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Say Whaaaa? Alabama vs WHO in the MNC


This is the most outlandish prediction I have seen in forever. What do you guys think?

So how bad is the Panda at 3rd base


Bochy acknowledged that he isn’t sure that Sandoval is in condition to return to third base, where Joaquin Arias has set a defensive standard that will be difficult to match. Yes thats the same Juaquin Arias.

Ninja JD strikes him right before he blows up


Davis to the DL in baltimore with a shoulder problem due to playing regularly.

New APR for post season bans


It is about time. The NCAA making student athletes be students. Note the schools listed who would be ineligible for the tourney. FYI Texas's lowest scores were FB at 941 and WBB at 969 so not much chance of falling under the mark of 925 which equals 50%.

Calling Sullingers...


...lack of truth. I am happy when players stay in school, Horns or otherwise. But for Sulliger to say he did not hear about a possible NBA lockout till the morning of his announcement is a crock. If you watch ESPN at all (which all college players do) then you have heard about it over and over again. If the lockout keeps you in school, just say so.

Az Desert Swarm does not even agree with the end of the game


The AZ blog does not have near the writing of PB, et al but they agree that it was LUCK that they will be in Anaheim, and probably should not be. Good to know that some AZ fans are being objective enough to know what should have happened.


Who will be headed to Tulsa town?

I think it is safe to start this thread.    It is a forgone conclusion that the Horns will be in Tulsa next week.  I was wondering which BONers will be joining me at the BOK Center.  I will be in...

Pettitte says "Its time"


Pettitte calls it quits. So its CC, an overrated Hughes and ?, ?, ?.

Sooners in handcuffs


Will family man Stoops susspend them for more than Ball State?

Cam Netwon cleared to play


So your dad's actions don't disqualify you. Not sure what to think...if you shopped him to one school, why would you not shop him to another, esp since Cam wanted to go to Miss State? Why would you chose Auburn if there was no major reason not to choose where your son wants to go, MSU? Your thoughts?

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