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Aldridge in NBA Inside Stuff


Should try eating my waffles like Nic.


Will CJ make it on the Rising Stars Challenge?

There is usually 10 spots I believe for Rookies and Sophomores each so do you think CJ will have enough good games to be chosen to participate in this event? There's only a handful of rookies that...


OT: NHL in Portland in the future?

According to the Portland Tribune, Trail Blazers President/CEO Chris McGowan confirmed that Paul Allen was intrigued with the idea of having another professional team. NHL deputy comissioner is...


If the Blazers make it to the playoffs, I think they match up well with Spurs

From what I've seen so far this season, I think this team can have a good matchup against the Spurs. Probably won't win the series but I think it can go six games. At the end of the day their depth...


Design a pair of shoe for Lillard to wear for upcoming games

Following his first NBA All-Star Weekend, during which he won the Skills Challenge, Portland Trail Blazers rookie Damian Lillard is giving you the opportunity to design a pair of shoes for him to...


If Roy was healthy do you think Aldridge would be who he is today?

Do you think with a healthy Roy, Aldridge would be who he is today as an all star player? I think I remember somewhere where Aldridge said that if Roy and Oden were healthy he wouldn't be on this...

Portland Trail Blazers broadcaster Mike Rice interviews Weber State point guard Damian...

Portland Trail Blazers broadcaster Mike Rice interviews Weber State point guard Damian Lillard. ------------------------------- "I can see myself being like a Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook kind of point guard, just for the fact that I can score points but I'm a better playmaker than people can give me credit for. I don't think I'm on their level at all but I think that's who my game kind of favors, those kind of point guards. Hopefully I can have the same type of success." "I think I'll go in the top 10 in the Draft. Maybe 6 here. I would be pleased, I like the situation here. It's a need for my position and my ability." ------------------------------- ed: text edited, bumped to front page

Don't draft Jeremy Lamb!


The guy sounds so clueless. His interview skills not impressing me at all.


Do you rather draft a center/sign point guard or draft point guard/sign center?

I like the latter especially if that center is Roy Hibbert. He is a player that doesn't need a good point guard to be successful. So drafting a rookie point guard like Marshall won't affect...


How much do we blame the training staff?

Sorry if this sounds clueless but there is something wrong with the training staff. How does Oden keep getting surgeries when he hasn't played in a long time? The staff must not be handling his...

Blazers continue to be the most disrespected team in the league


Not a single mention about Nate McMillan and the Blazers. I don't agree with putting Rick Carlisle as one of the coaches who done the most with the least.


Aldridge: Western Conference Player of the Month?

I can't think of anyone having a better February in the west than Aldridge. He is averaging 28.6 ppg, 9.4 rpg, 2.5 apg, 1.6 spg, 1.6 bpg, 85% FT, and 57% FG in the month of February. The team is...

Adam Morrison 2010 NBA Finals Highlights


Adam Morrison 2010 NBA Finals Highlights


If KP is going to draft international players then draft this guy

Ryan Richards from England. The guy is 6'10 245 lbs and only 19 years old. Has an NBA body and is really athletic. He got ball handling skills too.  He would be the perfect guy to backup Aldridge....


Sign Steve Blake this summer? No thanks give me....

Luke Ridnour, a former Duck. He is also a free agent and I think he is a underrated point guard in the league. He's a great backup for Brandon Jennings this season and sometimes outperforms him....

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