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What Do They Throw?


During the Arizona Fall League this off-season, the Tampa Bay Rays had four pitchers on the same roster for the Peoria Saguaros: Alex Cobb, Sergio Espinosa, Neil Schenk, and Jeremy Hall. That...

My visual response to PGP's article earlier this week. I would be worried about Manny's ability to...


My visual response to PGP's article earlier this week. I would be worried about Manny's ability to stay back on off-speed pitches.

Price's Speeding Two-Seamer


David Price's best pitch is the fastball, being able to reach back and hit triple digits when he has the chance. His two-seam fastball has been a bit of a project this season, having introduced it...

A Look Into Jeremy Hellickson's First Start


Jeremy Hellickson had an excellent first start to his very promising Major League career. You can read more about it here. I actually ended up attending the game so I didn't have the pleasure of...

Is Chad Qualls Good?: A Look at DIPS and His Pitches


Chad Qualls is a serviceable reliever, a sinker-slider pitcher who induces a high amount of groundballs and can rack up the strikeouts. I feel like I'm stating the obvious here, but Qualls has not...

Evan Longoria and Hitting the Inside Pitch


The title says it all: I wanted to know how good Evan Longoria is at hitting the inside pitch. As usual, I took a look at the Pitch f/x data provided by MLBAM and made this graph plotting his wOBA o...

Jeff Niemann Is Using His Power Sinker More


The American League's starter for this season's All-Star game was the Rays' own David Price. But there was another Rays starter that some thought (from a non-sabermetric crowd) deserved...

Rating The Starters' Pitches


I've been too busy this week to write a lenghty post, but I have been able to classify all the Rays starters' pitches for this season. Now my handy database can easily compute metrics like run...

Knuckleball hangover


There is a chart in the link that shows how hitters don't hit the day after seeing a knuckleball pitcher (Wakefield). Here are the probable pitchers for the Indians series in order: Jake Westbrook, Fausto Carmona, Aaron Laffey, and Justin Masterson.

The Shift And Lack Of Air Hits Are Hurting Carlos Pena


Out of all the left-handed hitters in the Majors that face a defensive shift, Carlos Pena may be the worst at beating it. His numbers this season for BABIP and wOBA to right field are the lowest of...

Price Has Been Whiffy Lately


For a pitcher showcasing a mid-90s fastball, David Price's strikeout per nine innings ratio seems like it shouldn't be below 8. However, during his first 12 starts this season, Price had a K/9 of...

A Look At the Rays' Free Swinging Ways


There have been several references to O-Swing lately here at DRaysBay and elsewhere. A commonly used stat from Fan Graphs plate discipline section, O-Swing is moderately correlated with walk rate...

Shields And His BABIP


There has apparently been some worry about starter James Shields this year who now sports the second highest ERA of the rotation. Tommy went over his thoughts yesterday and believes that Shields...

David Price's High Heat Location


There was something different coming from David Price's arm in his last start on Wednesday. In that start against the Toronto Blue Jays, Price went six innings on 104 pitches, allowing only one run...

Breaking Down James Shields' Pitches


James Shields is having an excellent 2010 season. His K/9 is around nine, which would be his career high if the season ended today, and his xFIP is 3.26, ninth in the Majors for...

Checking Up On Win Probability


When it comes to baseball statistics, one of my favorites is Win Probability and everything associated with it. Of course, most saberists ignore it beyond the game-by-game level...


Improving Plate Discipline From Longoria

Editor Note: Too good for the side-bar. RZ's graphs are amazing as always. I got the idea for this article from Tommy's post on Longoria. Looking at FanGraphs data, the only major changes in...

Grant Balfour: Doing More With Less (Speed)


So with J.P. Howell now out for a year, the Rays will have to rely more on the pitchers they already have in the pen. Grant Balfour is one. This season in 17.1 innings, Balfour has a slightly...

Looking Further Inside Pena's Bad Snap


I guess am I going to be beat on a thrice beaten dead horse. Tommy got us started with the Carlos Pena "O-fer" streak subject on Tuesday, followed up by FFreeZo giving us Pena's rolling...

Garza's Nasty Slider


Jeez. It seems like the Rays start an ace on the mound every game. One of them is Matt Garza who is widely believed to have the best "stuff" on the Rays staff and is the most likely one to throw a...


The Best and Worst Pitches of the Rays Staff: First Month

We have about a month of play finished already so here are the best and worst pitches of the Rays staff sorted by run value with negative being good for the pitcher (run prevention). I only charted...

This And That: Run Efficiency, Velocity, Jaso Love, VOPB, and More


Sorry no one topic committed here or any pretty graphs. Just some thoughts and observations I had recently. Don't see any reason why the Rays will send Jaso back down to Durham once Shoppach gets...

Best Pitches So Far For The Rays Staff

  1. Davis: Two Seam -5.77 rv100
  2. Price: Two Seam -5.36
  3. Niemann: Curve -5.17
  4. Sonnanstine: Cutter -4.57
  5. Wheeler: Slider -4.40

Two Seamer Improves David Price’s Game


Two Seamer Improves David Price’s Game

Quick Visuals: A Look at Evan Longoria's Sweetspot(s)


Does this get your attention? Yes, RZ has finally pulled through and brought DRaysBay its very first "heat map"! Taking a cue from Jeremy Greenhouse of Baseball Analysts, here is my own short...

Upton's Swing Rate and Batted Ball vs. Location


Author's Note: This wasn't suppose to go up until later this afternoon as I added an updated chart to include data from the first three games of the season. Apologies if this was any inconvenience. ...

He does look a little like Matt Damon.


He does look a little like Matt Damon.

Joaquin Benoit & Mike Ekstrom: A Look At Their Approach


The Rays will have likely made their choice already, internally at least, by the time this hits the interwebs, but the final spot in the bullpen will go down to two pitchers: Joaquin Benoit...

The top three salaries for starting pitchers for each team. Wow. The Tigers are paying four times...


The top three salaries for starting pitchers for each team. Wow. The Tigers are paying four times as much for Bonderman, Willis, and Robertson than Shields, Garza, and Price. Link to article and image.

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