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Spurs vs. Admirals (misprint)


I was browsing for spurs tickets on ticketmaster website and noticed an unusual opponent. Unlike the other games, tickets for this one are already on sale... because its a hockey game!


Any Spurs Fans in the Netherlands?

As my name implies, i get around a lot. My travels have taken me to the netherlands and Ill be here through the end of the finals. I bought finals league pass to watch the game, but if thereare any...

The Onion's Take on the Spurs-Kings Game


Good to see America's Finest News Source had a reporter on scene at the AT&T Center Friday...


In My Dreams.... LaMarcus Aldridge for Jackson, Blair, Neal + Whatever picks and draft rights they want. Why in a million years would Portland do it?...

Kawhi Leonard finishes 4th in ROY balloting


Not an easy feat for a rookie on a contending team but the fact that he started the majority of games for this team probably had an impact.

Spurs Playoff Projections


This website has a ton of detail, go take a look


I want the Spurs to win the last 3 games

I know a championship is all that really matters, but if we just kept rolling and won tonight and the last two games on the road the Spurs could potentially finish with the best overall record in...

Intro to Patty Mills from PS


Caught this interview about Mills, seems like this has been a long time coming. From what it sounds like, I'm happy to let this guy sit at the end of our bench.... Just how much playing time is he supposed to have anyway?

John Carroll proposes a modest Spurs trade


This is copied from an insider article. I'd actually go for this, except I think I'd rather have a 2nd round pick than ANOTHER PG of the future, and with the rumors of Rasheed going to LA, this seems pretty plausible... "The San Antonio Spurs trade SG James Anderson to the Lakers for SF Troy Murphy and Darius Morris Why the teams should make this trade: Anderson has requested a trade because of his limited role and the emergence of Danny Green, and the Spurs are likely to grant him one. The Spurs will not tolerate players who do not want to be part of their team, and in his one-and-a-half years with the team, Anderson has never shot the ball well in his limited minutes. However, all is not yet lost for Anderson, who at 6-foot-6 was a tremendous scorer at Oklahoma State and could stretch the defenses with his 3-point shot. He's a tough kid who can create separation and get to the basket with ease. Anderson could become a topflight scorer off the bench for the Lakers, a poor man's version of Oklahoma City's James Harden. Currently, the Lakers have difficulty scoring points, and their bench is horrible. They rank 22nd in scoring at 93.1 ppg, and their bench is ranked 30th in the league, scoring just 21.2 ppg. Anderson could get more minutes and more opportunities to score and vastly improve the Lakers' bench. Murphy is a stretch 4 who can shoot 3-pointers and create space for Tim Duncan, and in time, Morris could be a nice backup point guard for the Spurs."


De'Sean Butler Counterfactuals

The sad irony of the De'Sean Butler story has me pondering the NBA's age requirement and wondering if the best solution is to raise it or get rid of it all together.


Logjam! SF Edition

At the beginning of last season the only legit SF on the Spurs roster was Richard Jefferson. I don't have to tell anyone how the story of that season ends. Since then, the Spurs have added 2 small...

New Spurs SF Kawhi Leonard gets his own segment on Sports Science about his freakish body and new...


New Spurs SF Kawhi Leonard gets his own segment on Sports Science about his freakish body and new shooting form. Probably more detail on our newest spur in 2:30 min here then I've found anywhere else. UPDATE Sigh, they beat me to it over in fanposts... someone delete this

League investigating Kobe's possible homophobic slur during Spurs-Lakers game


Kobe goes to the bench after a foul and was seen mouthing "Benny!" (Ref: Benny Adams) "Fu#*ing F@ggot" I don't care that much cause its clear his emotions were flying... I'm just enjoying that we got under his skin that much that Kobe lost it on national TV

Matt Bonner: Best 3-pt Shooter in the NBA


OK, yeah, I know: he's only played 4 games, its a small sample, its bound to go down with time. But still its worth noting that Matt Bonner has gone 10-12 on 3s this season so far, including at least 9 running, putting him on top of the league. 4 other Spurs are in the top 40 including James Anderson at #11, Richard Jefferson at #22, Gary Neal at #27, and Manu at #39.


Is Quiet, Too Quiet....

Shhh! Do you hear that? Ya, me neither. Silence. Silence from our front office is something that we as Spurs fans have become somewhat accustomed to over the years. Our patentience in the face of...

According to the rumor mill, the Spurs are one of 8 teams who have worked out Adam Morrison


He's a 6-8 SF, turns 26 on Monday. His three point shooting took a dip last year, but in years past he's shot the 3 at about a clip of 33%.... he didn't exactly get a lot of playing time on the Lakers but he can technically say he "contributed" on a championship squad.


Serious Trade Theories Only Please

I've been spending some time on the trade machine, as I'm sure many of you have, and I can't help but have a gut feeling that a trade is imminent. Personally, I think we need a reliable big, but I...


Is our 3rd PG a Point-Forward?

There's been much talk about the weaknesses that Tony Parker's injury may reveal for the Spurs. If Tony goes down, the conventional wisdom holds that George Hill takes the reigns and either Mason...

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