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I was born, raised, and still reside in the Santa Barbara area, which used to be strictly Dodger territory, but my parents raised me and my brothers to be Angels fans. We used to vacation in Palm Springs for Spring Training in the 80's, and got autogrpahs from greats like Brian Downing, Jim Abbot, Dave Winfield, and not so greats like Junior Felix and Mike Fetters.

I'm married to a smokin' hot Orange County girl who shares my love for the Angels. She let me name our dog Rex Hudler (we just call him Hudler), and she let me fill a whole bathroom with Angels memorabilia. Next to marrying her, and the day our little Halo fan was born, I'd have to say game 6 of the 2002 World Series was just about the most exciting day of my life.

Since then, it's been a thrill to watch the Angel's success, and yet still a little hard to get used to after so many years of heartbreaking loss. I'm sure this era of winning will someday pass, and we'll once again be forced to root for the Vance Lovelaces and Kent Andersons of the future, but until then, I will bask in the glow of the blazing halo.

2013 off-season amendment: That era of winning HAS passed, even though it isn't Lovelaces and Andersons that are leading the crusade of suckage, but Pujolses and Hamiltons, alleged greats. And thus I return to being a fan out of a dull sense of duty rather than the acute thrill of victory that already seems so distant and fleeting.

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Pattimelt Saves the Day! Baby Manatee's First Game

Spur of the moment, we decided we could not pass up Albert Pujols Gnome night on Tuesday. We had had tickets for a game in April that would have been my one-year-old son's first game, but my wife...

Capuano to Red Sox. Angel's options dwindling


Plan D is gone now. He is only guaranteed 2.5 M! And to make matters worse, Homer Bailey was also extended today, meaning the hold-out-for-next-year's-better-FA-class theory is also petering out. #hardtobeoptimistic #it'lltakeamiracle

Braves asking about Kendrick


All your other favorites have already been traded, why not Howie too? I love him, and am not sold on Grant Green, but we can still play the game. What do the Braves have that we could get realistically? I don't know their team. Alex Wood looks young, cheap, and high-upside-like.

The newest HH junior member


Finally! Something to cheer about! I know a few other HH'ers have newborns, and I'm proud to join their ranks once again. My son, Charles Welsey, was born this morning at a healthy 7 lb 11 oz. Some of you remember my daughter's miraculous, premature birth 3 1/2 years ago at 2 lb 4 oz. Well, we're relieved to say this little guy cooperated and went full term with no complications. Even though Charlie's Angels aren't so hot right now, at least Charlie himself is pretty cute! Thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts and prayers for us Manatees. I hope my whole pod can lumber down to meet-up game later this season.


Help Me Mold Young Minds (Into Angels Fans)

Hey Hey HH! I've missed you all. Not much time for me to waste on here with all you unemployed drunks since I started teaching 6th grade midyear. But I'm doing my best to brainwash them into being A...

Torii is butt hurt about Hamilton


He tweets, "I was told money was tight but I guess the Arte had money hidden under a Mattress. Business is business but don't lie."

Quick Jerry! Offer Vernon to Boston!


The Red Sox need an outfielder and Fenway might be a park that would revitalize Vernon's career. We need some relievers and BOS seems to have a fair amount of cheap, young arms. So how about we eat most of Vernon's contract and Boston gives us Craig Breslow? Looks like he'll be cheap for another season, then becomes a FA.

King Felix throws perfect game


And the Angels beat him in his last start. So...that means something right?

Yet another Shields trade rumor


I didn't see this particular one posted yet on HH. The idea of getting Zobrist along with Shields is intriguing. He's always seemed like a gutsy player to me. I love Howie, but I'm getting really tired of seeing him swing at that breaking pitch low and away. But I don't know why the Rays would want Howie instead of Zobrist. Sounds bogus.


Trumbo is a Shark (the Secret to His Success)

My family has had a running joke for years now that has led me to the conclusion that Mark Trumbo is indeed a shark. We caution people to NEVER say that a shark cannot do something because the...

JeDi on the prowl for relief


First off, it's a little comforting to know JeDi is actively looking outside the Angels organization for more bullpen help. Second, it is a little reassuring to hear that other teams don't expect the Angels to trade Trumbo. Of the 3 pitchers named, I'd take any of them, but Meyers would be the least favorite choice. He's the oldest and has the highest career WHIP. Balfour is within the division, so I think Street might be the most likely option. What do the Padres need? Looks like maybe a SS would be nice for them.


Help Me Remember, Has Sosh Always Been This Way?

I originally wrote this as a comment in another thread, and didn't really get any response. I apologize if that is against blogger protocol. But I genuinely want to know what other people remember...


Sosh hates the #44

That was my epiphany last night as I watched Trumbo uselessly brought into the game to pinch run late in a game that the Angels already had sewn up. Trumbo has had a meager 16 AB thus far. That's...


Darvish sucks (in his 2nd outing)

After giving up 2 hits and 0 walks in his first 2 innings of work last week, Darvish suffered under the mighty tomahawk-chopping hands of the Cleveland Indians today. He gave up 2 runs on 3 hits...


MLB Network ranks Howie 9th best 2B

As I sit here entertaining my little Halo fan, with the MLB Network pulsing in the background like an i.v. drip keeping me alive until the first spring training game airs on Monday, they are...

Interesting article on Braun and the new era of PEDs


This article begins as just a report on the Ryan Braun saga, but turns to the subject of how the use of PEDs hasn't gone away, but just evolved. As most people probably predicted back in the Mitchell Report days, in the same way that criminals often stay one step ahead of the fuzz, PEDs have simply gotten more sophisticated and harder to detect. Kinda disappointing, in my opinion.

Jays interested in Callaspo


If he becomes expendable, the Jays seem interested in Alberto's services. But what do they have that we want (and is realistically available)?


2011 Angels: What Went RIGHT

Despite missing the playoffs for the second straight year, a lot did go RIGHT with the Angels in 2011.


We're at the double header!

Misses Manatee and I ditched the baby and drove up to the bay to take in the first scheduled double header the Angels have played since 1978. Anyone else here? Come say hi. We're in section 219...


Hallelujah! Rodney demoted!

Terry Smith just said Sosh announced this afternoon that Walden is replacing Rodney (at least for the meantime) as closer.


Is the '11 schedule more favorable?

As I tend to do every off-season around this time, I spent some time analyzing the Angel's 2011 schedule, and compared it to last year's. I'm wondering if others have done the same, and if they...

It's official, Arte and Scotty aren't friends


This is a couple days old, but I didn't see anyone else post it. If you have ever wondered if the bad blood between Boras and the Angels was being blown out of proportion, this should settle it. Fact: Arte doesn't like Boras. Although, that's probably true of just about every owner, ours is the only one I know of who has the balls to come out and say it. I just hope it doesn't affect our ability to lock up Morales and Weave long term.


Last night I dreamed about Vlad's return

I dreamed that I was home watching the first Angels game of the 2011 season, and Vlad hit a home run in his first at bat after returning to the Angels. There was great rejoicing. Two weird things...

Arte is opening the wallet, at least a little


Rumor has it, Arte is going to increase payroll by 10%. This will give Ninja a little more to work with on the FA market after pay raises go to our arb eligible guys. It doesn't really change our speculation game much, but it does mean that probably no player is financially out of reach. Could be the first step in offering a huge contract to someone?

Brian Stokes released


I guess Sosh had seen enough of Stokes and sees enough potential in our young guys. So long Brian, we never knew ye.


Dare to hope. A look at remaining schedules.

The Angels have 30 games left against teams worse than us. We have 22 against teams with a better record. We currently have 54 wins. If we go 20-10 against the lousy teams, and 11-11 against the...


A Rangers Fan's Perspective

My uncle is a Rangers fan living in TX. We've had some good email discussions over the years about baseball, and I thought HHers might appreciate hearing from someone on the other side. So, here is...

Matt Palmer 4 scoreless innings in rehab. Get excited!


It's sad to say I actually AM excited that Palmer has a 0.00 ERA through 4 innings in two appearances in his rehab at AZ. He has been clutch for us in the past, perhaps he'll be a big help again this season. The question is, assuming he continues to pitch well, should he replace Kaz or try to help steady the 'pen?


Perpetuating the rumor mill: Angels scouts at Haren vs. Nolasco

Fox sports reports that the Angels were among teams that had scouts at this D'backs vs. Marlins game featuring Danny Haren versus Ricky Nolasco. The report states that scouts may not have been...


Fun fact: more days off at home this year

Last year the Angels had 4 days off at home, not counting the All-Star break. They would have had 5, but had to make up the game against Oakland that they took off to mourn the loss of Nick...

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