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The New Face Of RapsTV is an Old Face


It's being reported that the new man behind the RaptorsTV desk is none other than former TSNer David Amber (currently with ESPN). Big fan of this hire...provided he can maintain some objectivity during the pre- and post-game shows.

Jason Kapono - Available?! No way.


In lighter news the 76ers have made former Raptor Jason Kapono available via trade. Raptors fans worldwide are in shock.

Hello Matt Barnes


Colangelo continues to add pieces this time having signed Matt Barnes to a two-year $10M dollar deal. Hard not to like this transaction (apparently a form of sign and trade) as Barnes has been an HQ favorite for some time. Look at Colangelo go out and get a guy know for defense and an edge! He must be reading the HQ. UPDATE** Apparently the deal is only half baked due to financial issues. Call me crazy but don't teams consider this when making a deal or is everyone now making deals like they are GM's of a Yahoo! fantasy sports squad? It's going to look bad if the Raps fail to close on two potential deals.....

Don't Count Your Chickens...


Looks like Jordan is not exactly a huge fan of dealing Chandler and Diaw for Calderon and Evans. Frankly - I am not sure I blame him. The players obviously know this trade was agreed to, at least in principal, so you have to expect this transaction to go down in some way shape or form. If not other teams have been put on notice that Jose is readily available.

Three Amigos


Well there you have it - Wade, James and Bosh together in Miami. Not really sure what to think about this but when he FINALLY made his announcement it made me ill. I can't imagine what Cleveland fans are thinking right now. In my opinion this is a horrible decision for the league and for Lebron. If these guys don't win AT LEAST 4 championships it's a failure and if they do very few will celebrate or think of it as an accomplishment. Lebron is also now a second banana. Think about that for a second. LEBRON JAMES is going to play second fiddle? That he made this decision voluntarily tells me all I need to know about Lebron James. This all seems like a major cop out. When you put this with the off-season for the Raps I couldn't be less excited for an NBA season.

Bosh to Miami - A Done Deal?


It is being reported that Bosh will go to Miami to play Robin to Wade's Batman. The decision is expected to be announced today. Lebron? He will announce his decision later. It is still unclear whether the Raps will be getting anything back (aka Beasley). How good is Miami now? Are they automatically the favorite's in the East or does it depend on who they surround these two players with? To me the Heat become a top four team.

Just How Tradable Is Hedo Turkoglu?


With the draft shaking out like it did and with Bosh's departure soon to become reality it looks like the Raptors are (or at least should be) heading for a full rebuild. To kick start a rebuild...

"There's no state income tax in Florida, so millions more would stay in a free agent's bank...


"There's no state income tax in Florida, so millions more would stay in a free agent's bank account."

Globe And Mail Definitely something that would come into play - in particular if the big three are considering taking slightly less to play with each other.

A Super-team?


RaptorsHQ's favorite reporter (insert sarcasm here) Stephen A. Smith is now reporting that Bosh, Wade and Lebron will end up in Miami. The result of such a scenario coming to fruition? Fans of any other NBA team will readily ignore the next five seasons.

Colangelo With Broom In Hand - Looking to Clean House


Looks like BC is being very active on a number of fronts hoping to re-make the team once again. Will he be successful?

Trade Scenario Number 1 - Al Jefferson


Looking at some (far fetched) trade ideas for the Toronto Raptors

Miami Showing Wade the Love


Looks like the Heat are dedicated to keeping Wade in Miami having now launched a web-site hoping to persuade No. 3 to re-sign. Will it work? Probably not, but it shows they are working hard to convince their franchise player to stay. Will the Raptors follow suit? Will there been a public push for Bosh to stay? As my grandmother once told me - actions speak louder than words.

A Statistical Look At the 2009-2010 Raptors Season


Taking a 10,000 foot look at the Raps season from a statistical perspective. What worked? What didn't? Just how bad was the D?

Bosh and the Rockets - A Match?


If Colangelo could unload Turkoglu in a sign-and trade with Bosh to Houston for Jordan Hill and Trevor Ariza he would have to make that deal - wouldn't he?

The Difficulties of July 1 - What Does Colangelo Do Until Then?


With Bosh unwilling to commit to the Raptors until after tasting free-agency how should BC be adjusting the current roster?

Rams traded former first-round pick Adam Carricker to Redskins. Still awaiting word on what the...


Rams traded former first-round pick Adam Carricker to Redskins. Still awaiting word on what the Rams get in return.

Adam Schefter via Twitter

Suh No.1?


Suh thinks he could still go first on Thursday.


Game Day Thread: New York vs. Toronto

  New York Knicks vs. Toronto Raptors April 14, 2010 the Score - 8:00 PM EST Well this is it! Raptors need a win tonight and some help from Charlotte to make the playoffs. Will they step up...

3 In the Key: Toronto Raptors Game Day Preview vs. New York


The last regular season game day preview for the Raps.

Raptors Rapid Recap: Toronto 111 Detroit 97


- Just when you thought the Raps were all but dead they come out and play one of their better games in weeks against the Detroit Pistons. After completely failing to get-up for the match-up against...


Game Day Thread: Toronto vs. Detroit

  Toronto Raptors vs. Detroit Pistons April 12, 2010 TSN - 7:30 PM EST With a small chance at making the playoffs the Raptors head to Detroit to face the lowly Pistons. Which Raptors team...

Tip-In: Toronto Raptors Post Game Report - Failure


The Raptors suffer a big loss to the Bulls. The HQ discusses Chris Bosh's impending free-agency with Blog-a-Bull.


Game Day Thread: Chicago vs. Toronto

  Chicago Bulls vs. Toronto Raptors April 11, 2010 TSN - 6:00 PM EST Biggest game of the year? You bet. The Raps and Bulls face off. By the end of this one someone will have a leg up on the...

3 In the Key: Toronto Raptors Game Day Preview vs. Chicago


Taking a look at the biggest Raptors game of the year. Raps vs. Bulls with the playoffs on the line. NBA where mediocre teams fighting for a first round match-up with the Cavs happens.

Tip-In: Toronto Raptors Post-Game Report: Still Fighting


The Raptors lost to the Hawks last night but showed they still have some fight despite the abscence of Chris Bosh.


Game Day Thread: Toronto vs. Atlanta

  Toronto Raptors vs. Atlanta Hawks April 9, 2010 TSN - 7:30 PM EST With the season hanging in the balance the Raps head to Atlanta to face the mighty Atlanta Hawks. Will the Raps find...


Game Day Thread: Boston vs. Toronto

  Boston Celtics vs. Toronto Raptors April 7, 2010 TSN2 - 7:00 PM EST No CB4 and no margin for error. Can the Raptors keep the ship a float or will this team crumble at the end of the season....


Game Day Thread: Toronto vs. Cleveland

  Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers April 6, 2010 TSN - 7:00 PM EST This week the Raps face some tough competition. Tonight? The Cleveland Cavaliers. Could the Raps shock the world and...


Game Day Thread: Toronto vs. Philadelphia

      Toronto Raptors vs. Philadelphia 76ers April 3, 2010 TV:  TSN - 1:00 PM EST The Raps meet up with the 76ers in an early afternoon match-up. Will the Raps continue to put distance between...

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