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New Championship Trophy

via www.gannett-cdn.com Throwing this out for discussion as I haven't seen anything on it (maybe I completely missed it and if so, I apologize). I'm sure there are some that will disagree, but I...


How solid is Brandon Wimbush?

Was listening to Chris Childers show on Sirius and he had a recruiting guest talking head on who was saying that Wimbush is high on Stanford, and now that he's received an offer from them and was...


Just sayin'

I know tOSU is going to get their recruits. I know they are going to end up with a top 5 or so recruiting class. I know that Urbz is after top prospects from across the country, and so the class...

Fare well, 'Bama...it's been nice to know ya!


With a resounding thump, the final nail is driven into the Crimson Tide coffin.

Craig James fired for murdering same-sex prostitutes!


Oh, wait....for being homophobic. I suppose if he met a same sex prostitute he'd kill him/her too based on his track record with prostitutes. He seems to think it has nothing whatsoever to do with his suckiness as a sports commentator....

Interesting perspective on media and PSU campus police


He compares the outpouring of support for the slain MIT police officer in the media and by other police against how the PSU campus police were portrayed by the media in the Sandusky reporting.

Yet another reason to have disdain for tO$U fans


Oh how I hate people who sit in the left-hand lane and drive slow.


Bourbon. Refined manliness in liquid form.

Here's a major rule of life. If you can picture a girl from a bachelorette party wearing a penis headdress and shouting to the bartender for another whatever the hell it is you're drinking, then...

While UNC won't go after our players because of "IT", they apparently have issues of their own....


(Alleged) victim of rape accused of honor code violation for making her rapist feel bad due to her accusation.

NCAA Exec Committee Votes CONFIDENCE in Emmert


Oh...My...God. IS it possible that the PSU BOT is also the NCAA Executive Committee. I mean really...there can't be this many nitwits in the world, can there be?

Looks like everyone thinks Emmert is a douchea


Tweet stream from writers ... some fun reads

Full-on Cactus Body Slam


If this guy breeds it is a crime against humanity. Awesome in its stupidity. F'bombs...pain...crazy wonderful...

Oh dear God...how does "IT" weigh on playing in Ireland?!


do any of the sanctions say that PSU can't play a game outside the confines of the North American Continent?! Why would the current players not be allowed the opportunity to go to Ireland (and maybe get a pint or two of Guiness in a snug at the pub)?

PSU Early Morning Workout Videa


It's short, but visualizes what we've read about the morning routines.

The Asshat Parade Marches On


I never liked parades. Even when I was in them (Armed Forces Day parades and such), I hated them. But Asshat parades really roast my acorns. The jerk-wagon collection of sports media writers trying to downplay any rebuttal to Freeh and prove they were right in their initial knee-jerk over-reaction and condemnation of Paterno just shows their minds are as wide open as a gnat's ass.

Once again LJ Sr gets recognition as a top recruiter


One of best decisions BO'B made was keeping LJ Sr. (Duh).

The potential for tragedy


I know...it has nothing to do with football...but Maker's Mark is changing it's alcohol content and I don't like it one bit. No Sir.

Van Natta Commentary on ESPN


Overall interesting and I'd say more or less fair take.

Who PSU should schedule in upcoming years


Interesting, and I'd like it, but I don't see it happening.

Article on Mauti's draft stock


Not bad if not much in the way of new information or deep analysis

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