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Unofficial overflow

Because things are getting clogged up big time. Saturday is full of surprises. Continue the postcoach postgame here, maybe. Don't feed the bears. Keep your hands inside the basket at all...

KLBK/Matt roberts has the return of BCG earlier today.

Twitter picture of a basketball coach exiting a small jet. You may now raise your eyebrow, scratch your beard, nod your head and say "Hmmm." Full article included: Bryan Mudd/Everythinglubbock/KLBK: http://everythinglubbock.com/fulltext?nxd_id=118542

Beware of the autoplay (DW article link)

Don Williams has a talk with Michael Brewer. He says he is ready to do what is asked of him, and is trying to learn from Doedge. What happened to the plan that Tubs mentioned where Doedge would be our all around QB and Brewer would be a specialist of sorts? I sorta liked that idea but it seems to have died out. There was also a mention of Karam in there too, for those that still have an interest.


OT- Growth of American Football in China.

Last off-season, we had some fun talking about the earliest developments of gridiron football in China. It looked unclear if they would have success with the game or not. This off season, I did not...

TTU will run RG3 ad in Waco Trib.

Tubs has tweetered that TTU will run a full page ad in the Waco Trib. It will congratulate RG3 on his Heisman. Seem a little pointless to you? It does to Tech to! Here is the full URL: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/text/genrel/auto_pdf/2011-12/misc_non_event/RG3-AD.pdf Note the "miscellaneous non event" part. If we all agree on that, then... Why? Not sure what they hope to accomplish.


Neal Brown Thoughts Here.

We need to expand this discussion, as he has become a big theme lately. 1. Some say he should be fed to the wolves and/or want him made a scapegoat. I am not convinced this is the right call (yet...


What about an 8 and 4 season?

It is at least theoretically possible - there is no law that says we will loose the next three.  Now, It doesn't seem realistic, but what if it happened?   If we eat the final 3 teams alive, or...


Lucky/traditional snacks for the Longhorn game?

Does anybody have any special traditions for snacks during a Longhorn game? Eat anything you reserve for just one game? Mine is Doritos+beverage since 08 and nothing else till the game is over -...

Celebration coverage.

Adam Young brings the story of celebration after the game from the AJ. A nicely done straight article. I can confirm raider power chants and burnouts/donuts audible that night. I still think we are overcooking post-game frenzy a bit. Iowa State will be here soon, and who knows what will happen.

A bit dusty at Jones Stadium.

Power stable again, so I can post this. Plucked from youtube (Copdrop6): shots of Jones Stadium at 1:18, 1:36, 2:23 and 2:40. It was for-real-black-as-night-during-broad-daylight. Despite the sensationalistic music, it's not that abnormal, just interesting to see. Is it a bad omen? You tell me.

AMAZING picture from the game.

"Spotted" has done something big here. Who is that guy? Who is the lady? What sort of weapon is the wife holding? Just Wow.

Don Williams: We are excelling.

Headline: "Even in loss, Tech's running game excels." I was wondering where the Don Williams we all know and love went. Adam Young has to sleep some time, and when the cat is away the mice will play. Feels like old times again.

Bill Byrne wants to be famous on the internet.

I think we should grant him that. Keep in mind that he did not see or smell the buses until after they had been cleaned up. Keep diggin' bud, we'll grant you your wish. Soon enough, everyone will know your name.


What has gone right in year 2 of the new guy.

Because I am a "credit where it is due" kind of guy: Strength and conditioning: I remember last year, this year is much better. Now, it seems the team is in "football-playing" shape - for the most...

$99.00 season tickets.

It looks cheap and desperate at first, but it is a promotion, so I have to assume United is making up (at least part of) the difference. Surely it will be the right price for plenty of fans. Pretty cool that United does that, even if that company is too good for Lubbock...

Remember the Donald Trump endorsement of the old coach for Maimi?

There are times when I just shake my head. This is one of those times. The weird never stops. I wonder If he knew of anything being rumored around. Then again - would you work for The Shalala?

Hocutt releases no comment via spokesman.

Of particular interest is how Blayne Beal has suddenly become a spokesman with nothing to say.


Independence in the big 12

Just wanted to quickly provoke some thought:   With the mess of floundering sports governing bodies, big media strongarming, contract problems (imaginary or otherwise) and the fecklessness inherent...

A.J. article on Hocutt's concern about ESPN.

Hocutt on The Longhorn Network. Concern, Concern, Concern. *This article has been significantly updated from the original version.


OT- Chinese adopting football, pecans and Friday Night Lights?

Happened across an article in the China Daily: "American sports getting more popular" http://usa.chinadaily.com.cn/epaper/2011-07/19/content_12934142.htm Totally against their culture, but they are...

Michigan economist named deputy athletics director.

Terrifying news. Michigan economics are ruinous. No good could possibly come of this.

KCBD reports...something on Billy G.

KCBD quotes a source that states (with little clarity) that BCG "looks good" to be the next coach. (Posted: Mar 13, 2011 10:47 PM CDT Updated: Mar 13, 2011 11:53 PM CDT) Looks better in a suit than PK? Has a chance? Possible? Probable? Guaranteed? No idea. I would like to make a point of noting that KCBD usually stays well away from rumors and trashy journalism and this makes them "look bad" . Pretty surprised they went there. I suppose they feel pretty confident all of a sudden... We'll see.

Seven years of excellence!

Mmm! "The Red Raider’s Black team finished first and posted a total score of 4,089 – only two points ahead of their nearest competitor, Oklahoma State University. Texas Tech’s Red team scored 4080 points and finished third. The teams won the beef grading, beef judging, lamb judging, overall beef and specification divisions." (Black team means black uniforms?) "This was the last contest of the spring for the 2011 team. The students will compete at four more contests during the fall semester, as well as an international competition in Australia this summer." Best of luck to them going forward. I just can't get over how good of an idea it is to make a sport of the best steaks.

Hyatt/Hocutt podcast.

This one is fairly brief. He calls access to Meyers during the transition a "tremendous opportunity". Talks lots of "Transition" and labels himself an "incoming" AD. Talks new basketball coach a little bit. Sounds serious about finance. Sounds moderately more comfortable than he was during the press conference, and speaks a bit better- but still very much sounds like he has one foot in both places. Now that I have had the chance to hear more from him; I think once he gets here and throws his full weight behind his job, there is good cause to be optimistic. That being said, the commitment to both places at once does not come off as the most graceful way to do buisness and I guess he lets that shine through a little. If that part of the deal were a longer process it would very much be a bad thing.


Looking forward 5-8 years

With all the focus on this fall and all the details to filter, how about some bigger-picture? I would like to go ahead and ask some open-ended questions here, as a Monday offering upon the food for...


Local paper reports rumor in AD search.

Matt McGowan dosn't really bother reporting any facts, so I wont bother linking to the article. But Hyatt & Fiero have a podcast, where they rehash the article. Hyatt is much, much less guarded...

Town Hall with TTU president Guy Bailey!

Opening up a little to the community. From KCBD.

Red Raider Football Gives Back.

Red Raider Football gives back to Lubbock pediatric heart patients at Covenant. Nice to see. From KCBD.


Craig James tells D Magazine: most Lubbockites support him over Leach

I wasn't aware of this new fact in the spiritual war.  James Clark dug up something fun. http://www.kcbd.com/Global/story.asp?S=13935680    I am curious weather this reflects reality.   What say...


Time to worry. (Kinda.)

I'll keep this one short. There are not really any guaranteed wins this season, It might look like it, but this season is just too wierd to read. There just might be a guaranteed embarrassment or...

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