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I would like to buy Doug's book

However, he has give no synopsis whatsover. If you're like me, you live in a spoiler free zone. I would like to read the book, but at least want to know what I'm reading. For example, I agreed...


Steven Jackson Endorses Blackmon

Recently the Dispatch ran an interview with Steven Jackson and he endorsed taking Justin Blackmon with the sixth pick. I find myself torn on this. My thoughts after the jump.

The Picture is Getting Clearer


So, first of all, I want to apologize to all the TST'rs who were involved in my previous chat about my article. Things got a little bumpy, and I apologize. I should never have so much vested in a...

The Ramifications of the House Cleaning


Sorry for the pun (not really). It was a busy day at Rams Park, with many players being cut. Amongst the casualties were Ron Bartell, Jason Brown, Justin Bannan, Fred Robbins, Nick Miller, and J...

A Second Look


Whew, it's fun to be a Rams fan again. It will probably not be immediate, but it sure is nice to know that problem areas can be identified and rectified in at least the next three drafts. The first...

St. Louis Rams - The Case for Trent Richardson


St. Louis Rams - The Case for Trent Richardson

The Case for: Morris Claiborne


Just to refresh, I'm taking a look at the best players in the draft, based upon their presumed draft order, without trades. We all know the stats, so I'm not going to bother with all that. Also,...


opening this up

for comments. I've heard everything from it's the best movie in the last ten years to a horrible movie. I'd like to see what you have to say before I watch this. I'm not going to read it, mind you,...

The Case for: Matt Kalil


I thought I'd run down the options for the Rams, who look to be in the catbird's seat as far the 2012 NFL Draft. Andrew Luck is clearly the first pick in the NFL draft at this point. In a recent...

The Case for RG3


Most of the talk recently has been about trading the number two for a bevy of picks. I submit that perhaps the staff doesn't feel the same. New regimes want new directions. As we know, QB is the...

To Trade Now or Trade Later...That is the Question


With RG3 blowing up the combine, this is a question asked frequently. The reason to do it now is that you strike while the iron is hot. RG3 is smoking now, if he wasn't already. The reason not to...

Players to Keep: Bradley Fletcher


This is a story about perseverence. A tale of improvement and resilience. Bradley Fletcher has seen some adversity of late. He now has two torn ACL's to complement his resume. While some see this...

Riley Reiff Combine Interview


I wrote a piece about Reiff earlier, and thought I'd provide a couple of links from the combine. It's pretty self explanatory. The video: Kinda hard...


In response to Douglas M

Douglas gave a nice shout out to those of us who post in the FanPosts section. I thought I would share with he and all of you precisely how much we appreciate this board, and our fellow denizens.


Evaluating the Hawkeyes

I have been asked, by at least one person, to give my estimate on current Hawkeys as they relate to the Rams. On that one persons request, I'll do so. A little background. I've written for the...


Third round surprise

Please excuse my infrequency, I assure you that it's not because I would have not cared. Third after the jump.


No to a receiver in the first round

There have been many suggestions that the Rams should take a receiver in the first round. I disagree, and have slotted USC's Matt Kahill in this space. Rationale after the jump, as well as a second...


Thinking with my fingers...draft edition

I've been looking at this team for a little more than a half of a season now.  I think I have a fairly good idea about the team as a whole, so will offer my "slightly more than midseason draft...


Vanram is killing me

First it's on. Then it's off.The sad fact is that we are all sitting here waiting while billionaires are dividing up who gets millions and who get billions.  I get it. The owners want a return on...


Why the Rams Drafted a Million Pass Catchers

We all thought it as the draft continued. Most of us were happy with Quinn as a first round pick (I disagreed, but more on that later). I wasn't upset, but saw an opportunity to trade down. Another...


Well, What About Tiki?

Around here, it seems as though if you are a Giant, or a former Giant, you are considered a likely candidate as a free agent pick up. That's ok, and gives us a lot to talk about. Hopefully sometime...


How Did YOU Become a Rams Fan (pt douche)

By popular demand (actually only Moy) my story cont'd.


How Did YOU Become a Rams Fan

As the Rams are a relocated team, I often find if fun to find out how my fellow Rams fans have become enamored with the local 22. Are you a Missouri sports fan who figured, "hey it's one more thing...

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