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24 Texas A&M vs 21 Duke. Open Thread.

Johnny Manziel, Mike Evans, Jake Matthews, etc. Some names of players us Raider fans should keep an eye on for the rest of the night. Score is 28-10 right now with the game so far being all Duke...


''McGloin is a backup at best'' 14 year sample of succesful QBs and their situations

First off, for you to understand the article, go to Jack'sAxe post and read it. Here is the link: h...


Early 14' Draft Post (RP20)

Even if I'm not going to be here much commenting on a daily basis, I do love the draft and it doesn't feel like a warzone, it is something most of us like to talk about, especially when the team is...


Greatest Uniform of all time

Again they are defying us to take away what's ours. Remember when we had something similar with ''Greatest Team of All time'' a couple of years ago?? We won that one, by the way. S&BP hasn't really...


''Unofficial Player Appreciation Day'' ?

First of all I want to say thank you Raider Nation, yesterday showed me why I am so proud to be part of this fanbase. I saw this in the comments section from the Woodson thread last night and...


2013 SB Nation Mocking the Draft: Raiders

Hello S&BP, this is the 2nd straight year Assassin32 and I participate in this SB Nation event after doing it last year with Jack'sAxe (who by the way was the Pats GM, so give him hell, lol). We...

Mock Draft ''War Room

Assassin32, RP20, whoever wants to join.


Addressing the so called ''Terrelle Pryor hate'' and giving it a fair look.

The artcle you are about to read was supposed to be a comment in '' Why is everyone hating on Terrelle Pryor? '' but I figured it was too long to be a comment, but make no mistake, I will take...


RP20 2013 Mock Draft

April and the draft are closing in and the Raiders are one of the teams who should be most excited about it by having a top 3 pick. The team has a lot of holes and that's why it's hard to agree...


A short idea that I'd like to expose

So I was reading my Twitter timeline and I saw a RT by Levi which had the idea of Nor Turner being hired as our OC if he was fired by SD (which will probably happen). So, Turner is a retread HC,...


Ask a Raider fan

Well, after 2 weeks of football, we can all say a couple of things. The Raiders are in for a long season and the Steelers are good yet again, even when people (for like the 4th straight year) were...


Ask a Raider fan

It's that time of the year again, football is back!! I've been kind of active on here as of late and I figured I'd make the first post of the year. As Monday approaches, time will pass by slower,...


Training Camp Questions

With less than a week until Training Camp starts for our Raiders, there are plenty of questions that we have headinginto the season. Position battles, new coaches, new systems and schemes with some...


Projecting the 53 Man Roster.

The site needs a little more movement. Again, at this time of the offseason, nothing is really going on, but there is always something to talk about. Im projecting the roster judging by how things...


Burres shows interest in Raiders

Plaxico Burres has talked about 2 or 3 teams he would like to join, including the Browns, Eagles or a 2nd stint with the Steelers. He hasnt gotten any interest back though. The latest team he...


12 Predictions for the Raiders in 2012

Ive seen this kind of post on other teams blogs and it looks pretty cool, someone makes a post with some predictions and at the end of the year the guy re-posts on the results, I wont forget about...


**UPDATED** Official SBN Mock Draft: Final Results

The Mock just ended on and we are very pleased with the results. As always it is very difficult to get a dream draft but we did, in my opinion, a very good job. The post...


Official SBN Mock Draft: Raiders (read please)

I am right now fooling around this site, on the live draft and I commented on the Chiefs pick (Dontari Poe), right after that I was offered the Raiders 95th spot and on by the Raiders owner (at...


George Anderson, longtime Raiders trainer dies at age 82.

A lot of important stuff is going on right now, and some people may not care a lot about this, but when I read the news I felt I needed to post it and show my respects to a great Raider, as we...


NFL Greatest team of all time Semi-Finals Voting

Ok, the Raiders are in the semifinals, lets get the voting going....again


Is this really what you call re-building?

So I was reading some comments on the ''Raiders most in-demand team in FA'' post, and I really felt weird and down while reading those, the fanbase seems to already have accpeted the possibility of...


Raiders on Prime Time 2012

So I was fooling around ArrowheadPride which is the site for our hated rivals the CHiefs on SBN and saw a post like this, which games should the Chiefs have on Prime time. I kind of stole the idea...


2012 Mock Draft, Free Agency and My Take on the Raiders

So I decided to make a simple mock draft and free agency. We understand as a fanbase where our team needs fill holes, and where are our...


QB situation for 2012

As most of you know I am a Palmer supporter, but I would like to get a feel of where the entire Nation is regarding the QBs for the comming season. People argue that Campbell didnt turn it over and...


Darren McFadden: Keep him or Trade him

So we decided to make a post about this since weve seen the Raider Nation kind of split on this topic. DMac is a great player I think we all can agree on that but he very injury prone, this has...


Opinion: Who stays, who goes, who should come.

Well Raider Nation, again after anotherseason in which we were supposed to improve, we find ourselves talking about next season the day after Week 17 Sunday. I cant begin to stress how dissapointed...


Ask a Raider Fan (Part 2)

In the wake of a perfect week for Chief fans )which I recognize it, and congratulate your accomplishment) and the worst week in a decade for the Raiders, I am comming from Silver and Black Pride to...

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