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Best Analysis of Bulls Off-Season


This piece is a bit too optimistic by my estimation, but I learned a lot from reading it. This was an interesting off-season and I'm excited about seeing how this comes together.

Bulls have trades in place to offer Melo a Max Deal


"The Bulls, meanwhile, have roster moves lined up that they believe will create enough cap room to lure Anthony, who is eligible for a four-year, $96 million deal if he changes teams. That deal would start at Anthony's max of $22.5 million -- a figure the Bulls would clear if they amnestied Carlos Boozer and traded Taj Gibson and Mike Dunleavy."

Melo Delaying Decision to See if Phil can get LeBron


This article gives the most plausible and optimistic reasoning behind why Melo has waited. Phil Jackson is trying to trade Amare to make room to get LeBron in NY, which won't happen. Melo wants to win but would rather do it in NY, which means that when LeBron doesn't go to NY, we get him.

The latest from KC Johnson on Melo-to-Chicago


KC thinks that the Org did all it could in 2010, and is doing all it can now, but whether we get Melo depends on whether he demands max money and wants to come here.


ESPN: Reinsdorf Willing to go into Luxury Tax

According to ESPN's Weekend Dime (scroll down to the middle of the page), Reinsdorf was willing to go into the luxury tax if the Bulls were able to land Gasol, and he's willing to do the same if we...

Pippen: LeBron Could Be Better Than Jordan


Absolutely ridiculous. I'll give Pip a pass on this one, not only because I love the man, but because I think all of us are overreacting to a tough loss.


BA Rangers Top 10

TOP 10 PROSPECTS: 1. Martin Perez, lhp 2. Jurickson Profar, ss 3. Tanner Scheppers, rhp 4. Robbie Erlin, lhp 5. Engel Beltre, of 6. Michael Kirkman, lhp 7. Mike Olt, 3b 8. Luis Sardinas, ss 9....

Hollinger: Chicago 2nd-Biggest Winner of the Summer (ESPN Insider)


Hollinger put Chicago second on his list of this summer's winners. The key quote: "They basically traded John Salmons, Kirk Hinrich, a mid-first-round pick and a second-round pick for Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer and C.J. Watson. You do that deal in a heartbeat. Boozer and Korver filled glaring needs for post scoring and shooting, respectively, while Watson can take over as the backup point guard and provide another shooter."

John Hollinger's Take on Redick and Korver (ESPN Insider)


Snippets of the key parts of the article: Redick signed a three-year, $20 million deal with Chicago that nearly everybody expects Orlando to match, but if not it will be a major coup for the Bulls. Chicago needs both a shooting guard and a long-range specialist, and would get both in one shot if it can land Redick. The Magic are in an interesting financial spot, however. They're undoubtedly a contender but also have spent like drunken sailors the past two years; at some point the small-market squad will have to pull back, even with the expected strong revenue from a new arena that will open this fall. Redick and Matt Barnes both are free agents and the Magic already spent $15 million on backup point guard Chris Duhon, so this may be that point. Bulls sign Kyle Korver to three-year, $15 million deal This was a nice deal for Chicago, which desperately needs shooting and nabbed the best shooter left on the market in Korver. He wasn't needed in Utah after the team drafted Gordon Hayward, but he shot 53.6 percent on 3s in 2009-10 and is a competent help defender. He's not the entire solution for Chicago's wing needs, but he's part of it, and came at very reasonable dollars in this market.

How "The Decision" Was Decided: Exclusive Ari Emanuel Interview


Ari Emanuel is a Hollywood super-agent who is the inspiration for the character Ari Gold on Entourage. Apparently "The Decision" was his bright idea, and the original plan was to have it right before the ESPYs on the 14th. According to him, it had been in the works for quite a while.

KC Phone Interview of Reinsdorf


Great article. I wish we got LBJ or Wade, but I don't blame the Org for this one.


Rasmus or Brett Anderson?

  I have a Strat-o-Matic draft coming up, and one of these two should fall to me.  Since it's Strat (not fantasy), stuff like defense, arm, and splits matter. For the next 10 years, who would you...


Keep Gordon on the Bench

While I love this blog, the constant cries of "start Gordon!" are only slightly less annoying than the weeks of "give Gordon a huge deal!" we had to live through during the summer. The truth is...


[UPDATE] Kobe Talks Stalled Because We Won't Include Deng (10/31 Kobe Thread)

[UPDATE. Dan Bernstein from 670AM's midday show has his own sources and claims that a deal is actually on the table. Read below. -Matt]Last night, on TNT, Magic Johnson said that "A deal can't get...


Wallace Isn't The Right Move, Just The Best Move

[From the Diaries. This is a couple days old, but basically says it all, and definately worth a read. Although I have a minor disagreement with the last two points, I think that if Pax does see the...


Chad Ford: Bulls Turned Down Murphy + Pietrus for Chandler

From Chad Ford's chat today on ESPN Insider: They've talked to a number of teams about moving Murphy and have included Pietrus as a way of sweetening the deal. They had that offer on the table with...

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