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I was born, raised, and still reside in the Santa Barbara area, which used to be strictly Dodger territory, but my parents raised me and my brothers to be Angels fans. We used to vacation in Palm Springs for Spring Training in the 80's, and got autogrpahs from greats like Brian Downing, Jim Abbot, Dave Winfield, and not so greats like Junior Felix and Mike Fetters.

I'm married to a smokin' hot Orange County girl who shares my love for the Angels. She let me name our dog Rex Hudler (we just call him Hudler), and she let me fill a whole bathroom with Angels memorabilia. Next to marrying her, and the day our little Halo fan was born, I'd have to say game 6 of the 2002 World Series was just about the most exciting day of my life.

Since then, it's been a thrill to watch the Angel's success, and yet still a little hard to get used to after so many years of heartbreaking loss. I'm sure this era of winning will someday pass, and we'll once again be forced to root for the Vance Lovelaces and Kent Andersons of the future, but until then, I will bask in the glow of the blazing halo.

2013 off-season amendment: That era of winning HAS passed, even though it isn't Lovelaces and Andersons that are leading the crusade of suckage, but Pujolses and Hamiltons, alleged greats. And thus I return to being a fan out of a dull sense of duty rather than the acute thrill of victory that already seems so distant and fleeting.

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Big Bat 09 Free Agent Wish List

  1. Adam Dunn
  2. Pat Burrell
  3. Jim Thome (still slugs, could DH, give 1 yr w/ opt)
  4. Who would you add?

Good News for 805 Halo Fans, but Help Still Needed!

So, guess who rang my mom as she worked at her desk yesterday? Yup, Angels Vice President of Communications, Tim Mead. She had written him a letter at the beginning of the season expressing her...


Trade Juan?

Bill Shaikin of L.A. Times had this brilliant idea: Angels' Juan Rivera Might Be Dodgers' Answer "The Angels love collecting arms, preferably power arms, so give them their choice of middle...


The Contact Play

Ok. I admit, I am writing this in the heat of the moment, and probably should wait until I've calmed down after that crushing loss. But somebody is going to have to convince me that the "contact...


Mysterious and Hilarious GA

Anyone else see this yet? From LA Daily News: "Garret Anderson seems to have solved the riddle of his early-season slump. But he is not sharing the answer. 'I'd like to say, but it'd be hard to...


Santa Barbara fan update - Keep pushing, it's working

I received an email from Cathy Jacquemin, general manager of KEYT, saying they are looking into the possibility of airing the lost Angels games that are not covered by ESPN, FSN, or FOX.  Please...


Preseason Traditions

Aside from making the annual trek to Tempe for a couple games, my wife and I watch the '02 World Series DVD right before the season opens. So, that's what we did last night. We still get chills...


Today's Recap Headline

Vlad, Anderson lead offense vs. Royals Sluggers collect two extra-base hits each; Garland strong By Lyle Spencer / Anyone else think Lyle Spencer is being a bit generous here? If not...


For those who still favor Aybar

This is from LA Times on 2/12. "The preliminary returns haven't been encouraging, though, with Aybar making 17 errors in winter play. And after a fast start, he seemed to become lost at the plate,...


Saunders over Santana

I saw this on from the L.A. Times. Didn't read the whole article because I'm not registered with the paper. So, I don't know who the writer is, and how tight he is with Scioscia...



Perhaps another good topic of discussion while we suffer through the months of no Angels baseball (football tides me over for a while, but I'd rather watch Golden Girls reruns than NBA basketball)...

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