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Things I Most Want the Next Head Coach To Do. or. Things I've lived without for over 10 Effing Years!

--> Balanced running game. Every game. Over the entire season. Every season. And make a big element of it the Power Run game. Keep the stretch in there though, Shady kills it on that play....


Will Washburn and Mudd stay if Reid goes? (Plus what to do if he stays)

Because I love these two. But when Andy Reid gave Chad Hall a draw carry instead of McCoy/Brown/Lewis I was on board for a change. That was the breaking point after 13 years of Reid. Chad Hall. Not...


The two big positives from the Bears game - Graham and Jarrett

For the first time this season we got to see some extensive action from two defensive players who should be a major part of our defense in the future. Brandon Graham looked quick, healthy, and...


Some thoughts on the Falcons Game

First , the play I can't get out of my head. Final Eagles possesion, 3rd and 8 (i think?)... Kafka see's the corner lined way off of Maclin, jumps excitedly pointing over there and calling the...


RBE is back, and with a little post for the draftniks

Hey guys, some of you might not know me, I was pretty active here for a while but then my laptop died and I didn't have a comp for the entirety of the regular season. I still checked out the site...


Revisiting My Pre TC Roster Prediction

http://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2010/6/23/1532760/final-53-man-roster-discussion#comments Well cuts are coming soon and I want to nail down some predictions. Where I was wrong:-I trusted the...


Final 53 Man Roster Discussion

With 13 draft picks and a slew of undrafted rookies and open roster positions, this is one of the most unpredictable final rosters in recent memory. I'll give you my best guess.LS: Doronbos    ...


Haynesworth/Slant Route

The Slant Route How many times have we seen Donavan sling a slant route with a ton of zip and the receiver can't handle it? Curtis dropped a bunch, Reggie, Desean, all of em. Yet we still tried...


If Kolb = Rodgers

Lets do a little hypothetical here and pretend we're all optimists (that's you too EvilBanner)... lets say Kolb = Aaron rodgers in his first year starting. If Kolb = Rodgers our offensive line...


Over/Underrated Eagles

First, a recently traded player. Underrated: Chris Clemons- JimmyK's post about special teams provided some illumination on why Clemons fell out of favour with the Eagles, he was a liability of...


Marty Mornhinweg

Well I've been thinking about making a post about Mornhinweg for a good while now, and I figured since he's currently a hot topic I'd cash in while the gettin's good. Basically I'm going to give...


The Two most interesting moves to me

Well we made a bunch of moves in this draft, and as expected, the eagles were largely unpredictable. 1) The move --> Trading next year's 6th to move into the top of the 7th to grab Chaney - This...


Ups and Downs in round one

What a wild first round, tons of ups and downs for me, here it is off the top of my head... Down: Washington plays it smart and takes the OT they need. Part of me was happy for McNabb   Down: B...


We should trade our first rounder next year

In my opinion this is the most crucial draft of the Andy Reid era since his first when he nailed the top pick and brought Donovan in. We need to come out of this draft with some serious defensive...


Donovan McNabb Traded to Redskins for 2nd rounder +

It's official.... McNabb for your 2nd rounder and a conditional 3rd or 4th next year.Can't wait to hear your reaction, Shanahan has a legit veteran QB to work with. Hard to believe this happened...


Roseman becoming a pariah with a bad reputation?

OK here's an article by Michael Silver that I would deem a must-read for all interested Eagle's fans. h...


Shady will be offensive MVP

I see alot of people doubting that this guy will be "an every down back" or that he has "alot left to prove." The latter is of course true, but he's shown me enough already (college included) to be...


Can you imagine?

Alright so I'm reading the new Don banks mock. He has Berry slipping out of the top 10, which is obviously not happening. Imagine though if he or Haden slips to Buffalo at #9, IMO we have the...


Broncos game and looking ahead to Playoff Matchups

Defense Sheldon Brown and Asante Samuel have had one heck of a year playing corner in a league where the position is becoming rediculously hard to play with all the ticky-tack flags. Sheldon laid...


Offensive line living up to its preseason billing?

Many people called this one of the best lines "on paper*" - The asterisk being that it was going to be an adjustment with two new offensive tackles. Two of the best "on paper" guys were the...


Important Parallel between Oakland loss and Cinci Tie

As I was watching the aweful loss to the raiders unfold I became increasingly frustrated with a problem that I naively hoped went away after the Cincinatti tie game. I thought that game tought Andy...


Steve Smith Disses Jake During Game!

Just watched "sounds of the game" on NFL network and here is what I saw: Steve was sitting at the bench when Delhomme approached to apologize for an underthrown ball that was intercepted by Asante....

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