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Something to Keep in Mind Regarding B.J. Upton's Arbitration Hearing


The Rays win no matter which was this thing goes. Upton has been worth 3.9, 4.8, and 2.5 wins over the last three years. His free agent market value is something like $12M in a down...

Clubhouse Egosim


Before the Rays opened the 2007 season in New York, I wrote about the Yankees' stadium. The Yankees are great rivals. Their history allows for mocking and dramatization like few others -...

Fun(!) With Pat Burrell's Splits Versus Lefties


Pat Burrell's splits, courtesy of the 'Graphs: vs L as R BB% K% BB/K ISO BABIP wOBA 2002 22.80% 26.20% 1.16 0.352 0.333 0.465 2003 12.50% 27.00% 0.53 0.171 0.234 0.298 2004 18.70% 28.10% ...

The FanGraphs Book


Eight bucks for some nifty perks. I'm biased though.

A Preemptive Complaint About Kevin Kennedy


From the comments section at U.S.S. Mariner: I was listening to XM Radio the other day, and Kevin Kennedy was criticizing Bill James because "He said that the 8th inning is more...

The Last Annual Hype Post of the Year, I Promise


I was a few hundred words into my opus on psychological egoism and then I read Carson Cistulli's DRB Annual intro and I deleted the entire thing. Inadequacy is a horrible feeling and a...

Nyjer Morgan's Defense


I was lucky enough to contribute to ESPN's Hot Stove U series. The piece is about -- what else -- a talented centerfielder's defense. Many thanks to Dave Cameron and the ESPN folk for the opportunity.

Biggest Fastball Velocity Losses


The Trop's ~ -1 MPH readings probably played a part in this.

Rays alternate jersey


There were murmurs of this well before the supposed November 18th launch date. But here they are.

DRaysBay Turns Five


I feel like I've written far too many of these type of posts the last three months. It's awkward to write. Anyways, congrats to the alumni, current staff, and anyone who's ever read or...

The Best Shape of My Life (And Other Performance-Enhancing Tales from Spring): Jeff Niemann's Cutter and Splitter


During the season, Jeff Niemann began throwing a splitter (as documented elsewhere), but during his final appearance of the 2009 season, he also began throwing a cutter. The Brooks...

David Price's Stalker


I don't think SRQMan ever went to Philly.

Welcome RZ to the Staff


Quite a few of you wanted this in the Open Box thread so here we go. For those unfamiliar with RZ, he's done his thing at the (thanks to MVN) defunct Rays Party site, Rays Prospects, his personal...

Boston's Newest Reliever


Joe Nelson signed with the Boston Red Sox. This is unfortunate because I'm supposed to hate Boston. I say supposed because I've never really signed on with hating anything - even soulless...

'Ramirez Provision' Doesn't Affect Tampa Bay Rays


Backstory: Last March when Manny Ramirez signed a two-year $45 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, there was a provision placed in the deal that required Ramirez to donate $1 million of...

How Will Josh Freeman Fare in the Future?


I don't really know what's up with the usage of facts. Some places have standards, man.

Mike Ekstrom and Lance Cormier Come Together Like Two Pieces of Metal


How can you tell that we're in the final two weeks of the off-season? Because Mike Ekstrom is getting entire posts devoted to him. Some random thoughts: Ekstrom is a former starter who...

The Final Bullpen Spot


We wouldn't be so lucky as to have the season start tomorrow. If it did, though, the bullpen would look like this: LR R Lance Cormier MR         MR L Randy Choate MR R Dan Wheeler SU R G...

Regarding Dan Wheeler and Jason Bartlett


Sternfan brought this up in the thread below and I may as well address it because not much else is going on: imho, it seems that Wheeler and Barty are this blogs whipping boys--why i...

This Post is Somewhat Insulting to Jeff Bennett


It's the first day of February. In 18 days, pitchers and catchers will report. Truth be told, most of my time has been spent working on the DRB Annual (see a preview of the design here)...

Welcome to the Future


Bloomberg Sports, headed by Jonah Keri. Worth much.

Ken_Rosenthal: Gabe Gross in serious talks with A's.


Ken_Rosenthal: Gabe Gross in serious talks with A's.

Billy Beane being a fan of Gross is like the least surprising thing ever.

Regarding FanPosts


Between the stats guide, the SBN reminder Fanshot, and now this, you could say I'm taking care of the housecleaning before this season gets going. That's not much of an intro, but I'm...

2009 Pitchers and Stolen Bases Recap


At some point during the season I touched on Jeff Niemann and his issues holding runners on. The bad news is that Niemann was poor at holding guys all year. The good news is that at least...

The DRaysBay Stats Guide 2.0


A little over a year ago I wrote the first DRB Stats Guide which has its fair share of mileage. So today I offer a new one in a different format. What stats should I use to evaluate...



Has the Rays winning the East.

An Open Prospects Thread with FanHouse's Frankie Piliere


Fresh off rating Desmond Jennings as the third best prospect in baseball, Frankie will join our little community on Thursday afternoon (ETA: 1:30 EST) and answer any questions posed to him about...

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