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Purcey recalled from AAA


I can't say I understand this move. Maybe someone can educate me... There is one spot available. Purcey is being called up, and Tallet is going to be back for sure, and you'd think Litsch willl be up shortly too. So are Rommie Lewis and Roenicke going to go back to AAA? I could see Purcey being up for a week or two until Tallet is ready, but if I'm not mistaken, Purcey is down to his last option? So to be sent back to the minors, he'd have to clear waivers. I might be wrong. Interesting move...


Our minor league leaders

Observations: It's pretty cool that Brett Wallace is leading the PCL in Home Runs and RBI's. Jeroloman and Emaus are 1 and 2 in OBP and 3 and 4 in OPS in the Eastern League. Despite being...


Who is your MVP so far?

We're about a month into the 2010 season and the Jays are playing .500 baseball.  It could be worse, as many predict the Jays to be an awful team this year.  So far, they've scored 122 runs (5th in...

Griffing clarifies the real reason for Carlson's demotion to AAA.


They like him and want to control him as long as they can. If Carlson stays in LV for more than 10 days, the Jays control him for another full season.


Tallet vs. Eveland

Looks like we're stuck with both of these guys, at least to start the season.  I think one is destined for the bullpen and the other is destined for the back of the rotation.  Tallet pitched well...

Closer of the Future?


Hmmm, wasn't really excited about this guy until I read this.


Kevwin Millarnacion

Encarnacion's wrist injury is starting to worry me.  Not that I'm that worried about missing his bat in the bottom 3rd of the lineup.  I think the Jays would also get by just fine without him...

Lubanski the Darkhorse


Some old news, but still an interesting read, I guess.


Make Your Prediction...Roy Halladay

Looks like BBB is done with Jays player predictions (though I may be wrong), so I thought I'd throw something up, to see how everyone thinks Halladay will do with the Phils.  He's not a Jay, but...

Ruiz helps PR power past Mexico


Ruiz continues to impress doesn't he?


Why can't they contend in 2010?

It seems to be the general consensus among Jays followers that the 2010 season is a write off, and that there are better seasons not too far ahead - some say as early as 2011.  I'm not so sure that...


Who's playing Winterball?

I was looking through the Jays minor leaguers to see who is playing Winterball, and how they're doing.  I jotted it down, and though I'd post, in case anyone was interested.  Not anything...


Jays Get Bedard?

  I posted this on Wilner's site.  Thought I'd run it by you guys to get your thoughts on it. I want to throw an idea at you. What do you think about throwing a 4 year deal at Bedard. Say 4 yrs,...

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