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Another Direction Is Needed.

Free agency started today and I have been disappointed with the lack of moves the Rams have not been making. The players they did target have signed with other teams. In the past the Rams have...


Damn it, Amendola missed some 20 games.

I am sick and tired of all this Amendola nonsense. I like the guy just as much as anyone else and I do think he is a good WR but to think that he is the sole reason that the Rams may draft a WR in...


2 Mock drafts to choose from. Big time player may drop.

The 2012 St. Louis Rams made huge strides this last year and I see more improvement coming. The biggest weakness I see for the Rams are on the offensive line and safety position. I wish we could...


I hate draft experts so here is my take on the Rams draft

No one will question that the Rams have major holes across the board. This is not a one year fix. So just like every other year I will put my trust in the coaches and the GM and believe they know...


Another Mock Draft - 4 Rounds.

I have been visiting and have come to the conclusion that they are in the market for DE/OLB, Quinton Coples. This will put us is a good position to make a trade and still get an...


Please throw the trade value chart away.

The value chart that everyone is looking at is a piece of trash. It means nothing. Luck is an amazing QB and has been considered the best QB to come out since John Elway. RGIII is a very close...


And with the second pick in the 2012 draft..... There has been a trade!!!

There is hope on the horizon with this new All Star coaching staff and the value of the number two pick climbing. The value of this pick is going to be better then anyone thinks. A friend of mine...


2012 Mock Draft (Trade with Redskins)

Cheering for a team that goes 2-14 you come to the realization that there are many holes that this team needs to fill. I have ran out of reason why the rams sucked this year and want some damn...

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