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Close follower of the Minnesota Timberwolves and a big fan of all three PG's that they have!

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User Blog

Start of the Biyombo Era?

Biyombo is the definition of a hype machine.  He was a near nobody just a month ago, he surfaced faster than Justin Bieber and now is a projected top 10 pick in the NBA draft.  With the lottery now...


Ceilings, Basements, Dancing, and Darko

Lately I've been making some comments that I feel could gather together to make a decent, yet arguable, fanpost that relates to the draft, offseason, Kosta Koufus, and everything Timberwolves...


Corey Brewer Buyout

Corey Brewer dedicated a few good years to this franchise and we appreciate that.  I personally would like to see him hook back up with Durant in OKC or Boston and have a chance at a championship....


What does this all mean?

Ricky Rubio has promised the Timberwolves that he will play for them next season, according to Ken Berger of CBSSports.com.    Um is he a legitimate source?  What does a promise really mean? So...


I Was Educated Today

    So......   I went to my first T'wolves game today, at least the first in a couple years.  Obviously the game was in Phoenix.  I was star struck when I watched David Kahn chatting with who I...


Whose is that Ricky guy again?

I know you guys just tense up and become frightened whenever there is a post about Mr. Rubio.  Well I'm his biggest fan.  But being the youngin' that I am, I just learned a frightening fact.     If...


Should Martell Webster Start?

Minnesota Timberwolves roster Minnesota Timberwolves statsAll I ever read on here is should Martell start?  Hasn't he earned the job?  Well my thought process all along is why start Webster?  We...


The Great, The Good, The Bad, The Corey Brewer

So the Timberwolves first game is now behind us and we all know that we picked up a well deserved win against the LA Lakers.  For those of you who did or didn't see the game, I'm gonna note what I...


Traye Simmons

Hey guys basically I'm not from the bay area or anything, but I've been following Big Play Traye Simmons since early in his career.  I just want to know what you guys think he'll be able to do with...


Thoughts from the Scrimmage

  As many of you know, tonight dawned the Wolves’ Annual training camp scrimmage in Mankato. I made the trip down in hopes of observing our product on the court, while tweeting to y’all the...


Wes Johnson---DeMarcus Cousins

Well here we are, stuck with the number four pick....well this sucks, but it could be worse.  Here's my mock draft 1. John Wall - The obvious pick here 2. Evan Turner - Another obvious pick 3....


Allen Iverson Waived ("The Answer" for Timberwolves?)

Could A I be the anwer for the Timberwolves at the 2 guard? He would be a veteran leader to teach flynn and sessions, he's a one year contract, and he would actually impact our team and finally get...


Rudy Gay and Kevin Martin Anyone?

Sacremento Gets: Jonny Flynn and Mark Blount or other expirings Minnesota Gets: Kevin Martin and expirings     Minnesota gets a proven scorer who is only 26 years old and Sacremento has been...


Kurt Rambis= Minnesota Timberwolves Head Coach

It's official Kurt Rambis has accepted the job, now all that's left is the negotiations.  It is expected to be a 4 year 8 million dollar contract that will be well deserves if Rambis can win with...


Ricky Rubio final decision

Ricky Rubio news straight from DKV Joventut's official twitter account!   "After endless comings and goings, Ricky Rubio is finally where he is. After many speculations about its future, the...


Ricky Rubio endorsements

Ricky Rubio is now looking for sponsorships to pay out his buyout. I think one sponsor should pay the whole buyout and that sponsor would really get the publicity that a growing company is looking...


Minnesota Timberwolves New Head Coach

Elston Turner got a late interview for the job. Is it telling him "NO" or is it asking him a all important question to decide if he's the next head coach. Mark Jackson continues to be the favorite...


Who would you trade, Rubio or Flynn?

A lot of people say that we can't play two point guards at the same time! Let's say Kahn listens to all those people or at practices he notices the two aren't playing well together...well who would...


Anthony Randolph or Marvin Williams

Anthony Randolph and Marvin Williams are both attainable NBA players.  You can put together a lot of offers to get these guys, but I'm just showing who the Minnesota Timberwolves could get to start...


Rubio situation

What do you all think about the Ricky Rubio situation? I mean who do you believe...Spanish newspapers that want to keep rubio? Or Minnesota reports that also really want the Spanish stud of a...

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