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Here we go (conference shake up time)

So Texas A&M is going to leave the Big XII.  There's no going back and they never would have pulled the trigger on it if they didn't know that the SEC was waiting with open arms (or at least an...


Ways that tO$U sucks

So often in polls we are given the option to select "tOSU sucks", yet what happens when we are faced with a multitude of options to express how much tOSU sucks?  Obviously no one poll can...


Who is going to have an outstanding game?

We've all been speculating about who the big players will be for the Nittany Lions.  Some are familiar faces who we are expecting big things from this season and some are new faces around whom...


Games of the week

Well, it's just two days and a wake up to the first kickoffs on Thursday, and four days and a wake up till PSU's season gets underway.  So what games are everyone looking forward to this coming...


Brian Bennett is not your friend

If you haven't seen it, Brian Bennett on ESPN has done the best case/worst case for PSU.  He seems to think PSU will be closer to a 6-6 season (his worst case).  My question is, how can anyone...



Maybe I'm crazy, but why doesn't the B1G have a channel on Sirius/XM?  There's the college channel with Bill King and Finebaum (SEC Homer elite) and Chris Childers, but I'm thinking the B1G should...

TP with Raiders

Apparently Jamarcus Russell wasn't enough pain for Oakland...now they have TP! (Hope the PSU guys on the Raiders give TP a "fitting" welcome.)


Jason goes to the mattresses with Rittenberg

Jason, I too am guzzling from the punchbowl and doing keg stands with the blue Kool-aide.  I say when the season is over and PSU is playing in Indianapolis we all chip in and send a case of blue...


Some love for Beachum

A decent comparison between Redd and Beachum. Makes a point that Beachum is the more experienced back with the loss of Green.  Nothing I'd like to see more than both Redd and Beachum having 1K+...


Excessive Celebration

So it's almost here.  This is the year when the new "Excessive Celebration" rule goes into effect whereby a player who begins to celebrate prior to crossing the goal line, and subsequently does...

New Indiana Uni for 2011

Oh good, just what the B1G needed...another school whose uni is white pants with two red stripes and a red shirt with white numbers. Maybe IU is hoping opposing teams will mistake them for Wisconsin or Nebraska. Nebraska will be like, "Hey, wait...are they us or are we them? I'm confused!"


Mauti models new PSU Uni

So we get to see the actual new PSU uniform being modeled my Mike Mauti.  Vanilla with a heaping side of vanilla.  Excellent!  Remember when everyone referred to the Penn State "Generic" uniform...


Vegas, Baby!!

Vegas has published the odds for the winner of the B1G Championship game: Nebraska                           8-5 W...

The Badass Honey Badger

A must watch for just before the PSU/Wisconsin game...


Always comes down to money

There's an article on Adam Rittenberg's blog on ESPN today comparing Big 10 and SEC in regards to revenue generation.  But, the article also pointed out that "Penn State generated the most...


The Big 10 in The Super Bowl

Fifteen former Big 10 players are part of the active rosters for the Packers and Steelers combined (14% of the combined active rosters of the teams came from the Big 10).  Nine play for the...


The Big 10 Bowl Discussion

As we all know, how a conference's teams fare in bowls determines in large part how the conference is deemed in the coming season (being "up" - strong - or "down" - weak).  As PSU fans, we've...


The Future?

I keep reading posts by fans and articles by sportswriters that talk about Bolden being the "future" of the program and how he needs to get reps in so that he's prepared for next season.  But my...


A season of firsts

I know the season isn't over yet, so there's still time for more to come.  However, it strikes me funny as I listen to so many people talk about how JoePA needs to retire that it's hard to say the...


Gunnin' for Herbstreit

ESPN GameDay is coming to Columbus on Saturday and Herbstreit and McGloin will be in the same city.  McGloin called Kirk Herbstreit out after the Michigan game by saying, "I'm gunnin' for...


Holy QB controversy Batman!

Well, who should get the start next week?  JayPa says no controversy...it's RoBo's team.  McGloin (hoisting a bottle of Bushmill's in celebration) says it's RoBo's team.  JoePa didn't seem so...


Joke of the week

After the "The Game", the two teams meet in the middle of the field.  The QB for Ohio State is talking to the QB for Michigan.  The Michigan QB asks, "So why do you wear a red uniform shirt?"...

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