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User Blog

Matt Flynn's Lament (Rated R-ish poem)

Let Pryor have the start. It really won't break my heart If he goes on out there and gets his young ass beat. He sure likes to run with the ball and the dude is stout and tall and watching him...


Where have our ace starters gone?

(Apologies to the immortal Pete Seeger)Where have all our ace starters gone? Long time passing Where have all our ace starters gone? Long time ago Where have all our ace starters gone? Gone to shit...


Anyone want to coach a high school baseball team?

Yes, I'm serious. Taft High School in Woodland Hills (north of LA central in the San Fernando valley) is in desperate need for coaching staff to take over for the retiring staff (their sons...


Baseball, Babes, and Books

Greetings Halonauts! It is summer, and while it is the perfect time for another glorious Halo’s baseball season, hanging with the womenfolk (or being one of the lovely womenfolk here hanging with...


Shout out to HH's Eyespy

Aloha Eyespy! And Welcome back to SoCal with your son this weekend!


Thank you, Arte Moreno!

Over five months ago, when the lovely Two Thousand and Eleven baseball season finally slumped to a horrendous close for us Los Angeles Angel’s fans, I sat in my chair in my office and was...


Mickey Mantle: My Granddad's Favorite

            “Just a bunch of bums, pal,” said Gramps, sitting back disgruntled in his Yankee Stadium bleacher seat alongside his 10-year-old grandson, while wiping off his horn-rimmed glasses and...


"Limey’s Lament" ...How We Maintain Our Baseball Obsession

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say. But when we are “far from the madding crowd,” to use Thomas Hardy’s phrase, does that make us less “fond,” less fervid in our desire to partake in...


Bahstin Hamlet Laments Red Sux’s Hahrrible Staht

  To be or not to be, that is the fahking question; Whether it’s noblah in the mind to suffah the slings and arrows of outrageous Halo fan postahs, Or just realize the season's in the crapppah, and...


What do we do when Aybar and Morales return?

  Aybar should be back soon, and Kendrysssss supposedly will be back beginning of May, maybe... So what does the Soth do with Trumbo and Collaspo upon their return? Though he won’t bat in the...


'Twas The Night After The Winter Meetings .... An Angels Baseball / Christmas Fable

Did the Ghost of Christmas Future visit Angels GM Tony Reagins after the winter meetings?


Black Holes and Revelations: Brandon Wood and "Lost" Obsessions

While we savor the latest Halo victory, geek out over the latest bullpen disaster, ponder Brandon Wood’s future (for the 3 millionth time), delight in the inexplicable explosion of decent PhiSlamma...


Where Are They and What Are They Doin’?

Obviously, we are all deeply focused on the success of our current Angels, but I think many of us are interested in how some of our old favorites (and non-favorites) are faring elsewhere, now that...


Guide for Halos Heaven "Newbies"

Now that the spring season has begun and we are all rellishing the Angel’s awesome 0-2-1 start, I thought I would offer some of the lesser known tips for "newbies" to assist them in acclimating...


Starting a New Tradition: the "Halo Angel"

Now that my "Bring Back Hud" post was so hugely successful (not...), I had another brilliant idea I'd like to share with you all and get your feedback to see if it's worth pursuing. I think we need...


Dear Mr. Moreno: Bring Back Hud!

  It may be too late. You’ll probably never see this letter anyway, or read it cause it’s just too damn long. And I know I don’t speak for all Angel fans, Mr. Moreno, sir. Or for perhaps even the...


Magical Baseball

As we read and argue about predictions sabermetricians and others have made about the Halos this year based on varying statistical analyses, you have to wonder about, well,  intangibles. When...


Papelbon on the Mound & the 2009 ALDS

 In Memory of Rory Markas, In Honor of our best game since 2002, and with Apologies to Ernest Lawrence Thayer   The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Beantown nine that day, They dropped two...

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