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Blue Jays Player Stats Multiplied by 4

Just over a quarter of the season through, and I thought it’d be fun to see what some of players’ conventional stats would look like if you multiplied them by four. Hitters Player S...

AA New Hampshire roster


That's a pretty darn good team for AA.


Where Will Yan Gomes Go This Year?

Yan Gomes is having a good Spring. We've seen this kind of thing before, of course. I don't have to name anyone... But I think Gomes is perhaps more interesting than we give him credit for. ...

Jays Evaluate Manny Ramirez


It will probably amount to nothing, but in the meantime, it's something.


How Are We Going to Replace our Departed Players?

I decided to put together a little project. Nothing complicated... I’ve listed all of the players who are either gone (e.g. Molina) or will receive a lesser role (e.g. Davis) in 2011, and I’ve...


Making the Case for Signing Manny Ramirez

As I'm sure it's been pointed out before here, the Jays had MLB's 6th best offense last year. Offense isn't necessarily a huge problem going into next season. That fact is even more evident when...


Why Does Anthopoulos Keep Mentioning the Possibility of KJ in LF?

It's a legitimate question. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense does it? The 2B market is quite thin. Are there really any 2B out there that are available (trade or FA) and clearly better than...


3 Random Thoughts

I sure miss baseball: I know it's only November and we have long Winter ahead of us, but wow, I sure do miss baseball already. I miss my routine of enjoying a nice relaxing ball game at the end...


Joe Inglett as Our Starting 2B?...Yes, I'm Serious.

I never understood why a guy like Joe Inglett doesn’t get an opportunity to get a full time job.  I remember JP Ricciardi saying once that a guy like Joe Inglett would never get the benefit of the...


It's a Bad Year to be a Free Agent Closer, but a Good Year if You're Looking for One

It's almost impossible to predict what Alex Anthopoulos is going to do with his roster at any given moment.  It seems like all his moves come out of completely nowhere.  However, I'd be willing to...


Looking at the Jays Payroll and their Ability Fill in Some Holes

For discussion purposes, I put together what I believe are the payroll obligations.  In some cases, I'm guesstimating how much of a raise some might be due.  So these numbers are variable, but I...

Brewers are going "beastmode"


Looks like Marcum has brought more than just good pitching to the Brewers.


Let's Help Get Brian Jeroloman into a Game

I’m a sucker for feel-good sports movies.  And in that genre, they don’t come much better than Rudy.  So when I saw in a recent BBB game thread that Joey Kirby had shared the following comment from...

Funny Papelbon face. The guy does a pretty good job.


Funny Papelbon face. The guy does a pretty good job.


Possible 1B/DH/LF combinations

We all know that the less "premium" defensive positions are most likely DH, 1B and LF.  The other positions often require a special athlete with certain attributes to properly handle those...


Dustin McGowan's Rehab Assignment

A few fact: -Dustin McGowan began his rehab assignment July 30. -A believe the time limit for rehab assignments is 1 month. -His current status on is "Rehab assignment".'s...


An Off Day Optimism Post!!

Another off day, another optimism from your resident, self appointed BBB psychologist.  Just when it looked as though the Jays were going to go on some kind of run, they lose two in a row to an I...

A Great Piece on Yunel Escobar


This is just a great read. I really enjoyed and I hope you will as well. Mop Up Duty does a great job at these types of stories.

Look at Lawrie run on this HR. He's going to be a fan favourite


Look at Lawrie run on this HR. He's going to be a fan favourite


Jays Prospects ETA

I'm not really qualified to make this FanPost.  And I'm not basing these predictions on a whole lot of research or statistical analyses.  This is just my feeling based on the bunch of Jays related...


Cheer up my Fellow Jays Fans

The Jays are now 14-17 and tied for last in the AL East.  There seems to be a little bit of doom and gloom around the Jays blogosphere.  I know that I find myself feeling that way from time to...


Ray Gonzalez a Rotation Candidate?

No Jays game tonight.  I'm a little bored so I'll do a bit wild speculation regarding the rotation spot currently held by Jo-Jo Reyes.  Assuming Reyes is on a very short leash and the he doesn't...


Options: How they work and who has 'em

How do options work?When a player is added to a 40-man roster for the first time, the major league team is permitted three optional assignments of his contract, or three "option years." This gives...


Interesting stories developing in early ST

I can't find much interesting Jays-related reading material tonight (I've already read it all!), so I figured I'd put up a post, mostly to get some discussions going about the different things...


Is Reagins any worse than Epstein?

Is it possible that with all the negative talk surrounding Wells' contract and his terrible 07 and 09 seasons that we're under-rating him?  And that with all the hype surrounding Crawford's free...

Jays interested in Manny


According to MSNBC, Jays among five teams interested in Manny's services.

MLB important dates


I thought this might be of interest to some of you who may be craving Jays news. These dates will give you an idea when certain things may occur (i.e. Winter meetings, non tenders, Spring training).

Jays Continue Spree With Nicolino


Nice to see the Jays continue to put their money where their mouth is.


Halladay quietly positioning himself for NL Cy Young award?

I remember thinking not too long ago.  "Doc is having a typical awesome season, but it looks like he'll fall short of winning the Cy Young award, due to crazy-good seasons from a few players, such...

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