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Born in Rexburg, ID, raised on Camano Island, a UW Grad, and now a Denver transplant, Randall recently graduated from law school at the University of Denver. He officially became an attorney in December of 2013, and now officially qualifies as the Dawgpound "legal expert." Ask him any legal questions and he'll give you a qualified answers like "it depends," or "maybe." However, those answers will co$t you ...

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Harvey Updyke Arrested


I couldn't not post this one ... the guy who allegedly poisoned Toomer's Corner oak trees in Auburn was finally arrested and charged with "terrorizing." Apparently the guy is an Alabama football fan, 65 years old, and wanted to take the law into his own hands when a hardware store wouldn't credit him the full $150 for a lawn mower he bought there ... poisoning a historic set of trees seemed right in order ...

Notre Dame and Michigan are no Longer Playing Each Other


Looks like this rivalry got the shaft, which is really too bad .. I think. I actually haven't ever paid attention to this game, but ESPN is upset about it ...

Coons to Punt First Against Stanford


It looks like Coons won the punting competition over the bye week, and he will punt at least the first time on Thursday. Durkee could also see some time at punter on subsequent punts. I, on the other hand, think that neither of them will be punting this week ...

Gangline Recap Week 4: Can you spare some Change?


I thought this helmet was going to be upside down and filled with a bunch of change and dollar bills after CU's game against the Cougs ... guess I was wrong.

Having a Shorter QB Cuts Both Ways


This has probably been discussed ad nauseum, but I love it when the weaker half of somebody's argument or stance comes back to bite its prognosticator in the @$$. There's two sides to a line, clearly, and even when just about everybody in the known universe says that a shorter quarterback can't see over his line to find the right passing lanes, most people forget that the defensive line has to see over the offensive line to get to the quarterback. Cowboy defensive end Jason Hatcher referred to Russel Wilson as a "midget." I guess he couldn't come up with anything better as a compliment.

Gangline Preview: Week 4


Washington Opponent's Overall Record: 23-11 Since John posted his "picks" for the Pac this week, I won't preview any of the Pac-12 games. If you want to see those again, try this link ... Here's...

Damore'ea Stringfellow gets Noticed


"String," as everyone at home calls him, was the first football player from California to be selected for the 2013 Under Armour All-America game this January. He didn't play football until his freshman year in high school, but he was already taller than the varsity kids ... so the coach moved him up to varsity. He is a pretty cool kid.

Looks like things with DTV are going no where ... fast


Since I don't subscribe to anything, I don't have any personal reasons for DTV not doing anything. My hang-up is on DTV's "catch phrase": 'the sports leader." I understand DTV offers some pretty sweet deals when it comes to other sports, like the NFL ... NBA ... Big Ten Network. What I don't understand is the market that DTV is simply ignoring: Calfornia??? Ever heard of that place? I guess not. Wilner puts the Pac-12's latest attempt to strong arm DTV in, once again, the form of a letter from the Pac-12 urging fans to crank up the pressure and switch providers. Frankly, if I actually watched TV, I might be seriously tempted to switch, especially if I were a California Resident, with that USC/Cal game this weekend.

Gangline Recap: Week 3


Reviewing this weeks Pac 12 games.

Game Preview: Portland State vs. Washington


Casey would waltz with a strawberry blondeAnd the band played on;He'd glide 'cross the floor with the girl he adoredAnd the band played on;But his brain was so loaded it nearly explodedThe poor...

This could be big news for the ASU game tomorrow


Apparently, Mizzou's starting QB is doubtful for the game tomorrow. He is a stud. The guy is a genuine dual threat quarterback, he threw for 2,800 yards and ran fro 981 last season. This is definitely going to influence my pickem picks!

Some Details on the Deal with DISH


Jon Wilner has a breakdown of what the Pac-12 worked out with DISH Network, and some speculation on the Pac-12 using USC (the name brand) as leverage to secure a deal with DirectTV.

Gangline Recap: Week 2


For those of you who are wondering, the gangline is what attaches the sled dogs to the sled. The dogs are usually paired up and they pull the sled through the snow. To pull the sled well, each...

Game Preview: Washington at Louisiana State


"The best is yet to come, and wont that be fine You think you've seen the sun, but you aint seen it shine." - Author, Mitchell Scherr, and if you don't know the singer you must be a duck fan ... W...

UW Dawg Pound New Logo


Here is a link to the SB Nation United site, you'd have to scroll down most of the page to get to this picture.


UW @ Colorado, Anyone Going to be there?

So, this is about, oh I don't know, two and a half months early ... but is anyone planning on attending this game? I happen to live in Colorado, and have been looking forward to the game for a...

Honey Badger to Enroll at LSU


Looks like he's back. At least he's enrolled at LSU. The jury might still be out on whether he'll actually play football for the Tigers. I'm leaning towards yes.

Game Preview: San Diego State vs. Washington


"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To watch opponents scream: As Price drives down the field with ease-- And Shelton eats their team; They'll shrink and cower every snap-- For CRUSHED will be...

Polk Still has a Chance


The Eagle's roster is currently at 55, and there are only 2 cuts left. Polk's chances are marginal, but he's hanging in there at the moment. One of the other cuts is likely to be one of the 2 punters.

Best case-worst case: Washington State


Honestly, this is one of my favorite series Ted Miller does with the ESPN Pac-12 blog. It's impossible to not get a kick out of these things. Here is a link for the rest of the series.

UW Basketball adds Walk-on Quinn Sterling


The kid broke his leg his first game into his senior season, but made it back at the end of the year. He only played 6 games but was still voted to the All-KingCo second team.

The WAC is Dropping Football


After this season the WAC is going to be a "non football" conference, which really sucks for schools like Idaho, Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State, San Jose State, Texas State, Utah State and the University of Texas at San Antonio, the remaining 7 schools. It sucks for college football too!

Biker Gets a "Long" Surprise


Watch the video. Apparently snakes dig crotch rockets. I would have crashed. At least this guy slowed down and parked the bike. He was going 155!

Penn State Almost got a 4 year Death Penalty


This is an insightful report on how the sanctions came to pass, and what could have been. It sounds like Emmert really tried to keep football going in State Town.

NCAA: It's time to look at transfers


The NCAA is taking a look at transfer rules for athletes, which could have a significant impact on college basketball recruiting. The NCAA is looking put more bite on trying to lure athletes away from schools in which they are already enrolled ... like a year of probation for a head coach who is caught trying to lure an athlete away from another school, directly or indirectly -- and will likely expand to include third-party interactions. I like the comparison of student athletes to regular college students ... when was the last time a professor from Harvard tried to lure your chemistry student away from his college?

Who is UW's Most Important Player ...


The Seattle Times did this, and so did Ted Miller, whoever that guy is. Other than the obvious choice, Keith Price, who will, according to Mr. Miller, "swing a win total one way or the other, based...


Who Said College Basketball Recruiting was Supposed to be Clean?

This post was sparked the the conversation here. I can't claim to know anything about college basketball recruiting, other than I know that the good one's seem to sign with the same teams. I...

Q & A With Former Husky Isaiah Thomas


"From the start of the season, I didn’t expect any of this to happen. I always felt like if I got the opportunity and chance that I was given, I could compete at a high level and play in the NBA."

Perris Blackwell Signed with Dawgs


The UW official athletic twitter site wrote that Blackwell will be eligible to play 2013-2014, but not next year. Here's the press release.

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