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My Ballot for SBN Most Valuable Player


Here are my votes for the MVP award: 1. Justin Verlander. For most of the season, Jose Bautista had the highest Wins Above Replacement in the American League (per...

My Votes for SBN Awards


Right after the end of the season I was given the privilege of voting for the Sports Blog Nation’s picks for the American League MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the year awards.  The results will be...


Thank You Vlad

I haven't even thought about the wild card all year until now. I just figured the only way the Angels get into the playoffs is to beat Texas. Now, I think the Angels will be best served if Texas...

Angels Draft a Premium Player in Round 45: MATT Scioscia


And the pick is... Matt Scioscia! I'm sure some will cry nepotism, but sometimes nepotism pays off. And nobody should know that better than Mike Scioscia. The player who took his job with the D...

Epic Fail: An Autopsy of the Brandon Wood Experiment


Is Brandon Wood the worst prospect bust in baseball history?


Time to Play the Kids

I'm glad I went to bed last night before Marson hit the grand slam.  If I had seen that I would have been angry all night instead of just this morning.  The Angels played the best offensive lineup...

Fan Scouting Report


It's that time of year again.  Go to Tango Tiger's site and fill in your report: http://www.insidethebook.com/ee/index.php/site/article/fans_scouting_report_by_the_fans_for_the_fans_2010/ Keep in...


Peter Bourjos, Defensive Stats on Baseball-reference

Frankly, they are beyond the bounds of believability.  http://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/LAA/2010.shtml  Through 17 games, Peter Bourjos has a TotalZone rating of +11, which breaks down as +4...


Carl Crawford in 2011? Or ...

...Mike Trout?  I read this on a Fangraphs chat from Bryan Smith: "I could see Harper getting one day in the MLB this season -- didn't the Nats do that with Ryan Zimmerman? But to stay, probably...


Any Arkansas Angel Fans?

Particularly, I want to here from anybody who has watched the Travelers on a regular basis.  How is Jordan Walden throwing this year?  Velocity?  What mix of pitches is he using? I've been looking...

Joe Mauer or Mike Trout?


First thing I want to do is state that I am not proposing a trade, or that the Twins or Angels would consider this.  This is just a thought experiment to provide some entertainment as we suffer...

Cliff Lee to the Rangers: What Does it Mean for us?


This is cause for me to use my monthly obscenity.  But I'll save it for a bit.  The Rangers trade Justin Smoak and prospects for Cliff Lee, who right now is probably the best pitcher in the...


Bourjos anyone?

After a slow start, he's quickly made his AAA numbers look respectable.  Last 10 games he's hitting .442, with 4 triples and 2 homers.  No doubles.  Peter Bourjos does not stop at 2B.  Overall,...

Trade Ideas for the Angels


I'll start out with the futility of trading for a first baseman.  Let's assume that guys like Pujols, Votto, Adrian Gonzalez, Miguel Cabrera, and the ugly guy in Boston are not in play.  Prince...



The Angelsare now 31-28, 3 games above .500 for the first time all season.  They have still been outscored by 6 runs on the season, 280 to 286 (don't worry, our next opponent has been outscored by...


The Most Beautiful Stat Line Ever

Mike Trout.  3 hits today, a homer, double, plus a walk.  He's hitting .372.  Takes walks, showing good power.  Did I mention he can run (20 steals already).  And he's only 18.  He's the most...


An Option at Third?

Hank Blalock is tearing the cover off the ball in AAA for the Rays, and playing 3rd base.  He has the right to opt out of his contract if not called up soon.  If he's a free agent, should the A...


Angels: Terrible Defense or Bad Pitching?

Has the Angels sub-par defense cost them as much as their medicore pitching?

Opponents Walk Rate, by Pitcher and Catcher


Angels pitching has been extremely frustrating to watch (well, not so frustrating last night) because of a frequent inability to throw strikes.  I wondered, is there any evidence that the catching...

Compensation picks lost, 2004-2008


Who did the Angels miss drafting when they made recent free agent signings? Some big names like Jacoby Ellsbury and some no-names.

Is Joe Saunders Too Predictable?


Does Joe Saunders throw a predictable patter of pitches in deep counts?


Sabermetric evaluation of Mike Scioscia

Over at the Hardball Times, Chris Jaffe had an article yesterday on Mike Scioscia and some other manager of a team I'd prefer to ignore.  He's continuing the analysis from his book, Evaluating...


Playing time projections by the fans

Please take a minute to go to Tango Tiger's site and fill out your projection of Angel playing time.  This is a wisdom of the crowds approach, and last year the fans filling these out were more...


Should I Worry About Jered Weaver's Fastball Velocity?

Jered Weaver's drop in velocity has no effect on his pitching record. His deceptive motion really is a vital asset to his game.


Let's end this thing

Here's what I expect Scioscia to tell the crew before today's game:  You are up 2-0, but play this one like you're down 0-2.  Don't let up.  Don't lose your edge.  Let's bury these guys. With...


Chone Figgins with a Historic Season

Chone Figgins' 100 Waks in 2009 puts him in rare company among non-power hitters in baseball history.


Updated Angel Projections

I've run updated CHONE projections (the preseason ones are on baseballprojection.com) and here are the Angels who have risen and fallen the most so far, by projected OPS:


Going to Spring training

Are any other Halo Heaven members going to Arizona?  I will be there next week and plan on seeing a few Angel games at different stadiums around Phoenix.  If anyone wants to try and meet up send me...


Is it OK to root for the A's now?

Normally I detest the A's and everything they stand for, as I know many of you do as well.  I checked tonight's score and saw they were up 5-0 in the second inning.  My immediate reaction was...


Hillenbrand is officially a problem

From the LA Times, found it on Baseball Primer: "I feel like I'm being pushed aside, put on a back-burner, and I don't like that at all," Hillenbrand, 31, said. "If I'm not going to play here, give...

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