durham, Matt Joyce has...

On Reid Brignac's O-Swing%


Hypothesis: Reid Brignac's high O-Swing% will eventually catch up to him and hurt his offensive production. Reality: Not really, his approach is just painful at times to watch. Here's...

On the Bright Side


The pen pitched four and a third innings last night without allowing a baserunner. They've been good. Real good. This image says just about everything you can say about them: Here's five other...

Series Preview: San Diego Padres @ Tampa Bay Rays


6/22 7:10 PM Mat Latos v. Wade Davis (Sun Sports/WDAE 620) 6/23 7:10 PM Kevin Correia v. James Shields (Sun Sports/WDAE 620) 6/24: 12:10 PM Wade LeBlanc v. Matt Garza (Sun Sports/WDAE...

The Humane Element


Believe it or not the sabermetric dogma does not state that the beings who play baseball are robots. The players are all human. They are as human as you or me. All unique in their...

Tampa Bay Rays Owner Stuart Sternberg: "Baseball will not work long-term in downtown St. Pete"


Full presser: ST. PETERSBURG, FL-Following a meeting with St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster, Tampa Bay Rays principalowner Stuart Sternberg said the team wants to explore all potential new ballpark...

A Playoff Update


Since the hot April, the Rays are 25-20. That's a .556 winning percentage, or 90 over a full season. That's exactly what the expectation was entering this year. Boston is playing at a 108...


6/20/10 Tampa Bay Rays at Florida Marlins GDT

Josh Johnson v. David Price

Andy Sonnanstine's Hat Brim is Razor Sharp


[Ed: So obviously this was written before the game, but um, go Sonny, go.] Steve Slowinski is on his honeymoon for the week, meaning I had to choose between filling in for him or buying...


Contractual Length and Optional Assignments for the 40-Man Roster

Inspired by the Navarro subthread. Few things: 1. The options used this year are included. So, Leslie Anderson will have two option seasons remaining entering the 2011 season. On this note, I've...

Tampa Bay Rays Body Baltimore From Wire to Wire


Tommy asked me to serve as Lenny Harris and pinch hit the recap for him. I said yes, and boy, am I glad I did. David Price went seven innings, striking out seven, walking two, and...

My THT Rays preview


Includes fun(!) facts about James Shields, the Rays' lineups, and Rafael Soriano.

I'll Be in the Sky


Over the last year and a half I've witnessed friends like Sky Kalkman, Peter Bendix, and Graham Goldbeck write farewell posts at BTB. I didn't take notes, but I wish I had. This is my...

Spent the day in Rays camp. Got the impression Russell Branyan is really agonizing over whether to...


Spent the day in Rays camp. Got the impression Russell Branyan is really agonizing over whether to sign with Tampa Bay or Cleveland.

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