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Born in Rexburg, ID, raised on Camano Island, a UW Grad, and now a Denver transplant, Randall recently graduated from law school at the University of Denver. He officially became an attorney in December of 2013, and now officially qualifies as the Dawgpound "legal expert." Ask him any legal questions and he'll give you a qualified answers like "it depends," or "maybe." However, those answers will co$t you ...

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User Blog

Free footbal tickets for ASU students


I'm pretty sure every other university in the country should look at this, and see how it turns out. Free tickets aside, those students are going to be spending their money on concessions for sure ...

Jesus Montero gets heckled by Mariners employee, throws ice cream sandwich - Lookout Landing


I know this is Mariner's stuff ... but this needed to be posted. I wish people would throw ice cream sandwiches at me when I make them mad ... although I would probably make more people mad if that were the case ...

Highlights - UW Soccer Match vs. Michigan State


Here are some highlights from the UW/Michigan State game from yesterday. The halftime entertainment was pretty funny.

Camp Buzz: Lindquist Gets Nod at QB


There's all kinds of questions about the Huskies that need answers. Come and see if the coaches answered any of them.

Day 8: UW's Biggest Trap Game


There's only 8 days until kickoff ... that's basically like 7. Today we get to look forward to some of the biggest trap games the Dawgs have this year.

Deonte Cooper Interivew


Good interview with Coop.

Maryland to offer lifetime degree guarantee for all sports


This is a pretty good deal for student athletes, especially since most of them don't get to go to the professional level with their games. I'm down with the creative thinking here, but there is going to need to be a whole lot more of this kind of thinking in the future.

SEATTLE: Nothing settled yet for young Huskies safeties


This is a good article discussing the competition at safety.

** Update ** Camp Buzz: The latest from Husky Camp


Since none of you readers out there have as much time as I do to just float around twitter and other news outlets and get the latest from camp, I've compiled a bunch of news from twitter (mostly)...

Go Huskies previews the UW Women's Soccer team Defense


If you haven't followed the UW women's soccer team, you should. Here's a good primer on their defense.

Andrews and Pac-12 All-Stars Cap Perfect Tour of China, Top Shanghai 71-68 | Pac-12


The Pac-12 allstars finished their tour of China, and finished undefeated in the process. Andrew Andrews represented well, finishing with 7 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist in the game.

Francis Parker SF/PF Tim Harrison Recaps long unofficial visit to Washington


2016 San Diego (CA.) Francis Parker SF/PF Tim Harrison ( @32tjharrison ) recaps long unofficial visit to #Washington

— Lars Hanson (@LarsHanson) August 18, 2014

Van Winkle Turns Disappointment Into Determination


This is a great article by Mason Kelley about how highly touted kicker Cameron Van Winkle has fought through his injuries from the year before. This was well done by Mr. Kelley.

The Washington Oregon Rivalry


This writer thinks that simply because Coach Petersen was hired, the UW/UO rivalry is renewed ... I don't know if I agree, but this is a good read nonetheless.

Football Tickets Anyone???


I had to put this on here. It's a good deal, and, sadly, I won't be able to cash in on them since I live in Denver.

Ted Agu's Death; a Lawsuit; a Legal Perspective


Back in February, Ted Agu was pulled off a supervised run, rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, and was pronounced dead upon his arrival at the hospital. Now his family has filed a wrongful...

30 Day Countdown: Day 22 - Most Improved Unit?


22 days until football. We've got a bunch of possibilities here, which position group will improve the most since last year?

30 Day Countdown: Day 25 - The Best Nickname


25 days until football. You know you've been waiting for this one ... Which Husky opponent has the best nickname?


Fifa 14 App

Hey everyone, first time poster here, writer at the UW Dawg Pound. Anyway, I feel like I should introduce myself, albeit informally. I live in Denver, so I have the unfortunate circumstance to live...

Lambright DV Charges - Legal Update


Several weeks ago, Jim Lambright was booked in a Snohomish County Jail for an incident that allegedly involved him grabbing his 23-year old granddaughter by the ankle for several feet.

Top 10 Non Conference Games for the Pac-12


There are clearly some marquee games this year in Pac-12 non conference play. However, the further down the list you go, the more difficult it becomes to find relevant games, let alone rank them ...

Pac-12 South, Non Conference Schedule Rankings


The South Division definitely has a stronger non conference schedule than the North Division. Heck, three of the teams don't even play against FCS teams this year.

Pac-12 North, Non-Conference Schedule Rankings


Argue with my rankings all you want, that's sort of the point ... but hey I had to pick some kind of arbitrary method of getting these rankings, and, for the most parts, these rankings are as...

Shaq Thompson on KJR - 5/21/2014 with Mitch Levy


Shaq Thompson talks about the combine, his NFL prospects, playing on offense, and how the defense is shaping up.

James Sample to Play at Louisville


It looks like former Husky James Sample ended up at another D-1 program. Good for him. I hope things work out well for the kid. Bobby Petrino seems happy to have landed him.

Coach Speak: Miles and Stringfellow Edition


Chris Petersen has kept almost stoically quiet regarding the status of Husky QB Cyler Miles and WR Damore'ea Stringfellow. If you thought perhaps there would be some clarity after practice today,...

Williams-Goss to Stay at UW


Nigel Williams-Goss will be around for at least one more year after he decided to stick around rather than declare for the upcoming NBA draft.

Women's Hoops Year in Review


Mike Neighbors wrapped up his first year as head coach of the UW Husky Women's Basketball team, after former coach Kevin McGuff jumped ship and headed out to coach some team in Ohio ... I think...

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